Maine Revised Statutes

§1824. Filing and recording articles of incorporation

Before commencing business, the incorporators of every corporation organized under this subchapter shall prepare, sign, date and deliver for filing with the Secretary of State articles of incorporation, in a format approved by the Secretary of State, setting forth the information required under section 1823. The filing fee for a corporation formed under this subchapter is the same as for a corporation organized under Title 13-C. If articles of incorporation delivered for filing to the Secretary of State pursuant to this section satisfy the requirements of this subchapter, the Secretary of State shall file the articles of incorporation. The date of filing is the date of receipt by the Secretary of State. After filing the articles of incorporation under this subchapter, the Secretary of State shall deliver to the corporation or its representative a copy of the document with an acknowledgement of the date of filing. [2009, c. 56, §14 (AMD).]

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