Directory of Papers
LD 800 - 999

LD 800, HP0588
An Act To Require Recording of Interviews of Suspects
LD 801, HP0589
An Act Regarding Recording of Witness Interviews
LD 802, HP0590
An Act To Recruit and Retain Corrections Support Staff
LD 803, HP0591
An Act To Create 4 Regional Mental Health Receiving Centers
LD 804, HP0592
An Act To Ensure Programming for Long-term Incarcerations at County Jails
LD 805, SP0240
An Act To Clarify the Laws Governing Taste Testing and Retail Sales of Liquor at Farmers' Markets
LD 806, SP0242
An Act To Clarify the Definition of "Ancient Burying Ground"
LD 807, SP0243
An Act Regarding the Duties of the Public Advocate
LD 808, SP0244
An Act To Create a Youth Wage
LD 809, SP0245
An Act To Expand and Clarify the Disqualification from Workers' Compensation Benefits of an Employee Who Is Injured While Under the Influence of Drugs or Alcohol
LD 810, SP0246
An Act To Require Background Checks for All Private Firearm Sales or Transfers Except between Family Members
LD 811, SP0247
An Act To Provide Additional Flexibility in the Municipal Property Tax Assistance Programs for Seniors
LD 812, SP0248
An Act To Stabilize Property Taxes on Homesteads of Individuals Who Are 66 Years of Age or Older
LD 813, SP0249
Resolve, To Encourage Relocation of Working Professionals
LD 814, SP0250
An Act To Strengthen Maine's Economy through Research and Innovation led by the University of Maine System
LD 815, SP0251
An Act To Regulate the Issuance of Short-term, Limited-duration Health Insurance Policies in the State
LD 816, SP0252
An Act To Implement the National Popular Vote for President of the United States
LD 817, SP0253
An Act To Advance the Restoration of the Penobscot River
LD 818, SP0254
An Act To Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions
LD 819, HP0593
An Act To Enhance the Predetermination of Independent Contractors
LD 820, HP0594
An Act To Prevent Discrimination in Public and Private Insurance Coverage for Pregnant Women in Maine
LD 821, HP0595
An Act To Set Case Load Standards for the Office of Child and Family Services
LD 822, HP0596
An Act To Prohibit the Sale of Motor Fuel Containing More than 10% Ethanol
LD 823, HP0597
An Act To Exempt Vehicles That Are More Than 15 Years Old from Titling Requirements
LD 824, HP0598
An Act To Allow a Municipality To Opt Out of Collecting Personal Property and Business Equipment Taxes
LD 825, HP0599
An Act To Change the Harassment Prevention Training Required for Legislators, Legislative Staff and Lobbyists
LD 826, HP0600
An Act Regarding Motor Vehicle Registration Plate Numbers
LD 827, HP0601
An Act Regarding the Placement of Campaign Signs
LD 828, HP0602
An Act Concerning the Release of the Name of a Deceased Individual
LD 829, HP0603
Resolve, To Reestablish the Commission To Improve the Sentencing, Supervision, Management and Incarceration of Prisoners
LD 830, HP0604
An Act To Balance Maine's Minimum Wage for Small and Large Employers
LD 831, HP0605
An Act To Ensure Grandparents and Great-grandparents Have Visitation Rights
LD 832, HP0606
An Act To Expand Options for Consumers of Cable Television in Purchasing Individual Channels and Programs
LD 833, HP0607
An Act To Provide the Same Retirement Benefits for State Employees Working in Law Enforcement as Are Provided to Law Enforcement Officers
LD 834, HP0608
An Act To Establish Minimum Service Standards for Electric Utilities
LD 835, HP0609
An Act To Increase Funding for Case Managers for Veterans
LD 836, HP0610
An Act To Expand Maine's School-based Health Centers
LD 837, HP0611
An Act To Increase the Homestead Property Tax Exemption for Certain Persons Who Are at Least 75 Years of Age
LD 838, HP0612
Resolve, To Ensure the Continuation of Services to Maine Children and Families
LD 839, HP0613
An Act To Increase Funding for Multimodal Transportation
LD 840, HP0614
An Act Regarding the Control of Browntail Moths
LD 841, HP0615
An Act To Amend the Laws Governing Damages Awarded for Wrongful Death
LD 842, HP0616
An Act Relating to Insurance Companies and Totaled Motor Vehicles
LD 843, HP0617
An Act To Clarify Parental Consent Regarding the Release of Student Information
