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LD 1400 - 1599

LD 1400, HP1015
An Act To Improve Recruitment and Retention in State Law Enforcement by Offering Retirement Service Credit and To Improve Retirement Benefits for Veterans of the Cold War
LD 1401, HP1016
An Act To Study Transmission Solutions To Enable Renewable Energy Investment in the State
LD 1402, HP1017
An Act To Allow State-chartered Credit Unions To Service Medical and Adult Use Marijuana Business Accounts
LD 1403, HP1018
An Act To Amend the General Assistance Laws Governing Eligibility and Reimbursement
LD 1404, HP1019
Resolve, To Require the Department of Health and Human Services To Request a Waiver Relating to Support Services and To Provide Funds To Prevent Homelessness
LD 1405, HP1020
An Act To Amend the Laws Governing Foreclosure To Ensure Timely Completion
LD 1406, HP1021
An Act To Require Certification of Radiologic Technologists Who Are Licensed Chiropractic Assistants
LD 1407, HP1022
An Act To Revise and Recodify Certain Provisions of the Maine Criminal Code
LD 1408, SP0436
An Act To Allow Law Enforcement Officers To Wear Insignia on Their Uniforms To Indicate That They Are Veterans
LD 1409, SP0437
An Act To Improve Price Transparency of Prescription Drugs Sold in Maine
LD 1410, HP1023
An Act To Create Paid Family and Medical Leave Benefits
LD 1411, HP1024
An Act Regarding the Federal Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act
LD 1412, HP1025
An Act To Amend the Laws Governing the Collective Bargaining Rights of Employees of School Management and Leadership Centers
LD 1413, HP1026
An Act To Reduce Administrative Burdens of Forest Products Harvesters
LD 1414, HP1027
An Act To Implement the Recommendations of the Right To Know Advisory Committee Concerning Penalties for Violations of the Freedom of Access Act
LD 1415, HP1028
An Act To Improve the Laws Regarding Discontinued and Abandoned Roads
LD 1416, HP1029
An Act To Implement the Recommendations of the Right To Know Advisory Committee Concerning Freedom of Access Training for Public Officials
LD 1417, HP1030
An Act To Expand Access to Head Start To Assist Opioid-affected and Other At-risk Families
LD 1418, HP1031
An Act To Address Maine's Shortage of Behavioral Health Services for Minors
LD 1419, HP1032
An Act To Improve Commercial Production of Shellfish by Allowing Municipalities To Establish Active Municipal Shellfish Management Areas
LD 1420, HP1033
Resolve, To Establish a Task Force To Study the Current Status and Future Sustainability of Aquaculture in the State
LD 1421, HP1034
An Act To Amend the Maine Bail Code
LD 1422, HP1035
An Act Regarding Conditions in Correctional Facilities for Female Prisoners
LD 1423, HP1036
An Act To Require Corporate Transparency When Taxpayer Funding Is Provided
LD 1424, HP1037
An Act To Create an Access to Justice Income Tax Credit
LD 1425, HP1038
An Act To Maintain the Integrity of the Department of Education by Prohibiting Its Promotion of Policies and Practices That Are Not Based on Rigorous Peer Review and Analysis, Limiting Acceptance of Private Funding in Implementing and Influencing State Policy and Retaining the Home Rule Powers to School Administrative Units
LD 1426, HP1039
An Act To Increase Protections for Land Installment Contracts
LD 1427, SP0439
An Act To Amend the Legislative Expense Reimbursement
LD 1428, SP0440
An Act To Require the State To Fund 50 Percent of Public Preschool Programs
LD 1429, SP0441
An Act To Fund Opioid Use Disorder Prevention and Treatment
LD 1430, HP1040
An Act To Create Tax Equity among Renewable Energy Investments
LD 1431, HP1041
Resolve, To Support Municipal Recycling Programs
LD 1432, HP1042
An Act To Improve the Adult Use Marijuana Laws
LD 1433, HP1043
An Act To Protect the Environment and Public Health by Further Reducing Toxic Chemicals in Packaging
LD 1434, HP1044
An Act To Allow Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetists To Bill for Their Services
LD 1435, HP1045
Resolve, Directing the Joint Standing Committee on Transportation To Study Transportation Funding Reform
LD 1436, HP1048
Resolve, Directing Coordinated State Agencies To Negotiate with the Governing Leaderships of Portland Pipe Line Corporation and Montreal Pipe Line Limited for Sustainability-centered Repurposing of Stranded and At-risk Infrastructure Assets in Maine
