Directory of Papers
LD 1800 - 1999

LD 1800, HP1281
An Act To Modernize the E-9-1-1 Laws To Include Text Messaging and Other Methods of Contacting E-9-1-1
LD 1801, HP1282
An Act To Ensure Compliance with Federal Requirements for Background Checks of Certain Department of Health and Human Services Employees
LD 1802, HP1283
An Act To Make Minor Changes and Corrections to Statutes Administered by or Concerning the Department of Environmental Protection
LD 1803, HP1284
An Act To Update the Laws Regarding Death and Marriage Records
LD 1804, SP0610
An Act Regarding the Baiting of Deer
LD 1805, HP1285
An Act To Amend the Laws Governing Military Leave for Officials and State Employees
LD 1806, HP1286
An Act To Amend the Laws Governing Veterans' Services
LD 1807, HP1287
An Act To Amend Certain Laws Related to Members of the Military and the Maine National Guard
LD 1808, HP1288
An Act To Provide a Sales Tax Exemption for Certain Nonprofit Charitable Organizations
LD 1809, HP1289
Resolve, To Increase Funding for Evidence-based Therapies for Treating Emotional and Behavioral Problems in Children
LD 1810, SP0611
An Act To Amend the Jurisdiction of Certain Reviews Conducted Pursuant to the State Government Evaluation Act
LD 1811, SP0612
An Act To Enhance Personal and Public Safety by Requiring Evaluations of and Judicial Hearings for Persons in Protective Custody Regarding Risk of Harm and Restricting Access to Dangerous Weapons
LD 1812, HP1290
An Act To Make Necessary Changes to State Law
LD 1813, HP1291
Resolve, To Ensure Safe and Inclusive Learning Environments
LD 1814, HP1292
An Act To Amend the Laws Regarding the Legislature
LD 1815, SP0613
An Act To Provide Funds To Continue the Statewide Online Advanced Placement Course Program Provided by the Department of Education in Partnership with the University of Maine at Fort Kent
LD 1816, HP1293
An Act To Ensure the Safety and Well-being of Infants Affected by Substance Exposure
LD 1817, HP1294
An Act To Make Technical Changes to the Maine Tax Laws
LD 1818, HP1295
An Act To Clarify and Enhance Certain Maine Wildlife Laws
LD 1819, HP1296
An Act To Harmonize State Income Tax Law and the Centralized Partnership Audit Rules of the Federal Internal Revenue Code of 1986
LD 1820, HP1297
An Act To Amend the Laws Governing Investigations by School Entities into Holders of Credentials
LD 1821, HP1298
Resolve, To Address the Population Shortage in Rural Maine
LD 1822, HP1299
An Act To Protect Access to Services for Adults with Serious and Persistent Mental Illness
LD 1823, HP1300
An Act To Allow a Float Haul-out or Marine Way within Shoreland Zone Setbacks
LD 1824, SP0614
An Act To Make Certain Snowmobile and Watercraft Laws Consistent with All-terrain Vehicle Laws
LD 1825, SP0615
An Act To Authorize Limited Disclosure of Cigarette Sales Information To Ensure Continued Receipt of Tobacco Settlement Funds
LD 1826, SP0616
An Act To Update the Laws Relating to Liquor Licensing and Enforcement
LD 1827, SP0617
Resolve, To Designate a Bridge in Indian Purchase Township the Detective Benjamin Campbell Bridge
LD 1828, SP0618
An Act To Amend the Laws Governing Overtime
LD 1829, SP0619
An Act Regarding Insurance Licensees
LD 1830, HP1301
An Act Establishing the Office of Policy Innovation and the Future
LD 1831, HP1302
An Act To Correct Inconsistencies, Conflicts and Errors in the Laws of Maine
LD 1832, HP1303
An Act To Ensure Adequate Funding for the Maine Pollutant Discharge Elimination System and Waste Discharge Licensing Program
LD 1833, HP1304
An Act Establishing a Review Process for Measures with a Potential Economic Impact and Directing the Department of Economic and Community Development To Develop a Strategic Economic Plan
LD 1834, HP1305