LD 844, HP0618
An Act To Prohibit Driverless Commercial Vehicles
LD 845, HP0619
An Act To Secure the Integrity of Elections When the Secretary of State Is a Candidate
LD 846, HP0620
Resolve, To Provide for the Sealing of Records of Convictions for Marijuana-related Violations That Are No Longer Crimes
LD 847, HP0621
An Act To Ensure Persons with Disabilities Have Access to Public Rest Rooms
LD 848, HP0622
An Act Concerning Disclosure Requirements for Transfers of Properties Accessed by Means Other Than a Public Way
LD 849, HP0623
An Act To Allow Chiropractic Internships
LD 850, HP0624
Resolve, Directing the Department of Transportation To Erect Signs on Interstate 95 in Island Falls
LD 851, HP0625
Resolve, To Effect Economies of Scale in Maine's Transportation Funding
LD 852, HP0626
Resolve, To Establish the Task Force To Study the Coordination of Services and Expansion of Educational Programs for Young Adults with Disabilities
LD 853, HP0627
An Act To Facilitate Weekend Malt Liquor Purchases by Licensed Establishments
LD 854, HP0628
An Act To Improve Tax Incentives for Broadband Service
LD 855, HP0629
An Act To Strengthen the Maine Uniform Building and Energy Code
LD 856, HP0630
An Act To Give Probate Judges Latitude in Permitting Visitation by Grandparents
LD 857, HP0631
An Act To Increase Accountability for Wage Violations
LD 858, HP0632
Resolve, Directing the Department of Education To Study and Make Recommendations for the Establishment of a Maine School Safety Center
LD 859, HP0633
An Act To Authorize a General Fund Bond Issue To Fund Equipment for Career and Technical Education Centers and Regions
LD 860, HP0634
An Act To Establish the Maine Community College System No-cost Tuition Program
LD 861, HP0635
An Act To Authorize a General Fund Bond Issue To Complete the Renovation of a Wharf and Bulkhead in Portland for Marine Research
LD 862, HP0636
An Act To Limit the Amount of Money That May Be Retained on Construction Contracts
LD 863, HP0637
An Act To Exempt Diapering Products from Sales Tax
LD 864, HP0638
An Act To Make Whole Family Support Available Statewide
LD 865, HP0639
An Act To Amend the Laws Governing the Funding Sources of the Maine Controlled Moose Hunt Season
LD 866, HP0640
An Act To Support College Completion by Homeless Youth in Maine
LD 867, HP0641
An Act To Require Public Health Impact Statements for Certain Legislation
LD 868, HP0642
An Act To Require That the Terms of a Settlement to Which a Local Unit of Government Is a Party Be Made Available to the Public
LD 869, HP0643
An Act Regarding Gun Control
LD 870, HP0644
An Act To Change the Membership of the Maine Commission on Domestic and Sexual Abuse To Include More Tribal Members
LD 871, HP0645
An Act To Establish the Crime of Endangering the Welfare of a Child by Transferring Illegal Drugs through Breast Milk
LD 872, HP0646
An Act To Forgive Education Debt for Certain Health Care Professionals Who Work in the State
LD 873, HP0647
An Act To Limit Registration Fees on Water Well Drilling Equipment To Encourage Purchasing of Modern Equipment for Rural Well Construction
LD 874, HP0648
An Act To Conform the Clean Election Financing Laws to the Judicially Determined Procedures
LD 875, HP0649
An Act To Require Warranty Coverage for Damage to Manufactured Homes during Transportation and Handling
LD 876, HP0650
Resolve, Directing the Department of Health and Human Services, Office of Substance Abuse and Mental Heath Services To Build Peer Respite Program Capacity in Maine by Implementing at Least One Peer Respite Program
LD 877, HP0651
An Act To Equalize the Distribution of Gasoline Tax Revenues between Snowmobiles and All-terrain Vehicles
LD 878, HP0652
An Act To Make Clean Election Filing Deadlines Consistent for All Candidates
LD 879, HP0653
An Act To Decrease the Risk of the Spread of Invasive Aquatic Plants
LD 880, HP0654
An Act To Respond to Federal Changes to Social Programs
LD 881, HP0655
An Act To Ensure Equitable Treatment of Super Pack License Holders in Antlerless Deer Permit Lotteries
LD 882, HP0656
Resolve, To Require the Examination of the System of Learning Results
LD 883, HP0657
