Maine Revised Statutes

§118. Maine Cultural Heritage Week

The Governor shall annually issue a proclamation setting aside that week containing Statehood Day, March 15th, as Maine Cultural Heritage Week. [1979, c. 294, (NEW).]

The proclamation shall recall Maine's lengthy and important traditions in all the arts including literature, the performing arts and the plastic arts and shall acknowledge the many contributions made by Maine's citizens to folk arts and crafts. [1979, c. 294, (NEW).]

The proclamation shall recommend the observance of Maine Cultural Heritage Week with appropriate celebration and activity, including public celebration and activity in Maine's schools, colleges, universities, theaters, museums, studios, galleries and workshops. [1979, c. 294, (NEW).]

The Maine Arts Commission shall make appropriate information available to the people and the schools within the limits of its budget. [1985, c. 763, Pt. A, §1 (AMD).]

1979, c. 294, (NEW). 1985, c. 763, §A1 (AMD).