Directory of Papers
LD 600 - 799

LD 600, HP0413
An Act To Conform Maine Law Regarding Persons Prohibited from Possessing Firearms with Federal Law
LD 601, HP0414
An Act To Clarify the Authority of Individualized Education Plans in Relation to Proficiency-based Diplomas
LD 602, HP0415
An Act To Amend the Laws Governing the Prohibition on the Sale of Motor Fuel Containing Corn-based Ethanol
LD 603, HP0416
An Act To Achieve Regional Uniformity in Sulfur Standards for Heating Oil
LD 604, HP0417
An Act To Encourage Communication Regarding Persons with Mental Illness
LD 605, HP0418
Resolve, To Provide Certain Dental Services to Pregnant Women Enrolled in the MaineCare Program
LD 606, HP0419
An Act To Remove the Philosophical Exemption from the Immunization Requirements for School Students and Employees of Nursery Schools and Health Care Facilities
LD 607, HP0420
An Act To Stop the Abuse of Electronic Benefits Transfer Cards
LD 608, HP0421
An Act To Allow Junior, Senior and Veteran Hunters To Shoot Antlerless Deer on the Opening Day of Hunting Season
LD 609, HP0422
An Act To Provide an Incentive to Nonresident Landowners Who Own More than 250 Acres To Keep That Land Open for Hunting
LD 610, HP0423
An Act To Provide That Inland Waters Stocked with Fish by the State May Not Open for Ice Fishing until the Next January 1st
LD 611, HP0424
An Act To Improve the Transparency of Decision-making Bodies of Publicly Funded Hospitals
LD 612, HP0425
An Act To Require a Large Employer To Provide a Paper Paystub upon Request from an Employee
LD 613, HP0426
An Act To Allow Certain Businesses To Be Open on Easter Day, Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Day
LD 614, HP0427
An Act Regarding the Excise Tax Levied on Used Motor Vehicles
LD 615, HP0428
An Act Regarding Transparency in the Transportation of Hazardous Materials
LD 616, HP0429
An Act Regarding the Sale of Hard Cider
LD 617, HP0430
An Act To Change Municipal Campaign Contribution Limits
LD 618, HP0431
An Act To Facilitate the Production of Hard Cider in Maine
LD 619, HP0432
An Act To Limit the Participation of Candidates and Legislators in Political Action Committees and Nonprofit Entities Conducting Political Activities
LD 620, HP0433
An Act To Allow Veterans' Organizations To Own and Operate Slot Machines
LD 621, SP0214
An Act To Improve Access to Insurance Coverage for Persons for Whom English Is a Second Language
LD 622, SP0215
An Act To Require Training of Mandated Reporters under the Child Abuse Laws
LD 623, SP0216
An Act To Expand Maine's Carbon Monoxide Detectors Law
LD 624, SP0217
An Act To Make a Technical Correction to the Law Establishing the State Trauma Prevention and Control Advisory Committee within the Field of Public Safety
LD 625, SP0218
An Act To Increase the Tax Exemption for Pensions
LD 626, SP0219
An Act Regarding Write-in Candidates in Municipal and City Elections
LD 627, SP0220
An Act To Make College More Affordable for Maine Residents
LD 628, SP0221
An Act To Authorize a General Fund Bond Issue To Invest in Transportation Infrastructure
LD 629, SP0222
An Act Regarding Community Paramedicine Pilot Projects
LD 630, SP0223
An Act To Clarify the Requirements for Notice of the Right To Cure a Mortgage Default
LD 631, SP0224
Resolve, Directing the Department of Professional and Financial Regulation To Conduct a Sunrise Review Regarding the Proposal To License Guardians Ad Litem
LD 632, SP0225
An Act To Require the State To Administer and Fund the General Assistance Program
LD 633, SP0226
An Act To Improve the Health of Maine Citizens and the Economy of Maine by Providing Affordable Market-based Coverage Options to Low-income Uninsured Citizens
LD 634, SP0227
