Maine Revised Statutes

§2654-A. Retail vehicle tank metering devices

A repairman registered and otherwise regulated under this subchapter may test and calibrate retail vehicle tank metering devices for the delivery of petroleum products, provided that the state sealer has determined that the repairman is qualified, on the basis of his competency and his proper use of correct equipment, to perform those tests and calibrations. The state sealer shall note his determination of that qualification on the repairman's registration certificate and shall make a new determination of qualification each time the certificate is renewed. [1985, c. 33, §1 (NEW).]

Such a metering device which has been tested and, if necessary, calibrated by a repairman in accordance with this section shall not be tested or calibrated by the state sealer within the 12-month period following the date of the testing and calibration unless testing or calibration by the state sealer is requested by the owner or operator of the device, except that the state sealer may test and, if necessary, calibrate any such device for the purpose of evaluating the competency of any repairman or for the purpose of investigation of a complaint. When the state sealer tests or calibrates such a device for those purposes, he shall not charge any fee if the device has been tested and, if necessary, calibrated within the previous 12 months and he finds the device to be correct. [1985, c. 33, §1 (NEW).]

1985, c. 33, §1 (NEW).