LD 1227 LR 1125(01)
An Act To Allow Parents To Apply to the Commissioner of Education To Enroll Their Children in a Receiving School Administrative Unit and To Remove Limitations on Which Students May Be So Enrolled
Preliminary Fiscal Impact Statement for Original Bill
Sponsor: Rep. Hanley of Pittston
Committee: Education and Cultural Affairs
Fiscal Note Required: Yes
Preliminary Fiscal Impact Statement
Potential current biennium cost increase - General Fund
Potential redistribution of state subsidy - local school administrative units
Fiscal Detail and Notes
Allowing the parent or guardian of a student to make a written request for the student to be transferred from their current school administrative unit (SAU) to another SAU for any reason may result in an increase in the number of designations that will need to be completed by the Department of Education.  The cost to the department, and the ability to absorb that cost without impacting existing programs and services, will depend on the number of designations requested each school year.
This legislation may also result in a redistribution of state subsidy to local SAU's with those SAU's experiencing higher enrollment due to this provision receiving more state subsidy and those SAU's experiencing lower enrollment receiving less.  The impact to individual SAU's will depend on the net change in enrollment due to approved transfers.