Directory of Papers
LD 1200 - 1399

LD 1200, SP0375
An Act To Amend the Maine Seed Capital Tax Credit Program
LD 1201, HP0865
An Act To Create a Low-barrier, Permanent Housing Rental Subsidy for Individuals in the State Experiencing Long-term Homelessness
LD 1202, HP0866
Resolve, To Develop a Plan To Improve Service Delivery to Individuals Receiving Medicaid Home and Community-based Services
LD 1203, HP0867
An Act To Clarify the Retirement Presumption under the Maine Workers' Compensation Act of 1992
LD 1204, HP0868
An Act To Eliminate the Cap on Weekly Benefits in Workers' Compensation Cases
LD 1205, HP0869
An Act To Allow Full Retirement Benefits under the Maine Workers' Compensation Act of 1992
LD 1206, HP0870
An Act To Improve Aboveground Utilities' Responsiveness to Public Interests
LD 1207, HP0871
An Act To Expand the 1998 Special Retirement Plan To Include Detectives in the Office of Investigations within the Department of the Secretary of State, Bureau of Motor Vehicles
LD 1208, HP0872
An Act To Expand the 1998 Special Retirement Plan To Include Detectives in the Office of the Attorney General
LD 1209, HP0873
An Act To Require Legislative Hearings on Citizen-initiated Legislation
LD 1210, HP0874
Resolve, To Direct the Commissioner of Corrections To Study Changes in Corrections Practices and Reinvestment in Corrections Resources To Reduce Recidivism and Control Correctional Facility Costs
LD 1211, HP0875
An Act To Protect Farm Workers by Allowing Them To Organize for the Purpose of Collective Bargaining
LD 1212, HP0876
An Act To Adopt the Uniform Interstate Depositions and Discovery Act
LD 1213, HP0877
An Act To Repeal the Ranked-choice Voting Law
LD 1214, SP0376
Resolve, To Conduct a Comprehensive Study of the Compensation System for State Employees
LD 1215, SP0377
An Act Relating to Defenses and Self-defense in the Maine Criminal Code
LD 1216, SP0378
An Act To Support Community Schools
LD 1217, SP0379
An Act To Clarify the Oversight of the Family Development Account Program
LD 1218, HP0878
An Act To Allow Maine Medical Marijuana Caregivers To Measure Cultivation Limits by Plant Canopy Size
LD 1219, HP0879
An Act To Establish an Independent Board To Review Law Enforcement Officer-involved Deaths
LD 1220, HP0880
An Act To Remove Certain Restrictions Imposed on Retired State Employees Who Return to Work as Educators
LD 1221, HP0881
An Act To Allow Deductions from Prison Sentences for Rehabilitative Activities
LD 1222, HP0882
An Act Regarding Electric Bicycles
LD 1223, HP0884
An Act To Amend the Traffic Movement Permit Process To Incorporate a Multimodal Approach to Infrastructure Planning
LD 1224, HP0885
An Act To Authorize General Fund Bond Issues To Address Changes in Sea Level, Geospatial Data Acquisition by Communities and the Increase in Ocean Acidity
LD 1225, HP0886
An Act To Increase Funding for Home Visiting Programs
LD 1226, HP0887
An Act To Make Criteria for State Veterans' Benefits Consistent within the Maine Revised Statutes
LD 1227, HP0888
An Act To Allow Parents To Apply to the Commissioner of Education To Enroll Their Children in a Receiving School Administrative Unit and To Remove Limitations on Which Students May Be So Enrolled
LD 1228, HP0889
Resolve, Requiring the Department of Health and Human Services To Create a Limited Benefit MaineCare Card for Individuals Eligible for the Medicare Savings Program
LD 1229, HP0890
Resolve, To Establish the Committee To Study and Develop Recommendations To Address Guardianship Challenges That Delay Patient Discharges from Hospitals
LD 1230, HP0891
An Act To Update the Civil Animal Welfare Laws
LD 1231, HP0892
