Maine Revised Statutes

§1681. Fees

Annually by September 1st, a person who operates or causes to be operated an oil terminal facility within the State, as defined in Title 38, section 542, subsection 7, and a person who is required to register with the Commissioner of Environmental Protection pursuant to Title 38, section 545-B, shall pay to the Attorney General a fee for each 10,000 gallons of home heating oil and motor fuel oil transported into the State during the previous 12-month period ending June 1st. Home heating oil or motor fuel oil that is subsequently exported from the State is excluded from computation, except that home heating oil sold to a retailer or retail outlet located outside the State that sells home heating oil at retail within the State is not excluded. The fee that must be paid by September 1, 1996 and for each subsequent year is 40¢ for each 10,000 gallons or portion thereof. The fees must be deposited in a dedicated, nonlapsing account, known as the Petroleum Marketing Fund. The Attorney General shall administer the fund. [2005, c. 155, §8 (AMD).]

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