Maine Revised Statutes

§3105. Conduct of alteration or sale

Before such alteration or sale is made, an appraisal of the relative value of the pews shall be made by 3 discreet persons, under oath, to be elected by ballot at a legal meeting of said owners or proprietors. If a sale of said house and land is made, it may be private or public, as such meeting determines, and the proceeds shall be applied to pay the expenses of said sale and the debts and just claims against the property. The balance shall be paid to the pew owners or proprietors in proportion to their interests by the appraisal. If the meetinghouse is altered or rebuilt, the appraisers, after the work is completed, shall assign pews to the former pew holders to conform as nearly as practicable to those previously held by them. The other pews may be sold to defray the expenses of the repairs and alterations or be otherwise disposed of as the proprietors or pew owners determine. They may choose officers, raise and assess taxes on the pews, collect them for making such repairs and alterations, do all things that a parish may do, and appoint some suitable agent or agents to make such sale and conveyance or repairs and alterations, and a treasurer or trustees to receive and distribute the proceeds of sale in manner provided.