Maine Revised Statutes

§1187. Maine Motor Vehicle Franchise Board; established

The Maine Motor Vehicle Franchise Board, as established in Title 5, section 12004-G, subsection 6-B and referred to in this chapter as "the board," is established for the purpose of enforcing the provisions of this chapter. [2003, c. 356, §12 (NEW).]

1. Membership.  The board consists of 7 regular members and 4 alternate members:
A. Ten members appointed by the Governor:
(1) Three regular members and 2 alternate members who are or have been franchised new motor vehicle dealers in the State of Maine;
(2) A regular member and an alternate member who are or have been employees or representatives of franchisors; and
(3) Two regular members and one alternate member who are members of the public; and [2005, c. 61, §2 (AMD).]
B. One regular member appointed by the Secretary of State who is not and has not been either a motor vehicle dealer or manufacturer representative and who is an attorney employed by the Secretary of State and assigned to the Bureau of Motor Vehicles. [2005, c. 61, §2 (AMD).]
[ 2005, c. 61, §2 (AMD) .]
2. Chair.  The member appointed by the Secretary of State is the chair of the board. The chair shall:
A. Act as the presiding officer in all matters that come before the board; [2003, c. 356, §12 (NEW).]
B. Make preliminary rulings on discovery and other questions; [2003, c. 356, §12 (NEW).]
C. Participate fully in board deliberations; and [2003, c. 356, §12 (NEW).]
D. Vote on the merits of complaints that come before the board only when necessary to break a tie. [2003, c. 356, §12 (NEW).]
[ 2003, c. 356, §12 (NEW) .]
3. Terms.  Regular appointments to the board are for 5-year terms. A member may not serve more than 2 consecutive 5-year terms. The terms of the initial board members must be staggered, with 2 members serving a term of 3 years, 2 members serving a term of 4 years and 2 members serving a term of 5 years. Alternate members are appointed for 5-year terms. The term of the member who serves as chair is without limit.
[ 2005, c. 61, §3 (AMD) .]
4. Vacancy.  Any vacancy on the board must be filled by the Governor or the Secretary of State by appointment of a person of the same category as the board member being replaced to hold office for the unexpired term.
[ 2003, c. 356, §12 (NEW) .]
5. Compensation.  With the exception of the chair, whose position is funded pursuant to section 1187-A, members of the board are entitled to a per diem of $100 for each day actually engaged in the performance of their duties and may be reimbursed for reasonable and necessary expenses incurred in carrying out their duties.
[ 2003, c. 356, §12 (NEW) .]
6. Rulemaking.  The board shall adopt rules to implement the provisions of this section. Rules adopted pursuant to this subsection are routine technical rules as defined in Title 5, chapter 375, subchapter 2-A.
[ 2003, c. 356, §12 (NEW) .]
7. Affiliation.  The board is affiliated with the Department of the Secretary of State, Bureau of Motor Vehicles.
[ 2003, c. 356, §12 (NEW) .]
2003, c. 356, §12 (NEW). 2005, c. 61, §§2,3 (AMD).