An Act Regarding Prostitution
LD 1835, SP0620
An Act To Authorize Early Payment of Anticipated Funds to the Loring Job Increment Financing Fund
LD 1836, SP0621
An Act To Authorize a General Fund Bond Issue for Infrastructure, Economic Development, Workforce Development and Energy and Environment Investment
LD 1837, HP1308
Resolve, Regarding Legislative Review of Chapter 1: Adult Use Marijuana, a Late-filed Major Substantive Rule of the Department of Administrative and Financial Services, Office of Marijuana Policy
LD 1838, HP1309
Resolve, Requiring the Department of Health and Human Services To Examine Options for Upper Payment Limit Adjustments for MaineCare Services
LD 1839, SP0623
Resolve, To Provide Sustainable Funding for Assisted Living Facilities
LD 1840, HP1310
Resolve, To Continue until August 3, 2019 Limited-period Positions Expiring in June 2019
LD 1841, SP0625
Resolve, Directing the Commissioner of Professional and Financial Regulation To Create a Working Group To Study Barriers to Credentialing
LD 1842, SP0627
An Act Relating to the Computation of Benefits for Correctional Officers in the 1998 Special Retirement Plan
LD 1843, HP1314
An Act To Provide Funding for Two Positions in the Department of Agriculture, Conservation and Forestry
LD 1844, HP1315
Resolve, Directing the Public Utilities Commission To Evaluate the Ownership of Maine's Power Delivery Systems
LD 1845, HP1316
An Act To Fund Collective Bargaining Agreements with Executive Branch Employees
LD 1846, HP1318
An Act To Fund Collective Bargaining Agreements with Certain Judicial Department Employees
LD 1847, SP0631
An Act To Authorize a General Fund Bond Issue for the Protection and Enhancement of Water Quality, Support of Environmental Clean-up Efforts and Provision of Loans for the Residential Purchase of High-performance Air Source Heat Pumps
LD 1848, SP0632
An Act To Authorize a General Fund Bond Issue To Provide Broadband Internet Infrastructure in Unserved and Underserved Areas of the State, Maintenance and Improvement of the Maine National Guard Armories, Readiness Centers and Support Facilities and Capital Improvements and Equipment Purchases for Career and Technical Education Centers
LD 1849, SP0633
An Act Regarding the Laws Governing the Maine School for Marine Science, Technology, Transportation and Engineering
LD 1850, SP0634
An Act To Authorize a General Fund Bond Issue To Improve Highways, Bridges and Multimodal Facilities
LD 1851, SP0635
An Act To Authorize a General Fund Bond Issue for Land Conservation, Water Access, Outdoor Recreation, Wildlife and Fish Habitats and Farmland and Working Waterfront Preservation
LD 1852, HP1323
An Act To Amend the Law That Increases the Number of Franklin County Commissioners
LD 1853, HP1324
An Act To Prohibit Door-to-door Marketing of Retail Energy Supply
LD 1854, HP1325
An Act To Increase the Minimum Amount of Insurance Coverage Required for Medical Payments for Vehicle Liability Insurance
LD 1855, HP1326
An Act To Include Student Absences for Mental Health or Behavioral Health Needs as Excusable Absences
LD 1856, HP1327
Resolve, To Support Individuals with Acute Mental Health Needs
LD 1857, HP1328
An Act To Protect Teachers from Punitive or Retaliatory Transfers
LD 1858, HP1329
An Act To Protect Teachers from Professional Teacher Certificate Endorsement Changes
LD 1859, HP1330
An Act To Increase Access to Justice and Maine's Rural Lawyer Workforce by Expanding Student Attorney Practice Opportunities
LD 1860, HP1331
An Act To Establish a Process for the Consideration and Implementation of Changes to School Curricula
LD 1861, HP1332
An Act To Make Allocations from Maine Turnpike Authority Funds for the Maine Turnpike Authority for the Calendar Year Ending December 31, 2021