LD 1437, HP1049
RESOLUTION, Proposing an Amendment to the Constitution of Maine Concerning Alternative Signatures Made by Persons with Disabilities
LD 1438, HP1050
An Act To Clarify the Intent of Referendum Questions for Voters
LD 1439, HP1051
An Act To Ensure Quality, Safety and Accountability on Public Construction Projects
LD 1440, HP1052
An Act To Create Transparency in Tax Increment Financing and Credit Enhancement Agreement Proposals
LD 1441, HP1053
An Act To Align the Laws Governing Dental Therapy with Standards Established by the American Dental Association Commission on Dental Accreditation
LD 1442, HP1054
An Act To Provide for Court-appointed Advocates for Justice in Animal Cruelty Cases
LD 1443, HP1055
An Act To Enact the Senior Property Tax Reimbursement Act
LD 1444, HP1056
An Act To Make the Distance to Schools for Marijuana Establishments Consistent with the Liquor Laws
LD 1445, HP1057
An Act To Provide Debt-free Educational Opportunities for Maine Residents
LD 1446, HP1058
An Act To Remove Sales and Use Taxation on Gold and Silver Coins
LD 1447, HP1059
An Act To Simplify Voting in Maine by Placing a Moratorium on Ranked-choice Voting
LD 1448, HP1060
An Act To Expand the Homestead Exemption for Disabled Veterans
LD 1449, HP1061
An Act To Facilitate Compliance with Federal Immigration Law by State and Local Government Entities
LD 1450, HP1062
Resolve, To Mitigate the Increasing Waiting List for Services under the MaineCare Section 21 Waiver Program
LD 1451, HP1063
An Act Providing Labor Unions with Reasonable Access to Current and Newly Hired Public Sector Workers
LD 1452, HP1064
An Act Regarding the Collection of the Sales and Use Tax by Marketplace Facilitators
LD 1453, HP1065
An Act To Improve Dental Health for Maine Adults with Low Incomes
LD 1454, HP1066
An Act Concerning Elections in Maine Congressional Districts
LD 1455, HP1067
An Act To Change the Name of Township 17, Range 3 to Van Buren Cove
LD 1456, HP1068
An Act To Amend the Laws Governing Raffles
LD 1457, HP1069
An Act To Make References to the Governor and Supreme Judicial Court Justices Gender Neutral
LD 1458, SP0443
An Act To Protect Taxpayers in the Privatization of State Services
LD 1459, SP0444
An Act To Expand Application of the Maine Agricultural Marketing and Bargaining Act of 1973 to Harvesters and Haulers of Forest Products
LD 1460, SP0445
An Act To Support Collection and Proper Disposal of Unwanted Drugs
LD 1461, SP0446
An Act To Support Early Intervention and Treatment of Mental Health Disorders
LD 1462, SP0447
RESOLUTION, Proposing an Amendment to the Constitution of Maine To Provide 4-year Terms for Senators and To Set Term Limits for Legislators
LD 1463, HP1070
An Act To Create an Automatic Voter Registration System
LD 1464, HP1071
An Act To Support Electrification of Certain Technologies for the Benefit of Maine Consumers and Utility Systems and the Environment
LD 1465, HP1072
An Act To Diversify Maine's Energy Portfolio with Renewable Energy
LD 1466, HP1073
An Act To Allow Community-based Organizations To Participate in Diversion Projects for Persons with Substance Use Disorder
LD 1467, HP1074
An Act To Implement Recommendations of the Department of Environmental Protection Regarding the State's Cellular Telephone Recycling Law
LD 1468, HP1075
An Act To Enact the Maine Uniform Directed Trust Act
LD 1469, SP0449
An Act To Amend the Charter of the Rumford-Mexico Sewerage District
LD 1470, SP0450
An Act To Allow the Prohibition of Weapons at Public Proceedings and Voting Places
LD 1471, SP0451
Resolve, To Name the Route 7 Bridge in Corinna in Honor of PFC Paul Earl Sudsbury
LD 1472, SP0452
An Act To Create a Commission To Establish a State Bank
LD 1473, SP0453
An Act To Provide Consistency in the Laws Governing Culvert Replacement
LD 1474, HP1076
An Act To Ensure Water Equity and Accountability for the People of the State
LD 1475, HP1077
An Act To Eliminate Profiling in Maine
LD 1476, HP1078
An Act To Clarify Recounts in Municipal Elections
LD 1477, HP1079
RESOLUTION, Proposing an Amendment to the Constitution of Maine To Facilitate the Use of Ranked-choice Voting for Governor and Members of the Legislature
LD 1478, HP1080