An Act To Fund Energy Efficiency Programs through a Fee on the Sale of Unregulated Heating Fuels
LD 1232, HP0893
An Act To Ensure the Right To Work without Payment of Dues or Fees to a Labor Union as a Condition of Employment
LD 1233, HP0894
An Act Regarding Offers of Settlement
LD 1234, HP0895
An Act To Expand the Value of the Homestead Exemption to $25,000 and State Reimbursement to 100 Percent of Lost Property Tax Revenue
LD 1235, HP0896
An Act To Increase Safety in Health Care Facilities
LD 1236, HP0897
An Act To Clarify the Laws Governing the Licensing of Paramedics
LD 1237, HP0898
An Act To Simplify Municipal Collective Bargaining by Removing the 120-Day Notice Required Prior to Certain Negotiations
LD 1238, HP0899
An Act To Exempt Certain Print Publications from Sales Tax
LD 1239, HP0900
An Act To Mandate Paid Maternity and Parental Leave
LD 1240, HP0901
An Act To Provide Career and Technical Training Options for Electricians
LD 1241, HP0902
An Act To Improve Survival Rates of Salmon and Other Migratory Fish Transitioning from Freshwater to Saltwater Environments
LD 1242, HP0903
An Act To Reinstitute the State Property Tax Deferral Program for Seniors
LD 1243, HP0904
An Act To Assist Small Businesses in Providing Health Care for Their Employees
LD 1244, HP0905
An Act To Authorize the Gambling Control Board To Accept an Application from the Passamaquoddy Tribe To Operate 50 Slot Machines in the Tribe's High-stakes Beano Facility
LD 1245, HP0906
An Act To Protect Victims of Domestic and Sexual Violence in Certain Provisions under the Maine Human Rights Act
LD 1246, HP0907
An Act To Protect the Health and Safety of Maine State Park Visitors and Staff
LD 1247, HP0908
Resolve, To Change the Work Requirement Rules under the Temporary Assistance for Needy Families Program
LD 1248, HP0909
Resolve, To Direct the ConnectME Authority To Report on the Progress of the Detailed 2019-2021 Strategic Plan for Broadband Service in Maine
LD 1249, HP0910
An Act To Prohibit the Abuse and Isolation of Older and Dependent Adults
LD 1250, HP0911
An Act To Prohibit Sexual Harassment as a Subject Matter of Mandatory Arbitration in Employment Contracts
LD 1251, HP0912
An Act To Make Agricultural Workers and Other Workers Employees under the Wage and Hour Laws
LD 1252, HP0913
An Act Regarding Snowmobile Registration Fees
LD 1253, HP0914
An Act To Fairly Compensate for Fatal Accidents under the Maine Workers' Compensation Act of 1992
LD 1254, HP0915
An Act To Authorize a Local Option Sales Tax on Meals and Lodging and Provide Funding To Treat Opioid Use Disorder
LD 1255, HP0916
RESOLUTION, Proposing an Amendment to the Constitution of Maine To Require Referenda To Receive 60 Percent of the Vote To Become Law
LD 1256, HP0917
An Act To Provide a Health Care Preceptor Tax Credit
LD 1257, HP0918
An Act To Prepare Maine for a Low-carbon Transportation Future
LD 1258, HP0919
An Act To Increase Access to Transportation for Workforce and Other Essential Transportation Needs
LD 1259, HP0920
Resolve, Directing the Department of Health and Human Services To Adopt Rules To Streamline and Remove Barriers for Reimbursement for Providers of Dental Care Services
LD 1260, HP0921
An Act Regarding Short-term, Limited-duration Health Plans
LD 1261, HP0922
An Act To Authorize Certain Health Care Professionals To Perform Abortions
LD 1262, SP0382
An Act To Allow Funds from the Federal E-Rate Program To Be Applied to Maine Preschool Programs
LD 1263, SP0383
An Act Regarding Telehealth
LD 1264, SP0384
An Act Relating to Insurance Coverage for Screening Mammograms
LD 1265, SP0385
An Act To Establish a Maine Low-income Housing Tax Credit