LD 1862, HP1333
Resolve, Authorizing the Probate and Trust Law Advisory Commission To Submit Trust Decanting Legislation
LD 1863, HP1334
An Act To Amend the Maine Uniform Probate Code
LD 1864, HP1335
An Act To Correct the Maine Revised Unclaimed Property Act to Reflect Recent Changes
LD 1865, HP1336
An Act To Amend the Protection from Abuse Laws Concerning Consent Agreements
LD 1866, SP0638
An Act To Increase the Automatic Draft Authority for Licensed Insurance Producers
LD 1867, SP0639
An Act To Clarify Lobbyist Reporting Requirements and Simplify Registration Requirements for State Employees Who Lobby on Behalf of a State Department or Agency
LD 1868, SP0640
An Act To Improve the Reporting of Grassroots Lobbying
LD 1869, SP0641
An Act To Clarify the Financial Reporting Responsibilities of Political Action Committees and Ballot Question Committees
LD 1870, SP0642
An Act To Create the Maine Lighthouse Trust Registration Plate
LD 1871, SP0643
An Act To Modify the Financial Disclosure Requirements for a Governor-elect
LD 1872, HP1338
Resolve, Regarding Legislative Review of Portions of Chapter 12: Licensure of Manufacturers and Wholesalers, a Major Substantive Rule of the Department of Professional and Financial Regulation, Maine Board of Pharmacy
LD 1873, HP1339
An Act To Improve Response to Sudden Cardiac Arrest by Requiring Training in the Delivery of Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation Methods by Telecommunications Technology
LD 1874, HP1340
An Act To Amend the Laws Governing the Subminimum Wage
LD 1875, HP1341
An Act Regarding the Naming of Bridges and Designating Bridge 5818 as the Specialist Wade A. Slack Memorial Bridge
LD 1876, HP1342
Resolve, To Name Bridge 3880 in the Town of Dresden the Veterans Memorial Bridge
LD 1877, HP1343
An Act To Amend the Kittery Water District Charter
LD 1878, HP1344
Resolve, To Establish the Commission To Study the Use of Adjunct Professors in Maine's Public University and College System
LD 1879, HP1345
An Act Regarding the Adoption of Education Policies by School Boards
LD 1880, HP1346
An Act To Repeal and Replace the Canton Water District Charter
LD 1881, HP1347
An Act Regarding Utility-related Fees
LD 1882, HP1348
An Act To Provide Noncommercial Lobster and Crab Fishing Licenses and Scallop Licenses to Disabled Veterans at No Cost
LD 1883, HP1349
An Act Regarding the Recommendations of the Federal Traumatic Brain Injury State Partnership Program Concerning the Membership of the Acquired Brain Injury Advisory Council
LD 1884, HP1350
An Act To Amend the Laws Governing Dual Liquor Licenses
LD 1885, HP1351
An Act To Authorize a General Fund Bond Issue To Repair or Replace Bureau of Forestry Helicopters
LD 1886, HP1352
Resolve, To Rename the Sibley Pond Bridge the William Harris Memorial Bridge
LD 1887, HP1353
Resolve, To Reduce the Operational Costs of Ferries in the State
LD 1888, HP1354
An Act To Protect Children from Toxic Chemicals
LD 1889, HP1355
An Act To Protect the Products of Maine Farmers
LD 1890, HP1356
An Act To Improve Prisoner Transport Safety by Specifically Authorizing Transport of Prisoners by Transport Officers
LD 1891, HP1357
An Act To Protect Maine Propane Consumers upon the Termination of an Agreement between a Dealer and a Consumer
LD 1892, HP1358
An Act To Make Changes to the So-called Dig Safe Law
LD 1893, SP0645
An Act To Require a Lease of Public Lands To Be Based on Reasonable Market Value and To Require Approval of Such Leases for Commercial Purposes
LD 1894, SP0646
An Act To Incentivize the Purchase of Electric Public School Buses
LD 1895, SP0647
An Act Regarding Positions at the Public Utilities Commission
LD 1896, SP0648
