Maine Revised Statutes

§1601. Entry of judgment; attachments and rights to disclose preserved; death of party

In criminal cases the clerk of courts of a county, by virtue of a certificate from the law court, received in vacation, shall enter judgment as of the preceding term.

In civil cases judgment shall be entered forthwith upon receipt of the certificate of decision from the law court. If the judgment is for the plaintiff, any attachment then in force shall continue for 60 days after entry of such judgment. When a party to an action dies while the action is pending before the law court, and no suggestion of death has been made upon the docket of the county where the action is pending, at the time when the certificate of decision is received by the clerk of courts in such county, any Justice of the Superior Court may order such action to be continued in order that such death may be suggested upon such county docket, and the proper parties entitled to defend or prosecute such action may enter their appearance therein. Such justice may further order that any attachment then in force shall continue for such time in excess of 60 days after entry of judgment as in his discretion he deems necessary to protect the interests of the plaintiff.