Maine Revised Statutes

§3324. Attachment of lien

Except as herein provided, the producer lien, attached to the finished product manufactured or processed by a processor shall take effect immediately upon notification by a producer within 10 business days from the date specified in the contract, express or implied, for payment of insufficient or no payment to the producer for the raw product delivered to the processor. If the producer fails to notify the commissioner within the time period specified in this section or if the commissioner, following an investigation finds that there is no evidence of insufficient payment or no payment to a producer, the lien established in this chapter shall not be in effect. [1977, c. 1, §1 (AMD).]

1. Notice of lien.  All producer liens against the inventories of all potato processors in this State shall be filed with the Department of Agriculture, Conservation and Forestry and shall be deemed public information for the purposes of this chapter.
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