LD 1691
RESOLVE Chapter 84

on - Session - 129th Maine Legislature
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Resolve, Directing the Board of Pesticides Control To Work with the Forest Products Industry To Monitor Aerial Herbicide Applications

Sec. 1. Monitoring of aerial herbicide applications. Resolved: That the Board of Pesticides Control, established in the Maine Revised Statutes, Title 22, section 1471-B, shall work with representatives of the forest products industry who conduct aerial application of herbicides for the purpose of silviculture, including reforestation, regeneration or vegetation control, to monitor aerial applications of herbicides through a neutral 3rd-party entity determined by the board. The one-time monitoring of aerial applications required under this section is contingent upon the receipt of outside funds for this purpose. The board shall report to the Joint Standing Committee on Agriculture, Conservation and Forestry with findings and recommendations related to the monitoring of aerial herbicide application no later than February 1, 2020. The monitoring of aerial applications of herbicides must conclude upon submission of the report to the joint standing committee. The joint standing committee may submit a bill relating to the subject matter of the report to the Second Regular Session of the 129th Legislature.

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