Maine Revised Statutes

§307. Service on nonresident directors of domestic corporations

1. Nonresident directors.  Each director of a domestic corporation who is a nonresident of this State at the time of his election or who becomes a nonresident during his term of office shall, by his acceptance of election or by continuing in office as director, be deemed to have appointed the Secretary of State as an agent to receive service of process upon him in any action or proceeding relating to actions of such corporation and arising while he held office as director of such corporation.
[ 1977, c. 525, §13 (NEW) .]
2. Service of process.  Service of process upon the Secretary of State must be made in the same manner as is provided by the Maine Rules of Civil Procedure, rule 4(d)(8), as amended, in the case of service upon the Secretary of State as an agent of a corporation. The copy of the process must be mailed to the nonresident director at the address of such director shown on the most recent annual report of the corporation.
[ 1993, c. 316, §40 (AMD) .]
3. Other service of process.  Service under this section may also be made by delivery of a copy of the process of the nonresident director at his address outside the State. Proof of such delivery shall be made by affidavit of the person making delivery and the affidavit shall be filed with the clerk of courts in which the action or proceeding is pending.
[ 1977, c. 525, §13 (NEW) .]
4. Termination of application.  The resignation of any nonresident director shall, effective as of the date of filing in accordance with section 106 a notice of his resignation signed by such former director, terminate the application to him of the provisions of this section, except for any cause of action already accrued.
[ 1977, c. 525, §13 (NEW) .]
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