Resolve, Regarding Legislative Review of Portions of Chapter 115: The Credentialing of Education Personnel, a Late-filed Major Substantive Rule of the Department of Education
LD 1479, HP1081
An Act To Clarify Guardianship over Detainees under 18 Years of Age Regarding Mental Health Care
LD 1480, HP1082
An Act To Modify Retirement Plans for Fire Investigators and Sergeants
LD 1481, HP1083
An Act To Establish the Big Moose Mountain Regional Development Authority
LD 1482, HP1084
An Act To Clarify Provisions of the Blueberry Tax
LD 1483, HP1085
An Act To Clarify the Disposition of Funds Presumed Abandoned in a Lawyer's Trust Account
LD 1484, HP1086
An Act To Create a System Using the Permit for Disposition of Human Remains To Track the Burial of Cremated Remains in a Public Cemetery
LD 1485, HP1087
An Act To Create an At-risk Persons Program in Maine
LD 1486, HP1088
An Act To Strengthen Supports for Adults with Intellectual Disabilities or Autism in Crisis
LD 1487, HP1089
An Act To Exempt Holders of Gold Star Family Registration Plates from Vehicle Registration Fees
LD 1488, HP1090
An Act To Allow Holders of Gold Star Family Registration Plates To Be Issued Complimentary Licenses To Hunt, Trap and Fish
LD 1489, HP1091
RESOLUTION, Proposing an Amendment to the Constitution of Maine Regarding the Election of Senators
LD 1490, HP1092
An Act To Enhance Tribal-State Collaboration in the Enforcement of Child Support
LD 1491, HP1093
An Act To Establish the Maine Work Tax Credit
LD 1492, HP1094
An Act To Reform Drug Sentencing Laws
LD 1493, SP0456
An Act To Exempt Cribbage and Other Card Games from Licensing and Regulation When Conducted by Certain Organizations
LD 1494, SP0457
An Act To Reform Maine's Renewable Portfolio Standard
LD 1495, SP0458
Resolve, Regarding the Revision of Title 28-A of the Maine Revised Statutes
LD 1496, HP1095
An Act To Protect the Maine Budget Stabilization Fund
LD 1497, HP1096
An Act To Recognize High-performing, Efficient School Districts with Regard to the System Administration Allocation
LD 1498, SP0460
An Act To Provide Equity for Commercial Vehicles on Roads and Bridges in Maine
LD 1499, SP0461
An Act To Establish the Maine Prescription Drug Affordability Board
LD 1500, SP0462
An Act To Improve Workers' Compensation Protection for Injured Workers Whose Employers Have Wrongfully Not Secured Workers' Compensation Insurance
LD 1501, SP0463
An Act To Change the Law Governing Occupational Disease Claims under the Maine Workers' Compensation Act of 1992
LD 1502, SP0464
An Act To Expand Access to the Workforce through Apprenticeships
LD 1503, SP0465
An Act To Establish the Maine False Claims Act
LD 1504, SP0466
An Act To Protect Consumers from Unfair Practices Related to Pharmacy Benefits Management
LD 1505, HP1097
An Act To Amend the Marijuana Laws To Correct Inconsistencies in Recently Enacted Laws
LD 1506, HP1098
Resolve, Directing the Department of Economic and Community Development To Facilitate the Creation of a Strategic Economic Plan
LD 1507, HP1099
An Act Relating to Amateur Radio Service
LD 1508, HP1100
An Act To Respect the Will of Maine Voters by Funding Education at 55 Percent
LD 1509, HP1101
An Act To Amend the Laws Governing the Maine Uniform Building and Energy Code To Ensure It Is Consistent with Current Standards and Applies to Small Municipalities
LD 1510, HP1102
Resolve, Regarding Legislative Review of Portions of Chapter 101: MaineCare Benefits Manual, Chapter III, Section 97: Private Non-Medical Institution Services and Appendices B, C, D, E and F, a Late-filed Major Substantive Rule of the Department of Health and Human Services
LD 1511, HP1103
An Act To Implement the Recommendations of the Right To Know Advisory Committee Concerning Public Records Exceptions
LD 1512, HP1105
An Act Regarding Persons Who Are Found Not Criminally Responsible and Are Sent out of State for Treatment
LD 1513, HP1106
An Act To Amend the Date by Which an Applicant for Funds under the Local Road Assistance Program Must Provide Certification to the Department of Transportation
LD 1514, HP1107
An Act To Improve Enforcement in the Elver Fishery
LD 1515, HP1108
An Act To Allow Sports Wagering in Maine
LD 1516, HP1109
An Act To Improve Efficiency in Communication in the Court System
LD 1517, HP1110
An Act To Facilitate the Deployment of Small Wireless Facilities in Maine
LD 1518, HP1111