An Act To Establish the Opt-in Maine Paid Family Leave Insurance Program
LD 884, HP0658
An Act To Repeal the Board of Licensing of Dietetic Practice
LD 885, HP0659
An Act Regarding Daylight Saving Time in Maine
LD 886, HP0660
An Act To Protect Volunteer Search and Rescuers Certified by the Maine Association for Search and Rescue from Adverse Employment Actions
LD 887, HP0661
An Act To Improve the Property Tax Fairness Credit
LD 888, HP0662
An Act To Provide Workplace Support to Individuals with Hearing Loss
LD 889, SP0255
An Act To Require the Labeling of Foods Made with Nanotechnology
LD 890, SP0256
An Act To Expand Workforce Access by Creating Apprenticeship Programs To Increase Access to Licensure in Certain Occupations
LD 891, SP0257
An Act To Preserve Maine's Heritage by Expanding Maine Youth Hunting
LD 892, SP0258
An Act To Exempt MaineCare Appendix C Private Nonmedical Institutions from the Service Provider Tax
LD 893, SP0259
An Act To Create an Updated Unified Maine Climate Action Plan
LD 894, SP0260
An Act To Expressly Allow Nonprofit Corporations To Conduct Electronic Voting
LD 895, SP0261
An Act To Promote Economic Development through Research and Development
LD 896, SP0262
Resolve, Directing the Department of Professional and Financial Regulation To Study a Voluntary Licensing System for General Contractors for Home Improvement and Construction
LD 897, SP0263
An Act To Restore Funding for the Capital Riverfront Improvement District
LD 898, SP0264
An Act To Provide for a Professional Wage and Support for New Educators
LD 899, HP0663
An Act To Increase Access to Health Care by Attracting Qualified Physicians to Maine
LD 900, HP0664
An Act To Expand the Rights of Public Employees under the Maine Labor Laws
LD 901, HP0665
An Act To Clarify the Statute of Limitations under the Maine Workers' Compensation Act of 1992
LD 902, HP0666
Resolve, Directing the Department of Professional and Financial Regulation To Conduct a Sunrise Review of the Proposal To License Certain Mechanical Trades
LD 903, HP0667
An Act To Improve Corporate Tax Fairness by Amending the Rates Imposed on Corporate Income
LD 904, HP0668
Resolve, Directing the Commissioner of Professional and Financial Regulation To Conduct a Sunrise Review Regarding the Proposal To License Heavy Equipment Operators
LD 905, HP0669
An Act To Exempt Long-term Capital Gains from Income Tax for Certain Income Levels
LD 906, HP0670
An Act Concerning Pavement Sealing Products
LD 907, HP0671
An Act To Ensure That Defendants in Foreclosure Proceedings Receive Proper Notification
LD 908, HP0672
An Act To Require Schools To Submit Pest Management Activity Logs and Inspection Results to the Board of Pesticides Control for the Purpose of Providing Information to the Public
LD 909, HP0673
Resolve, Directing the Commissioner of Economic and Community Development To Establish a Blockchain Technology Working Group
LD 910, HP0674
An Act To Establish as a Priority the Interests of Maine Farmers, Growers and Food Producers
LD 911, SP0265
An Act To Authorize a General Fund Bond Issue To Promote Land Conservation, Working Waterfronts, Water Access and Outdoor Recreation
LD 912, SP0266
An Act To Establish the Wood Energy Investment Program
LD 913, SP0267
An Act To Protect the Public from Clergy Sexual Abuse
LD 914, SP0268
An Act To Enhance the Recruitment and Retention of Marine Patrol Sergeants
LD 915, SP0269
An Act To Provide Adequate Reimbursement under MaineCare for Ambulance and Neonatal Transport Services
LD 916, SP0271
An Act To Improve the Child Protective Court System
LD 917, SP0272
An Act Increasing Municipal Agent Fees for Motor Vehicle, All-terrain Vehicle, Snowmobile and Watercraft Registrations
LD 918, SP0273
An Act Regarding Utility Line Extensions
LD 919, SP0274
An Act To Establish a Minimum Mileage Reimbursement Rate for Traveling Sales Representatives
LD 920, HP0675
An Act To Establish the Fund To Support Local Fruits and Vegetables Purchasing
LD 921, HP0676
An Act To Allow Municipalities To Adopt Stricter Building and Energy Code Standards Than the Maine Uniform Building and Energy Code
LD 922, HP0677
An Act To Provide a Property Tax Exemption for Renewable Energy Fixtures