LD 1266, SP0386
An Act To Create Transportation Corridor Districts for the Purpose of Funding Transportation and Transit Services
LD 1267, SP0387
An Act To Allow the Awarding of Graduation Credits by Career and Technical Education Centers and Regions
LD 1268, SP0388
An Act To Update and Clarify the Laws Governing Raffles
LD 1269, SP0389
An Act To Update the Laws Governing Child Safety Seats and Seat Belts
LD 1270, SP0390
An Act To Create Certain Recreational Opportunities on State-owned Land
LD 1271, SP0391
An Act To Exempt Permanently Disabled Veterans from Payment of Property Tax
LD 1272, SP0392
An Act To Increase Access to Low-cost Prescription Drugs
LD 1273, SP0393
An Act To Ensure Funding for Certain Essential Functions of the University of Maine Cooperative Extension Pesticide Safety Education Program
LD 1274, SP0394
An Act To Enact the Health Insurance Consumer Assistance Program
LD 1275, SP0395
An Act To Support Access to Health Services for Homeless Youth in Maine
LD 1276, SP0396
An Act To Better Enforce the Prohibition against Dangerous Persons Possessing Firearms
LD 1277, SP0397
An Act To Require the Director of the Maine Center for Disease Control and Prevention To Be Credentialed
LD 1278, SP0398
RESOLUTION, Proposing an Amendment to the Constitution of Maine Requiring the State To Share Not Less Than 5 Percent of State Sales and Income Tax Revenue with Municipalities
LD 1279, SP0399
An Act To Modernize Maine's Renewable Portfolio Standard
LD 1280, SP0400
An Act To Establish the Maine Buy American and Build Maine Act
LD 1281, HP0923
Resolve, To Create a Committee To Explore Regional Cooperation for Affordable Health Insurance
LD 1282, HP0924
An Act To Establish a Green New Deal for Maine
LD 1283, HP0925
Resolve, To Advance College Affordability by Convening a Task Force To Recommend a Sustainable Funding Model for Maintaining Maine's Public Higher Education Infrastructure
LD 1284, HP0926
An Act To Create the Science and Policy Advisory Council on the Impact of Climate Change on Maine's Marine Species
LD 1285, HP0927
An Act To Establish Criteria for a Permit To Conduct Research in the Intertidal Zone
LD 1286, HP0928
An Act To Allow the Deposition of Oyster Shell Cultch To Ameliorate Ocean and Coastal Acidification
LD 1287, HP0929
An Act To Protect the Penobscot River and Penobscot Bay from Mercury Contamination
LD 1288, HP0930
An Act To Establish a MaineCare Reimbursement Rate Review Process and the MaineCare Independent Rate Commission
LD 1289, HP0931
Resolve, To Reduce the Incidence of Infants Exposed to Illegal Substances
LD 1290, HP0933
An Act To Increase Transparency with Regard to Pawnshops
LD 1291, HP0934
An Act To Update the Maine Parentage Act
LD 1292, HP0935
An Act To Lower Maine's Individual Income Tax
LD 1293, HP0936
An Act To Improve Investigative Efficiencies at the State Fire Marshal's Office
LD 1294, HP0937
Resolve, Directing the Maine Human Rights Commission To Implement a Pilot Program To Investigate and Report on Incidents of Harassment Due to Housing Status, Lack of Employment and Other Issues
LD 1295, HP0938
An Act To Determine the Need To Increase the Number of Forensic Emergency and Crisis Beds
LD 1296, HP0939
An Act To Clarify the Scope of Practice of Certain Licensed Professionals Regarding Conversion Therapy
LD 1297, HP0940
An Act To Reduce Youth Cancer Risk
LD 1298, HP0941
An Act To Enhance Fish and Wildlife Laws
LD 1299, HP0942
An Act To Incentivize Municipalities, State Agencies, Colleges and Universities To Use Electric Vehicles
LD 1300, HP0943
Resolve, To Transfer the Guilford Butler School Property to the Town of South Thomaston
LD 1301, HP0944
