Maine Revised Statutes

§753. State consent to acquisition of national forests

Subject to the Act of Congress of March 1, 1911, 36 Statutes 961, known as the Weeks Act, and Acts amendatory thereof and supplemental thereto, the consent of the State of Maine is given for the United States to acquire by purchase, gift or exchange upon the payment of adequate compensation such lands within that portion of Oxford County included within purchase unit boundaries of the White Mountain National Forest on July 5, 1935, all in this State as are suitable for national forest purposes, and not over 2,000 acres in Cumberland County for preserves for the protection and conservation of migratory birds; but no such acquisition may be made against the protest of any owner. Sections 752 and 754 do not apply to any lands acquired under this section and section 755. This section as it relates to Oxford County is limited to such acquisition as has been actually acquired prior to the effective date of this Act and no further land in Oxford County may be acquired after such date, unless such acquisition is approved by the voters of the municipality in which such land, in whole or in part, is located. [2005, c. 258, §3 (AMD).]

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