Maine Revised Statutes

§901. Organization

When 3 or more persons desire to be incorporated for any literary, scientific, musical, charitable, educational, social, agricultural, environmental, moral, religious, civic or other lawful and similarly benevolent or nonprofit purpose or for the purpose of fostering, encouraging and assisting the physical location, settlement or resettlement of industrial, manufacturing, fishing, agricultural and other business enterprises and recreational projects in any locality within the State, as a corporation without capital stock, they may do so by preparing and filing a certificate as set forth in section 903. The formation of a corporation by one or more municipalities, including a local development corporation, a council of government and a regional planning commission, must be incorporated by a majority of the municipal officers of each of its charter member municipalities. This section does not apply to corporations that are required to be organized under Title 13-B or that elect to be organized under Title 13-B. [1993, c. 316, §8 (AMD).]

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