Maine Revised Statutes

§3023. Qualification of voters; organization

The resident members of such church 18 years of age and upward shall be voters at such meeting and in all meetings of the corporation. Such voters, assembled at the time and place notified, shall elect a moderator to preside over said meeting. They shall then, by ballot, proceed to vote upon the question whether the church will become incorporated. If 2/3 of the ballots cast shall be in favor of the church becoming incorporated, it shall thereupon become a body corporate with all the powers, rights and duties incident to corporations, with the right to take by gift, purchase, devise or bequest such personal and real property as may be useful for carrying on its local work, and may dispose of the same at pleasure, have perpetual succession, a corporate seal and change the same at pleasure. [1971, c. 598, §14 (AMD).]

1969, c. 433, §17 (AMD). 1971, c. 598, §14 (AMD).