An Act To Establish a Fund for Portions of the Operations and Outreach Activities of the University of Maine Cooperative Extension Diagnostic and Research Laboratory and To Increase Statewide Enforcement of Pesticide Use
LD 1519, SP0468
An Act Concerning the Establishment of Benefit Corporations
LD 1520, SP0469
An Act To Create and Sustain Jobs through Development of Cooperatives and Employee-owned Businesses
LD 1521, SP0470
An Act To Expand Skill Development Opportunities for Maine Youth
LD 1522, SP0471
An Act To Amend the Laws Regarding Orders of Abandonment for Residential Properties in Foreclosure
LD 1523, SP0472
An Act To Ensure the Quality of and Increase Access to Recovery Residences
LD 1524, SP0473
An Act To Prevent Wage Theft and Promote Employer Accountability
LD 1525, SP0474
An Act To Require Insurance on Motorized Watercraft
LD 1526, SP0475
An Act To Increase the Availability of Foster Homes
LD 1527, SP0477
An Act To Require That Certain Motor Vehicles Be Clear of Snow and Ice When Operated on Public Ways
LD 1528, SP0478
An Act To Amend the Laws Regarding Motor Vehicle Fees
LD 1529, HP1112
An Act Concerning Nondisclosure Agreements in Employment
LD 1530, HP1113
An Act To Expand Incentives To Live and Work in Maine through a Tax Credit for Certain Student Loans
LD 1531, HP1114
An Act To Establish the Maine Food System Investment Program To Create Quality Jobs and Support Farms, Fisheries and Food-related Businesses
LD 1532, HP1115
An Act To Eliminate Single-use Plastic Carry-out Bags
LD 1533, HP1116
An Act To Eliminate Registration Plate Decals
LD 1534, HP1117
An Act To Amend Maine Fireworks Laws To Include Flame Effects
LD 1535, HP1118
An Act To Correct Errors and Inconsistencies Related to the Maine Uniform Probate Code and To Make Other Substantive Changes
LD 1536, HP1119
An Act To Require Municipalities To Maintain Access on Public Rights-of-way
LD 1537, HP1120
An Act To Increase the Portion of Retirement Benefits to Which the Cost-of-living Adjustment Applies
LD 1538, HP1121
An Act Regarding Compensation Equity for Positions in the Maine Community College System
LD 1539, HP1122
An Act To Provide Maine Children Access to Affordable Health Care
LD 1540, HP1123
An Act Concerning Timber Harvesting on Public Lands and in State Parks, Historic Sites and the Restricted Zone of the Allagash Wilderness Waterway
LD 1541, HP1124
An Act To Establish "Ballad of the 20th Maine" as the Official State Ballad
LD 1542, HP1125
An Act To Allow a Municipality To Choose Its Power Provider
LD 1543, SP0480
An Act To Amend the Maine Uniform Building and Energy Code
LD 1544, SP0481
An Act To Enact the Maine Revised Unclaimed Property Act
LD 1545, SP0482
An Act Regarding the Testing of Adult Use Marijuana and Marijuana Products
LD 1546, SP0483
An Act To Protect State Employees When Their Contracts Have Expired
LD 1547, SP0484
An Act To Use 10 Percent of E-9-1-1 Surcharges To Fund Public Safety Answering Point Staff and Projects
LD 1548, SP0485
Resolve, To Promote Quality and Transparency in the Provision of Services by Assisted Housing Programs That Provide Memory Care
LD 1549, SP0486
An Act To Increase the Supplement for Certain National Board for Professional Teaching Standards Certified Teachers in Maine
LD 1550, SP0487
An Act To Create a Victims' Compensation Fund for Victims of Property Crimes
LD 1551, HP1126
An Act To Clarify Fishing Laws between the Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife and the Department of Marine Resources as They Relate to Striped Bass in Inland Waters
LD 1552, HP1127
An Act To Make Technical Changes to Maine's Marine Resources Laws
LD 1553, SP0488
An Act Directing That the Towns Constituting Hospital Administrative District No. 4 Hold a Vote on the Proposed Merger with Northern Light Health
LD 1554, SP0489
Resolve, Establishing a Commission To Reform Child Protective Services
LD 1555, SP0490
An Act To Improve Highway Maintenance Safety
LD 1556, SP0491
An Act Regarding Filing Fees in Transmission Line Proceedings
LD 1557, SP0492
An Act To Authorize an Additional Position in the Office of the Public Advocate
LD 1558, SP0493
An Act To Change the Definition of "Gas Utility" in the Laws Governing Public Utilities
LD 1559, SP0494
An Act To Require the Public Utilities Commission To Open an Investigation Whenever It Initiates a Management Audit