LD 923, HP0678
An Act To Authorize a General Fund Bond Issue To Upgrade Municipal Culverts at Stream Crossings
LD 924, HP0679
An Act To Remove the Background Check Requirement for Maine Guides Who Are at Least 70 Years of Age and Hold a Lifetime Hunting or Fishing License
LD 925, HP0680
An Act Requiring the Department of Corrections To Fully Fund County Jails for Individuals Sentenced to County Jails for More Than 6 Months and Individuals Held for Probation or Parole Violations
LD 926, HP0681
An Act To Protect Hospital Employees from Assault
LD 927, HP0682
An Act To Minimize the Propagation of Invasive Aquatic Plants
LD 928, HP0683
An Act To Create a Process To Preempt the Implementation of Powers Delegated by the Legislature
LD 929, HP0684
An Act Regarding the Use of Maine Clean Election Act Funds for Salaries
LD 930, HP0685
An Act To Give Maine Schools Additional Options To Make Up Missed School Days
LD 931, HP0686
An Act Concerning the Department of Health and Human Services
LD 932, HP0687
An Act Regarding Moose Permit Subpermittees
LD 933, HP0688
Resolve, Authorizing Certain Persons To Sue the Town of Kittery
LD 934, HP0689
Resolve, To Review the Implementation of the Maine Background Check Center Act
LD 935, HP0690
An Act To Increase the Viability of Assisted Living Facilities by Increasing the Rate of Reimbursement
LD 936, HP0691
Resolve, Establishing a Commission To Study the Existing and Potential Effects of Freshwater and Marine Debris on Maine's Freshwater and Coastal Habitats and Species
LD 937, HP0692
An Act Regarding the Sale and Release or Abandonment of Balloons
LD 938, HP0693
An Act To Provide for Sustainable Transportation in Maine
LD 939, HP0694
An Act Regarding the Regulation of Rabbit Production for Local Consumption
LD 940, HP0695
An Act To Increase the Number of Franklin County Commissioners
LD 941, HP0696
An Act To Further Define the Monhegan Lobster Conservation Area
LD 942, HP0697
An Act To Require Reimbursement for Medical Marijuana
LD 943, HP0698
An Act To Allow Laser Spine Surgery in the State
LD 944, HP0699
An Act To Ban Native American Mascots in All Public Schools
LD 945, HP0700
Resolve, To Establish the Blue Ribbon Commission To Study and Recommend Funding Solutions for the State's Transportation Systems
LD 946, SP0275
An Act To Protect the Privacy of Online Customer Information
LD 947, SP0276
An Act To Extend the Notice of Injury Period in the Maine Workers' Compensation Act of 1992
LD 948, HP0703
An Act To Restrict Ordinances That Affect the Posting of Property for Municipal and Private Land
LD 949, HP0704
An Act To Prevent Overdose Deaths
LD 950, HP0705
An Act To Develop a State Energy Plan To Provide a Pathway to an Energy Portfolio Free of Fossil Fuels
LD 951, HP0706
An Act To Improve the Research Capabilities of State Agencies
LD 952, HP0707
An Act To Coordinate and Standardize Data Collection Protocols
LD 953, HP0708
An Act To Enact a Vehicle Use Ordinance for Monhegan Plantation
LD 954, HP0709
An Act To Rescind An Act To Implement the Maine Indian Claims Settlement
LD 955, HP0710
An Act To Prohibit Offshore Oil and Natural Gas Drilling and Exploration
LD 956, HP0711
An Act To Allow Student License Holders To Fish for or Take Lobsters during a Closed Season
LD 957, HP0712
An Act To Increase the Property Tax Fairness Credit
LD 958, HP0713
An Act To Amend the Maine Income Tax Laws
LD 959, HP0714
An Act To Increase Funding for the Maine Lakes Society "LakeSmart" Program and the Lake Stewards of Maine Volunteer Lake Monitoring Program
LD 960, HP0715
An Act Regarding Size Requirements for Soft-shell Clams and the Creation of a Spat Collection Permit
LD 961, HP0716
An Act To Create a Research Fund for Maine's Clam Fishery
LD 962, HP0717
An Act To Protect Shellfish in the Intertidal Zone by Including within the Definition of "Fish" the Taking of Spat and Seed
LD 963, HP0718
An Act To Exempt Overtime Pay from Individual Income Tax
LD 964, HP0719
Resolve, To Study Housing Options for Persons with Mental Health Challenges and Substance Use Disorder
LD 965, HP0720
An Act To Restrict Cell Phone Use by Students While in School
LD 966, HP0721
