Maine Revised Statutes

§2365-A. Licensing of measuring and scaling operators

The state sealer has the authority to license all persons who measure or scale wood and has the authority to issue rules and establish fees for licensing and examination. Annual license fees shall not exceed $25 and funds collected shall cover the expenses involved in administering the licensing process and other costs related to the administration of this section. No license to measure or scale wood may be issued to any person, unless that person successfully completes an examination as established by the state sealer. Once a licensing program is instituted then the following provisions of this section shall be in effect. [1985, c. 501, Pt. B, §17 (AMD).]

Fees collected under this section shall be deposited in a separate account which shall not lapse. [1983, c. 804, §8 (NEW).]

1. Applications.  Applications for licenses under this subchapter shall be made in writing on forms prescribed by the state sealer for each wood scaler. The application shall include the name of the applicant scaler, his qualifications, and other pertinent information as the state sealer shall require.
[ 1983, c. 804, §8 (NEW) .]
2. Violation.  No person may scale or measure wood without first obtaining a proper license.
[ 1983, c. 804, §8 (NEW) .]
3. License; denial; revocation; suspension.  The state sealer may take enforcement action against the licensee or may initiate proceedings in the District Court, pursuant to Title 5, chapter 375, to revoke or suspend a license for any of the following reasons:
A. The licensee has violated any condition of the license; [1983, c. 804, §8 (NEW).]
B. The licensee has obtained a license by misrepresentation or failure to disclose fully all relevant facts; and [1983, c. 804, §8 (NEW).]
C. The licensee has violated any provision of the laws within this chapter. [1983, c. 804, §8 (NEW).]
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