An Act Regarding the Confidentiality of Investigations by the Bureau of Forestry
LD 1302, HP0945
An Act To Remove Vacancy Provisions for Certain Positions in County Government
LD 1303, HP0946
An Act To Establish the State Board of Dental Hygiene
LD 1304, HP0947
An Act To Ease Financial Burdens for Juveniles Involved in the Justice System
LD 1305, SP0401
An Act To Encourage Savings through Contributions to Family Development Accounts
LD 1306, SP0402
An Act To Promote Safe Schools through the Creation of the Safe School Climate Council
LD 1307, SP0403
An Act To Promote Snowmobiling in Maine
LD 1308, SP0404
An Act To Better Fund Nursing Homes in the State To Better Help the Elderly and Disabled
LD 1309, SP0405
An Act To Index MaineCare Reimbursement to Nursing Homes and Other Adult Care Facilities to Increases in the Minimum Wage
LD 1310, SP0406
An Act To Address the Shortage of Department of Transportation Snowplow Drivers and Other Transportation Workers
LD 1311, SP0407
An Act Regarding the Sale of Dogs and Cats at Pet Shops
LD 1312, SP0408
An Act Regarding Access to Firearms by Extremely Dangerous and Suicidal Individuals
LD 1313, HP0948
An Act To Enact the Maine Death with Dignity Act
LD 1314, HP0949
An Act To Extend Protections for Genetic Information
LD 1315, HP0950
An Act To Support Medically Monitored Crisis Support and Intervention
LD 1316, HP0951
An Act To Make It Explicit That Maine Holds Title to Its Intertidal Lands
LD 1317, HP0952
An Act To Restore Services To Help Certain Noncitizens Meet Their Basic Needs
LD 1318, HP0953
Resolve, To Increase Access to Housing-related Support Services
LD 1319, HP0954
An Act To Prohibit Employer Disciplinary Action against Firefighters and Emergency Medical Services Persons Responding to an Emergency
LD 1320, HP0955
An Act To Require the Department of Environmental Protection To Provide Natural Resources Protection Act Permits to Affected Municipalities
LD 1321, HP0956
An Act To Amend the Laws Governing the Funding Limitation on County Jails
LD 1322, HP0957
An Act To Provide Equitable Tax Treatment to State-licensed Marijuana Businesses
LD 1323, SP0411
An Act To Revise the Laws Regarding the Public Trust in Intertidal Lands
LD 1324, SP0412
Resolve, To Establish the Committee To Study the Feasibility of Creating Basic Income Security
LD 1325, SP0413
An Act To Allow Workplace Substance Use Testing for Fentanyl, Hydromorphone, Hydrocodone, Oxycodone and Oxymorphone Use at the Employer's Discretion
LD 1326, SP0414
An Act To Expand Eligibility for the Veterans' Property Tax Exemption
LD 1327, SP0415
An Act To Require Residential Mortgage Loan Servicers To Act in Good Faith in Dealings with Homeowners
LD 1328, SP0416
An Act To Increase the Salaries of the Governor and Legislators
LD 1329, SP0417
An Act To Allow Temporary Roadside Memorials for Deceased Victims of Traffic Accidents
LD 1330, HP0958
An Act To Ensure Pedestrian Safety in Roundabouts
LD 1331, HP0959
An Act To Amend the Student Information Privacy Act
LD 1332, HP0960
RESOLUTION, Proposing an Amendment to the Constitution of Maine To Require State and Congressional Elections To Be Decided by a Plurality of Votes Cast
LD 1333, HP0961
An Act To Authorize a General Fund Bond Issue To Establish a Maine County Correctional Facilities Revolving Construction and Improvement Fund
LD 1334, HP0962
An Act To Rename the Maine International Trade Center the Maine Trade Center and To Establish within the Center International and Domestic Export Branches
LD 1335, HP0963
An Act To Require the Department of Transportation To Place Official Business Directional Signs at Certain Intersections
LD 1336, HP0964