An Act To Authorize Separate Alternative Compliance Payment Rates for Maine's Renewable Portfolio Standard and To Amend the Laws Governing Thermal Renewable Energy Credits
LD 1897, SP0649
An Act To Authorize the Expungement of Records of Nonviolent Crimes
LD 1898, SP0650
An Act Regarding Property Taxes on Certain Energy Generation Projects
LD 1899, SP0651
An Act To Amend Certain Motor Vehicle Laws
LD 1900, SP0652
An Act To Amend the Laws Governing Motor Vehicle Child Restraint Systems To Allow Certain Exceptions
LD 1901, SP0653
An Act To Amend the Laws Prohibiting the Use of Handheld Phones and Devices While Driving
LD 1902, SP0654
An Act To Define the Term "Caucus Political Action Committee"
LD 1903, SP0655
An Act To Amend the Laws Governing Activities at or near the Polls on Election Day
LD 1904, SP0656
An Act To Amend Certain Laws Governing Elections
LD 1905, HP1359
An Act To Clarify Crossbow-related Hunting Laws
LD 1906, HP1360
An Act To Amend the Laws Governing the Composition of the Shellfish Advisory Council
LD 1907, HP1361
An Act To Restore to the Penobscot Nation and Passamaquoddy Tribe the Authority To Exercise Jurisdiction under the Federal Tribal Law and Order Act of 2010
LD 1908, HP1362
An Act To Establish First Responders Day as a State Holiday on September 11th
LD 1909, HP1363
An Act To Support Emergency Shelter Access for Persons Experiencing Homelessness in Maine
LD 1910, SP0657
An Act Establishing That the Commissioner of Public Safety Is a Law Enforcement Officer If the Commissioner Is Certified as a Law Enforcement Officer
LD 1911, SP0658
An Act To Amend the Unemployment Compensation Laws
LD 1912, SP0659
An Act To Conform the Maine Apprenticeship Program to the Federal Equal Employment Opportunity Act of 1972
LD 1913, SP0660
An Act To Prohibit Certain Wheeling Charges for the Transmission of Electricity
LD 1914, SP0661
An Act To Provide a Sales Tax Exemption for Textbooks
LD 1915, SP0662
Resolve, Directing the Department of Environmental Protection To Evaluate Emissions from Heated Aboveground Petroleum Storage Tanks
LD 1916, SP0663
An Act To Increase High School Graduation Rates for Students Experiencing Homelessness or in Foster Care
LD 1917, SP0664
An Act To Eliminate Direct Retail Competition for the Supply of Electricity to Residential Consumers
LD 1918, HP1366
An Act To Amend the Laws Regarding the Reserve Funds of Certain School Organizational Structures
LD 1919, HP1367
An Act To Provide a Tax Credit for Family Caregivers
LD 1920, HP1368
An Act To Amend Maine's Fish and Wildlife Licensing and Registration Laws
LD 1921, HP1369
An Act To Clarify and Enhance Maine's Fish and Wildlife Laws
LD 1922, HP1370
An Act To Create a Commercial Menhaden Fishing License
LD 1923, HP1371
An Act To Define as a Hazardous Substance under Maine Law Any Substance Defined under Federal Law as a Hazardous Substance, Pollutant or Contaminant
LD 1924, SP0666
An Act To Amend the Real Estate Appraisal Management Company Laws
LD 1925, SP0667
An Act To Make Technical Changes to Maine's Marine Resources Laws
LD 1926, SP0668
An Act To Amend the Laws Governing the Maine Veterans' Memorial Cemetery System
LD 1927, SP0669
Resolve, Directing the Department of Transportation To Erect and Maintain Markers To Commemorate and Recognize the Lafayette Trail
LD 1928, SP0670
An Act To Prohibit Health Insurance Carriers from Retroactively Reducing Payment on Clean Claims Submitted by Pharmacies
LD 1929, HP1373
Resolve, Establishing the Commission To Study Fair, Equitable and Competitive Tax Policy for Maine's Working Families and Small Businesses
LD 1930, HP1374
An Act To Amend Maine's Aquaculture Leasing and Licensing Statutes
LD 1931, HP1375
An Act To Require Background Investigations for Certain Individuals To Receive Federal Tax Information in Accordance with Federal Standards