An Act To Ensure Safer Childhood Vaccines
LD 967, HP0722
An Act To Reduce the Spread of Invasive Aquatic Plants by Prohibiting Seine Fishing in Great Ponds
LD 968, HP0723
An Act Making Supplemental Appropriations and Allocations for the Expenditures of State Government and Changing Certain Provisions of the Law Necessary to the Proper Operations of State Government for the Fiscal Years Ending June 30, 2020 and June 30, 2021
LD 969, HP0724
An Act Making Supplemental Appropriations and Allocations for the Expenditures of State Government and Changing Certain Provisions of the Law Necessary to the Proper Operations of State Government for the Fiscal Year Ending June 30, 2019
LD 970, HP0725
An Act To Encourage Policies Regarding Accessory Dwelling Units under Local Comprehensive Plans and Zoning Requirements
LD 971, HP0726
An Act To Encourage the Purchase and Sale of Locally Grown and Raised Crops and Products
LD 972, HP0727
Resolve, To Increase Access to Brain Injury Waiver Services
LD 973, HP0728
An Act To Stabilize County Corrections
LD 974, HP0729
An Act To Amend the Penalties for Engaging in Prostitution
LD 975, HP0730
Resolve, Directing the Department of Environmental Protection To Review and Update Its Report on Emissions from Marine Vessels
LD 976, HP0731
An Act To Require Additional Lead Screening for Children
LD 977, HP0732
An Act To Restore the Super Credit for Substantially Increased Research and Development
LD 978, HP0733
An Act To Clarify Maine's Protection from Abuse Statutes
LD 979, HP0734
An Act To Provide Consistent Data Regarding Education Funding
LD 980, HP0735
An Act To Amend Provisions of the Maine Energy Cost Reduction Act Regarding Assessments on Ratepayers
LD 981, HP0736
An Act To Implement the State's Recently Approved Request for a Section 1115 Demonstration for MaineCare
LD 982, HP0737
Resolve, To Expand the Use of the Women, Infants and Children Special Supplemental Food Program at Farmers' Markets
LD 983, HP0738
An Act To Exempt from Permit Requirements the Repair of Low-head Dams
LD 984, HP0739
Resolve, To Increase Funding for Children's Behavioral Health Issues in Order To Return to the State Children Who Are Currently Housed in Residential Treatment Systems outside of the State and To Suspend Certain Contracts Related to Psychiatric Residential Treatment Facilities
LD 985, HP0740
An Act To Maintain High School Diploma Standards by Repealing Proficiency-based Diploma Standards
LD 986, HP0741
An Act To Expand Lead Inspections to Other Properties of the Owner of a Property Determined to Contain Lead
LD 987, SP0277
An Act To Provide Autonomy for Health Care Providers To Practice Patient-centered Care by Amending the Laws Governing Medical Exemptions to Immunization Requirements
LD 988, SP0278
An Act To Reduce the Landfilling of Municipal Solid Waste
LD 989, SP0279
An Act To Improve Maine's Tax Laws
LD 990, SP0280
An Act To Improve Transportation in Maine
LD 991, SP0281
Resolve, To Expunge Criminal and Civil Records Related to Marijuana Activities Legalized by the Voters of Maine
LD 992, SP0282
Resolve, To Extend the Down East Sunrise Trail from Ayers Junction to Calais
LD 993, SP0283
An Act To Expand Recovery Support Services Offered in Penobscot and Piscataquis Counties and the Greater Bangor Region To Improve Access, Treatment and Recovery for Those Affected by Substance Use Disorder by Designating a Regional Peer-supported Recovery Center
LD 994, SP0284
Resolve, To Require the Approval by the Public Utilities Commission of a Proposal for a Long-term Contract for Deep-water Offshore Wind Energy
LD 995, SP0285
An Act To Establish a Student Loan Bill of Rights To License and Regulate Student Loan Servicers
LD 996, SP0286
An Act To Establish a Special Handgun Hunting Season That Coincides with the Muzzle-loading Open Season on Deer
LD 997, SP0287
An Act To Promote Social and Emotional Learning and Development for Young Children
LD 998, SP0288
Resolve, Requiring the Collection of Data on the Marriage of Minors
LD 999, SP0289
An Act To Allow Medical and Adult Use Marijuana Stores To Share a Common Space

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