Resolve, Directing the Governor To Renominate Penobscot Bay for Inclusion in the United States Environmental Protection Agency National Estuary Program
LD 1337, HP0965
Resolve, To Save Lives by Establishing a Homeless Opioid Users Service Engagement Pilot Project within the Department of Health and Human Services
LD 1338, HP0966
An Act To Protect Teachers from Unfair Evaluations
LD 1339, HP0967
An Act To Recalculate Retirement Benefits for Certain State Employees Adversely Affected by Merit Pay Freezes
LD 1340, HP0968
An Act To Require Criminal History Record Checks for All Prospective and Current Staff Members of the Office of the State Auditor
LD 1341, HP0969
An Act To Provide Flexibility for Efficient and Effective Management of School Management and Leadership Centers
LD 1342, HP0970
An Act To Establish the Maine Workforce, Research, Development and Student Achievement Institute
LD 1343, HP0971
An Act To Improve Health Education and Physical Education in Schools
LD 1344, HP0972
An Act To Improve Nutrition in Maine Schools
LD 1345, HP0973
An Act To Ensure a Fair Workweek
LD 1346, HP0974
An Act To Revise the Good Time Laws To Improve Public Safety
LD 1347, HP0975
An Act To Promote High-quality After-school Programs in Public Schools
LD 1348, HP0976
An Act To Authorize Sports Wagering
LD 1349, HP0977
An Act To Create a Licensing Board and Licensure Requirements for Intentional Peer Support Specialists
LD 1350, SP0418
An Act To Improve Rural Health Care
LD 1351, SP0419
An Act To Allow for the Recovery and Redistribution of Food in Public Schools
LD 1352, SP0420
An Act To Provide for Consistency Regarding Persons Authorized To Conduct Examinations for Involuntary Hospitalization and Guardianship
LD 1353, SP0421
An Act To Establish Transparency in Primary Health Care Spending
LD 1354, SP0422
An Act To Eliminate the Penalties for State and Teacher Retirees Who Return to Employment
LD 1355, SP0423
An Act To Expand the 1998 Special Retirement Plan To Include Civilian Employees Who Work for the Department of Public Safety Crime Lab and Computer Crimes Unit
LD 1356, HP0978
Resolve, Regarding Legislative Review of Portions of Chapter 101: MaineCare Benefits Manual, Chapters II and III, Section 40: Home Health Services, a Late-filed Major Substantive Rule of the Department of Health and Human Services
LD 1357, HP0979
An Act Regarding State Licensure for the Sale of Spirits for Off-premises Consumption
LD 1358, HP0980
An Act To Further the Public Interest in All Maine Waters
LD 1359, HP0981
An Act Regarding Local Workforce Development Boards
LD 1360, HP0982
Resolve, To Expand Eligibility for Presumptive Eligibility Determinations by Hospitals
LD 1361, HP0983
An Act Regarding Health Care Providers and Patient Trust
LD 1362, HP0984
An Act To Fund Opioid Treatment by Establishing an Excise Tax on Manufacturers of Opioids
LD 1363, HP0985
An Act Regarding Energy Transmission Corridors
LD 1364, HP0986
An Act Regarding Net Neutrality and Internet Policy
LD 1365, HP0987
RESOLUTION, Proposing an Amendment to the Constitution of Maine To Provide for the Election of the Governor by Majority Vote
LD 1366, HP0988
An Act To Require Information Regarding Implied Warranties When Offering an Extended Warranty at the Point of Sale
LD 1367, HP0989
An Act To Preserve and Protect the State's Rail Corridors
LD 1368, HP0990
An Act To Require Postsecondary Institutions To Meet the Expected Family Contribution without Additional Loan Burdens for Students
LD 1369, HP0991
An Act To Create an Additional Pathway To Certify Industrial Arts Teachers To Foster Career and Technical Subjects in Maine Schools
LD 1370, SP0425
