Maine Revised Statutes

§3855. Attachment of vessels on stocks; sale

If the vessel at the time is on the stocks, the attachment shall be made by filing in the office of the clerk of the town in which such vessel is, within 48 hours thereafter, a copy of so much of his return on the writ of attachment as relates to the attachment, with the name of the plaintiff, the name of the person liable for the debt, the description of the vessel as given in the writ of attachment, the date of the writ of attachment, the amount claimed and the court to which it is returnable, and by leaving a copy of such certificate with one of the owners of the vessel, if known to him and residing within his precinct, or with the master workman thereon. If the attachment is so made, the officer need not take possession of the vessel before it is launched unless specially directed by the plaintiff or his attorney to do so; but he shall, as soon as may be, afterwards. He may take possession at any time before it is launched; but if he does, he shall not hinder the work thereon or prevent or delay the launching. If at the time of attachment the vessel is launched, it shall be attached like other personal property. Whenever a vessel has been attached and the expense of retaining possession of said vessel is great, or the vessel is liable to depreciate in value by reason thereof, any attaching creditor or an owner of said vessel may bring an action in the Superior Court by complaint praying that said vessel attached may be sold, and said court may order a hearing thereon. Due notice shall be given to all parties in interest of the time and place appointed for said hearing and a hearing on said complaint shall be had before said court. If it appears to said court to be for the benefit of all parties in interest that said vessel should be sold, it shall issue to the officer in possession of the same, or to the sheriff of the county in which said vessel has been attached, an order to sell it at public auction, and shall designate in said order the notice to be given of the time and place of said sale. Said vessel shall be sold pursuant to said order, and the proceeds of such sale, after deducting necessary expenses, shall be held by the first attaching officer or the sheriff, subject to the successive attachments, as if sold on execution. If said parties do not consent to a sale as provided, Title 14, sections 4158 and 4352 to 4355, so far as the same are applicable, shall apply to proceedings under this section.