Maine Revised Statutes

§136. Prisoner of War - Missing in Action Recognition Day

The Governor annually shall issue a proclamation designating the 3rd Friday in September as Prisoner of War - Missing in Action Recognition Day in remembrance of the courage and plight of American prisoners of war and those missing in action. The proclamation must recommend that the day be observed in an appropriate manner. The State of Maine flag must be flown at half staff when the Governor considers it appropriate. The Governor may issue the proclamation through a media outlet as defined in Title 3, section 312-A, subsection 10-B. The Department of Education and the Department of Defense, Veterans and Emergency Management, Bureau of Maine Veterans' Services shall make appropriate information available to citizens, schools, organizations and groups within the limits of their budgets. [2011, c. 490, §1 (AMD).]

1999, c. 302, §1 (NEW). 2011, c. 490, §1 (AMD).