Maine Revised Statutes

§3603. Logs driven by contract

Whoever drives logs or lumber by contract with the owner or with any other person has a lien on said logs or lumber for the amount payable under said contract, which takes precedence of all other claims, except liens for labor, for stumpage and for towing, continues for 60 days after the logs or lumber arrive at the place of destination for sale or manufacture and may be enforced by attachment. When the contract is made with any person other than the owner of the logs or lumber, actual notice in writing shall be given to the owner before work is begun, stating therein the terms of the contract. If the owner, at the time said notice is given him or immediately thereafter, notifies said contractor in writing that he will not be responsible for the amount payable or to become payable under said contract, then said contractor shall not have a lien on said logs or lumber so driven.