An Act To Address Violent Behavior in the Classroom
LD 1371, SP0426
An Act To Ensure Nondiscriminatory Treatment of Public, Educational and Governmental Access Channels by Cable System Operators
LD 1372, HP0993
RESOLUTION, Proposing an Amendment to the Constitution of Maine To Ensure That Voting Rights Belong Only to Citizens in Municipal or Other Local Elections
LD 1373, HP0994
Resolve, To Reduce MaineCare Spending through Targeted Nutrition Interventions
LD 1374, HP0995
An Act To Amend the Maine Medical Use of Marijuana Act
LD 1375, HP0996
An Act To Prevent Law Enforcement Officers from Using Their Authority To Extract Sexual Favors
LD 1376, HP0997
An Act To Direct the Department of Education To Amend Its Rules To Ensure That Physical Restraint and Seclusion Policies Are Followed for Special Education Students and Make Biennial Reports on the Use of Physical Restraint and Seclusion
LD 1377, HP0998
An Act To Enhance and Improve the Maine Developmental Services Oversight and Advisory Board and To Establish an Independent Oversight Panel To Review Deaths of and Serious Injuries to Persons with Intellectual Disabilities or Autism
LD 1378, HP0999
An Act To Ensure the Provision of Medical Assessments for Youth in Foster Care
LD 1379, HP1000
An Act To Increase the Annual Salary of the Governor and To Increase the Expense Allowance Paid to Legislators
LD 1380, HP1001
An Act To Transfer the Violations Bureau from the Courts to the Office of the Secretary of State
LD 1381, HP1002
An Act To Create a Post-judgment Mechanism To Provide Relief to Victims of Sexual Exploitation and Sex Trafficking
LD 1382, HP1003
An Act To Establish Computer Science Courses and Content in Kindergarten to Grade 12 Schools
LD 1383, HP1004
An Act To Amend Maine's Municipal Land Use and Eminent Domain Laws Regarding Transmission and Distribution Utilities
LD 1384, SP0428
An Act Relating to Complementary and Alternative Medicine Licensure
LD 1385, SP0429
An Act To Amend the Laws Governing Corrections Officers Who Suffer Certain Injuries, Impairments or Medical Conditions
LD 1386, SP0430
An Act Regarding the Determination of the Prevailing Wage Rate for Public Works Projects
LD 1387, SP0431
An Act To Increase Access to Safe and Affordable Prescription Drugs
LD 1388, SP0432
Resolve, Directing the Attorney General To Pursue the State's Claim That It Holds Title to Maine's Intertidal Lands
LD 1389, SP0433
An Act To Address Transparency, Accountability and Oversight of Pharmacy Benefit Managers
LD 1390, SP0434
An Act To Fund Saco Area Traffic Improvements
LD 1391, HP1005
An Act To Ensure Consistency of Language in Municipal Documents with the Language in Comprehensive Plans
LD 1392, HP1006
An Act To Establish a Formal Tribal Consultation Process with the State
LD 1393, HP1007
An Act To Change the Requirements for Recording Plans at the County Registries of Deeds
LD 1394, HP1008
Resolve, To Direct the Department of Administrative and Financial Services To Conduct a Surplus Property Inventory
LD 1395, HP1009
An Act To Create Fairness for Dispatchers in the Maine Public Employees Retirement System
LD 1396, HP1010
An Act To Update the Laws Governing the Regional Library Systems
LD 1397, HP1011
An Act To Ensure That Statements Made by a Juvenile or a Juvenile's Parents, Guardian or Legal Custodian While Participating in Informal Adjustment Processes Are Not Admissible in Court
LD 1398, HP1013
An Act To Allow the Efficiency Maine Trust To Provide Support for New Home Construction
LD 1399, HP1014
An Act To Improve Oral Health and Access to Dental Care for Maine Children

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