LD 1932, HP1376
An Act To Promote Outdoor Recreational Opportunities for Maine Students
LD 1933, HP1377
An Act To Promote Bulk Retail Purchasing
LD 1934, HP1378
An Act Regarding Prior Authorization for Medication-assisted Treatment for Opioid Use Disorder under the MaineCare Program
LD 1935, HP1379
An Act To Address the Needs of Pregnant Women Affected by Opioid Use Disorder
LD 1936, HP1380
An Act To Allow Parents of Minors Who Qualify for In-home Personal Care under the MaineCare Program To Be Employed as Caregivers for Those Minors
LD 1937, HP1381
An Act To Provide Timely Access to Behavioral Health Services for Maine Children and To Address Trauma and the Impacts of the Opioid Crisis
LD 1938, HP1382
An Act Concerning MaineCare Coverage for Donor Breast Milk
LD 1939, HP1383
Resolve, To Ensure High-quality Long-term Care for Maine Veterans
LD 1940, HP1384
Resolve, Directing the Department of Health and Human Services To Increase MaineCare Reimbursement Rates for Targeted Case Management Services To Reflect Inflation
LD 1941, HP1385
An Act To Reform Corrections Officer Compensation in Maine
LD 1942, HP1386
An Act To Protect Water Quality by Prohibiting Consumer Fireworks in the Shoreland Zone
LD 1943, HP1387
An Act To Protect Drinking Water for Low-income Maine Residents
LD 1944, HP1388
An Act To Expand Eligibility for Home Accessibility Adaptation Benefits under the MaineCare Program
LD 1945, HP1389
An Act To Require Forest Rangers To Be Trained at the Maine Criminal Justice Academy
LD 1946, HP1390
An Act To Improve Access to Mental and Behavioral Health Care by Providing Care in Clinical Reproductive and Sexual Health Care Settings
LD 1947, HP1391
An Act To Fund Capital Improvements to Career and Technical Education Centers
LD 1948, HP1392
An Act To Prohibit, Except in Emergency Situations, the Performance without Consent of Pelvic Examinations on Unconscious or Anesthetized Patients
LD 1949, HP1393
An Act To Amend the Retirement Laws Pertaining to Certain Educational Technicians
LD 1950, HP1394
An Act To Advance Palliative Care Utilization in the State
LD 1951, HP1395
An Act To Assist Persons with Disabilities Who Are Subject to Pill Count Requirements
LD 1952, HP1396
An Act To Provide Support Services for Military Members Transitioning to Civilian Life in Maine
LD 1953, HP1397
An Act Regarding Driver's License Suspensions for Nondriving Violations
LD 1954, HP1398
An Act To Amend the Laws Governing Estate Recovery under the MaineCare Program
LD 1955, HP1399
An Act To Promote Cost-effectiveness in the MaineCare Program and Improve the Oral Health of Maine Adults and Children
LD 1956, HP1400
Resolve, To Establish a Commission To Increase Housing Opportunities in Maine by Studying Zoning and Land Use Restrictions
LD 1957, HP1401
An Act To Provide Women Access to Affordable Postpartum Care
LD 1958, HP1402
An Act To Expand Tax Increment Financing To Include Adult Care Facilities and Services and Certain Child Care Facilities
LD 1959, HP1403
An Act To Include within the Definition of "Public Employee" Those Who Have Been Employed Less than 6 Months
LD 1960, HP1404
An Act To Protect Communications between Bargaining Agents and Bargaining Unit Members
LD 1961, HP1405
An Act To Establish the Trust for a Healthy Maine
LD 1962, HP1406
An Act Regarding the Use of Propane and Natural Gas Detectors
LD 1963, HP1407
An Act To Preserve the Value of Abandoned Properties by Allowing Entry by Mortgagees
LD 1964, HP1408
An Act To Limit Access to Juvenile Case Records and Protect the Confidentiality of Juvenile History Record Information
LD 1965, HP1409
An Act To Set a Minimum Wage for School Support Staff
LD 1966, HP1410
An Act To Amend the Laws Regarding Parking for Vehicles with Disability Placards and Plates
