Maine Revised Statutes

§144. Veterans' Week


Each political subdivision and school administrative unit is encouraged to celebrate Veterans' Week during the week, commencing on a Sunday and ending on the next following Saturday, within which November 11th, Veterans' Day, occurs. The celebration may include recognition of the contribution of veterans of the United States and the military service to the foundation of freedom. The celebration may also include public proclamations, appropriate parades and ceremonies and the introduction of curricula in school systems recognizing the efforts of veterans and their contribution to our way of life. During this week, schools may provide an opportunity for convocations and assemblies and in such instances shall make efforts to invite veterans and others to speak on the subject and to cooperate with local veterans' organizations and groups in the celebration of Veterans' Week. [RR 2001, c. 1, §4 (RAL).]

RR 2001, c. 1, §4 (RAL).