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130th Maine Legislature, Second Regular Session

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HP 1453
LD #

An Act To Implement the Recommendations of the Commission To Create a Plan To Incorporate the Probate Courts into the Judicial Branch

Documents and DispositionLD 1950, HP 1453Text
LD 1950
HP 1453
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Fiscal Status
No Fiscal Impact
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Adopted Amendments C-A (H-1019)
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Fiscal Status
Fiscal Impact
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Final DispositionDied On Adjournment, May 9, 2022

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Amendments to LD 1950Adopted by House & SenateC-A (H-1019)
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Fiscal Impact
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Status In Committee

Referred to Committee on Judiciary on Jan 26, 2022.
Latest Committee Action: Reported Out, Apr 14, 2022, OTP-AM/ONTP
Latest Committee Report: Apr 14, 2022; JUD, MAJ: Ought To Pass As Amended; JUD, MIN: Ought Not To Pass


Committee Docket
Feb 24, 2022Work Session Held 
Feb 24, 2022VotedDivided Report
Apr 8, 2022Work Session Reconsidered 
Apr 8, 2022VotedDivided Report
Apr 14, 2022Reported OutOTP-AM/ONTP

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Divided Reports
ReportReport Signer
MAJ - Ought To Pass As AmendedSenator Anne Carney of Cumberland, Chair
 Representative Thom Harnett of Gardiner, Chair
 Representative Christopher Babbidge of Kennebunk
 Representative Jeffrey Evangelos of Friendship
 Representative Stephen Moriarty of Cumberland
 Representative Rena Newell of Passamaquoddy Tribe
 Representative Lois Reckitt of South Portland
 Senator Heather Sanborn of Cumberland
 Representative Erin Sheehan of Biddeford
MIN - Ought Not To PassRepresentative David Haggan of Hampden
 Senator Lisa Keim of Oxford
 Representative Laurel Libby of Auburn
 Representative Jennifer Poirier of Skowhegan
 Representative Jim Thorne of Carmel
Affected Statute Titles and Sections
TitleSectionSubsectionParagraphEffectLaw TypeChapter
18-C1-507  AMD null
18-C1-506 2AMD null
18-C1-305  AMD null
515913 AMD null
515913 AMD null
18-C1-507  AMD null
18-C1-506 2AMD null
18-C1-305  AMD null
18-C1-5101B-1NEW null
18-C1-309-A  NEW null
18-C1-2018-A NEW null
21-A6013 AMD null
21-A111 AMD null
4120112-C NEW null
4420  NEW null
4419  NEW null
4418  NEW null
4417  NEW null
4416  NEW null
4415  NEW null
4414  NEW null
4413  NEW null
4412  NEW null
4411  NEW null
4410  NEW null
4409  NEW null
4408  NEW null
4407  NEW null
18-C9-3151AAMD null
18-C9-106  AMD null
18-C5-50731NEW null
18-C5-50711NEW null
18-C5-40631NEW null
18-C5-40611NEW null
18-C5-3053 NEW null
18-C5-2107 AMD null
18-C5-2055 AMD null
18-C5-2054 AMD null
18-C5-1191 AMD null
18-C1-605  RPR null
18-C1-112  NEW null
18-C1-111  AMD null
41905  NEW null
41904  NEW null
41903  NEW null
41902  NEW null
41901  NEW null
418063 AMD null
418043DAMD null
418025 NEW null
418024DAMD null
418024C-3NEW null
418024C-2NEW null
418024C-1NEW null
418024CAMD null
41801  AMD null
415553 AMD null
415522 AMD null
415521 AMD null
4120112 AMD null
4301-C  NEW null
4301-B  NEW null
4115 1AMD null
424 1AMD null
418-B6F-1NEW null
418-B6FAMD null
418-B6C-1NEW null
418-A3-ABAMD null
418-A3-AAAMD null
417-A1 AMD null
41717 AMD null
4177EAMD null
4177DAMD null
4175 AMD null
4172 AMD null
18-C1-511 1NEW null
18-C1-5102 AMD null
18-C1-5101BAMD null
18-C1-5101AAMD null
18-C1-501  AMD null
18-C1-309  AMD null
18-C1-303  AMD null
18-C1-2018 AMD null
4757  NEW null
4756  AMD null
4755  AMD null
4754  AMD null
4752  AMD null
4751  AMD null
4567  AMD null
4312  AMD null
4311  AMD null
4310  AMD null
4309  AMD null
4308  AMD null
4307  AMD null
4306  AMD null
4305  AMD null
4304  AMD null
4303  AMD null
4302  AMD null
4301-A  NEW null
4301  RP null
4253  AMD null
4252  AMD null
4251-A  AMD null
4251  AMD null
4203  AMD null
4202  AMD null
4201-A  NEW null
4201  RP null
41525-A AMD null
41524 AMD null
41052AAMD null
457 1AMD null
49-B  AMD null
49-A 1AMD null