LD 1967, HP1411
Resolve, Authorizing the Establishment of Prosecutorial Districts in Downeast Maine
LD 1968, HP1412
An Act To Restrict Maine Clean Election Act Candidates from Seeking or Accepting Employment with Vendors
LD 1969, HP1413
An Act To Protect State Workers from Exposure to Carcinogens
LD 1970, SP0672
An Act To Establish Electronic Visit Verification for In-home and Community-based Health Care Workers
LD 1971, SP0673
An Act To Allow Certain Retired Law Enforcement Officers and Trained Law Enforcement Officers To Serve as School Security Officers
LD 1972, SP0674
An Act To Increase Access to and Reduce the Cost of Epinephrine Autoinjectors by Amending the Definition of "Epinephrine Autoinjector"
LD 1973, SP0675
An Act To Amend the Laws Regarding Municipal Conservation Commissions
LD 1974, SP0676
An Act To Promote Telehealth
LD 1975, SP0677
An Act To Facilitate Dental Treatment for Children
LD 1976, SP0678
An Act To Help Retain School Bus Drivers
LD 1977, SP0679
An Act To Ensure a Consumer's Right To Repair Certain Electronic Products
LD 1978, SP0680
An Act To Improve the Disability Retirement Program of the Maine Public Employees Retirement System
LD 1979, SP0681
An Act To Allow Public Members of the Maine-Canadian Legislative Advisory Commission To Receive Reimbursement for Travel Expenses
LD 1980, SP0682
An Act To Create Incentives for Employers To Allow Employees to Work Remotely in Rural Maine
LD 1981, SP0683
An Act Regarding the Regulation of Tiny Houses
LD 1982, SP0684
Resolve, Directing the Department of Public Safety To Conduct a Study To Develop Best Practices for Improving the Security of Municipal Properties
LD 1983, SP0685
An Act To Amend Certain Record-keeping and Reporting Requirements Imposed on State and Local Law Enforcement Agencies and the Department of Public Safety
LD 1984, SP0686
An Act To Eliminate Waiting Lists for Home and Community-based Services for Adults with Intellectual Disabilities, Autism, Brain Injury and Other Related Conditions
LD 1985, SP0687
Resolve, Directing the Board of Speech, Audiology and Hearing To Adopt Rules To Facilitate Speech-Language Therapy
LD 1986, SP0688
An Act To Clarify the Law Protecting Job Applicants from Identity Theft
LD 1987, SP0689
Resolve, To Exempt Truck Drivers Transporting Live Lobsters from Certain Hours-of-service Restrictions
LD 1988, SP0690
An Act To Prohibit the Distribution of Deceptive Images or Audio or Video Recordings with the Intent To Influence the Outcome of an Election
LD 1989, SP0691
An Act To Amend the Laws Governing Recounts in Municipal Elections
LD 1990, SP0692
An Act To Amend the Laws Governing Access To Prescription Monitoring Information
LD 1991, SP0693
An Act To Prohibit the Sale of Drug Paraphernalia That Encourage Drug Use by Young People
LD 1992, SP0694
An Act To Broaden Eligibility for Disabled Veterans License Plates
LD 1993, SP0695
An Act To Clarify the Law Relating to Corporate Income Tax Nexus and the Shipment of Spirits into the State
LD 1994, SP0696
An Act To Promote Efficiency in Regulation of Consumer Credit Statutes
LD 1995, SP0697
An Act To Enact the Maine Insurance Data Security Act
LD 1996, SP0698
An Act Concerning the Reporting of Health Care Information to the Emergency Medical Services' Board
LD 1997, SP0699
An Act To Allow the Assignment of State Vehicles to Field Personnel Directly Concerned with Maine National Guard Facilities and To Allow State Vehicles Assigned to Military Bureau Employees To Be Used for Commuting
LD 1998, SP0700
An Act To Amend the Waste Motor Oil Disposal Site Remediation Program
LD 1999, SP0701
An Act To Amend the Maine Education Savings Program

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