LD 1560, SP0495
An Act Regarding Utility Reorganizations
LD 1561, SP0496
An Act To Amend the Maine Land Use Planning Commission Laws and Enhance the Economic Vitality of Neighboring Communities
LD 1562, SP0497
An Act To Encourage the Use of Renewable Energy
LD 1563, SP0498
An Act To Encourage the Development of Broadband Coverage in Rural Maine
LD 1564, SP0499
An Act To Authorize Project Labor Agreements for Public Works Projects
LD 1565, SP0501
RESOLUTION, Proposing an Amendment to the Constitution of Maine To Protect Voter-approved Measures
LD 1566, SP0500
An Act To Increase the Number of Recipients under the Tuition Waiver Program for Participants in Foster Care
LD 1567, SP0502
An Act To Change the Deadline for Submission of the Annual Report of the Public Advocate
LD 1568, HP1130
An Act Authorizing the Deorganization of Magalloway Plantation
LD 1569, HP1131
An Act To Prohibit Untraceable and Undetectable Firearms
LD 1570, HP1132
An Act To Allow Residents To Register Online To Vote
LD 1571, HP1133
An Act To Establish the Exclusive Right of the Federally Recognized Indian Tribes in the State To Conduct All Sports Betting in Maine
LD 1572, HP1134
An Act To Enact the Maine Fair Chance Housing Act
LD 1573, HP1135
An Act To Clarify Provisions of the Maine Juvenile Code Regarding Inspection, Disclosure and Dissemination of Juvenile Case Records and To Change Gender-specific Terms
LD 1574, HP1136
An Act To Continue Authorization of Seaplane Landings on Katahdin Lake
LD 1575, HP1137
An Act To Improve the Freedom of Access Laws of Maine
LD 1576, HP1138
An Act To Improve the Department of Corrections' Response to Emergency Situations by Including Vehicles Operated by Certain Department Employees in the Definition of Authorized Emergency Vehicles
LD 1577, HP1139
An Act To Assist Nursing Homes in the Management of Facility Beds
LD 1578, HP1140
An Act To Improve Administration of the Maine Aeronautical Advisory Board and the Public Transit Advisory Council
LD 1579, HP1141
An Act To Allow Municipalities To Stock Ponds in Their Areas with Fish
LD 1580, HP1142
An Act To Protect Licensing Information of Medical Professionals
LD 1581, HP1143
An Act To Restore County Tax Appropriation Integrity
LD 1582, HP1144
An Act Relating to Surgical Technologists and the Practice of Surgical Technology
LD 1583, HP1145
An Act To Enact the Maine Citizens' Initiatives Clean Election Act
LD 1584, HP1146
An Act To Attract, Build and Retain an Early Childhood Education Workforce through Increased Training, Education and Career Pathways
LD 1585, SP0504
An Act To Allow the City of Augusta To Adjust the Definition of "Original Assessed Value" for the City of Augusta's Performance Food Group Municipal Tax Increment Financing District and To Validate the Assessment, Commitment and Collection of Property Taxes Dedicated for the District for the Fiscal Years 2018-19 and 2019-20
LD 1586, SP0505
An Act To Promote Major Food Processing and Manufacturing Facility Expansion and To Create Jobs in Maine
LD 1587, SP0506
An Act To Amend the Laws Governing Nominations of County Commissioners, the Terms of County Commissioners and County Commissioner Districts
LD 1588, HP1147
An Act To Create a Registration Process and Permits for Vacation Rentals
LD 1589, HP1148
An Act To Protect the Liberty of Immigrants and Asylum Seekers in Maine
LD 1590, HP1149
An Act To Amend the Laws Relating to Harness Racing
LD 1591, HP1150
An Act To Provide Access to Health Care for Maine Citizens
LD 1592, HP1151
An Act To Allow the Dissolution of Regional School Units Composed of a Single Municipality
LD 1593, HP1152
An Act To Support Infrastructure Improvements in Schools
LD 1594, HP1153
An Act To Establish a Stewardship Program for Consumer Batteries
LD 1595, HP1154
An Act To Enhance the Child Welfare Ombudsman Program
LD 1596, HP1155
An Act To Enhance the Long-term Stability of Certain At-risk Youth
LD 1597, HP1156
An Act To Provide a Sales Tax Exemption for Purchases Made by Nonprofit Seasonal Camps
LD 1598, HP1157
An Act To Define the Responsibilities of Property Owners for the Maintenance and Repair of Private Roads
LD 1599, HP1158
An Act To Allow Certain State Regulators To Lower Fees by Order

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