Maine Revised Statutes

§3112. Mode of proceeding

At a meeting called under section 3111, the owners, who are not applicants, or if they refuse or neglect, the notary who called the meeting may designate another notary, and the 2 may appoint a 3rd disinterested person, not an inhabitant of the town in which the house is located, or belonging to the denomination of either party interested. The 3 shall be a board, before which the owners may exhibit the amount that they own in the house. The minority, owning at least 5 pews, shall have their part allotted to them, as nearly as may be, in proportion to the amount that they own in the house. The board shall designate which weeks in each year the minority, if they please, may occupy the house; if they do not, the majority may occupy it. [1981, c. 456, Pt. A, §48 (AMD).]

1981, c. 456, §A48 (AMD).