Maine Revised Statutes

§985. Injunctions

Whenever there shall be an actual or threatened violation of any of the provisions of sections 983 and 984, the Supreme Judicial Court and the Superior Court shall have jurisdiction to issue an injunction, upon notice to the defendant of not less than 5 days, restraining such actual or threatened violation. If it shall appear to the court that the defendant is in fact using the name of a benevolent, humane, fraternal or charitable corporation or organization, incorporated or organized as provided, or a name so nearly resembling it as to be calculated to deceive the public, or is wearing or exhibiting the badge, insignia or emblem of such corporation or organization without authority thereof and in violation of sections 983 and 984, an injunction may be issued, enjoining or restraining such actual or threatened violation, without requiring proof that any person has in fact been misled or deceived thereby.