An Act To Allow Operation of Modified Utility Vehicles on a Public Way
LD 635, SP0228
An Act To Allow B.Y.O.B. Function Permit Holders To Hold Tailgating Events
LD 636, SP0229
An Act To Provide Consumers of Health Care with Information Regarding Health Care Costs
LD 637, SP0230
An Act Concerning the Calendars of Career and Technical Education Programs and Partnering Schools
LD 638, SP0231
An Act To Authorize the Transfer of State-owned Real Estate to the City of Belfast
LD 639, SP0232
An Act To Allow Certain Youths To Take a Deer of Either Sex
LD 640, SP0233
Resolve, To Establish a Working Group To Review the Incidental Take Permitting Process under the Endangered Species Laws
LD 641, SP0234
RESOLUTION, Proposing an Amendment to the Constitution of Maine To Elect 2 Senators from Each County
LD 642, SP0235
An Act To Amend the Laws Regarding the Best Interest of the Child Standard
LD 643, SP0236
An Act To Protect Veterans Returning from Active Duty from Losing Their Homes
LD 644, SP0237
An Act To Exempt Annuity Considerations from Tax
LD 645, SP0238
An Act To Create a Transportation Planning Incentive for Communities Located on Peninsulas
LD 646, SP0239
An Act To Provide Incentives for Municipal Cooperation and Shared Services
LD 647, SP0240
An Act To Require the Department of Health and Human Services To Annually Update Its Rules Governing Services for Children with Cognitive Impairments and Functional Limitations
LD 648, SP0241
An Act To Increase the Earned Income Tax Credit for Maine Residents
LD 649, SP0242
Resolve, Directing the Department of Health and Human Services To Modify Coverage for Eyeglasses for Children under the Provisions of the MaineCare Program and Review Certain Reimbursement Rates
LD 650, SP0243
An Act To Amend the Brunswick Sewer District Charter
LD 651, SP0244
An Act To Amend Maine's Sex Trafficking and Prostitution Law
LD 652, SP0245
An Act To Authorize the Carrying of Concealed Handguns without a Permit
LD 653, HP0434
An Act To Increase Consumption of Maine Foods in All State Institutions
LD 654, HP0435
An Act To Expand the 1998 Special Retirement Plan To Include Detectives in the Office of the Attorney General
LD 655, HP0436
Resolve, To Provide the Engineering Study and Planning Needed for a Statewide, Centrally Located Emergency Services Training Facility and Several Regional Training Facilities
LD 656, HP0437
An Act To Enhance Forest Ranger Safety
LD 657, HP0438
An Act To Provide Enhanced Mental Health Services to the County Prison Population
LD 658, HP0439
An Act To Allow Text Messaging for Reporting Emergencies
LD 659, HP0440
Resolve, To Increase Recycling in Maine through Increased Composting and Energy Recovery from Organic Wastes
LD 660, HP0441
An Act To Protect Homeowners from Damage in the Event of a Failure of Public Water Systems
LD 661, HP0442
An Act To Fund HIV, Sexually Transmitted Diseases and Viral Hepatitis Screening, Prevention, Diagnostic and Treatment Services
LD 662, HP0443
An Act To Increase Access to Health Care through Telemedicine
LD 663, HP0444
Resolve, To Require That the Department of Health and Human Services Determine Whether Testing for Krabbe Disease Should Be Required for Newborns
LD 664, HP0445
Resolve, To Direct the Department of Health and Human Services To Submit a State Plan Amendment To Allow Community-based and Other Health Care Providers To Be Reimbursed by MaineCare
LD 665, HP0446
An Act To Establish a Block Grant Program for Homemaker Services
LD 666, HP0447
An Act To Allow a Patient To Designate a Caregiver in the Patient's Medical Record
LD 667, HP0448
Resolve, Directing the Department of Health and Human Services To Educate the Public and Department Clients about How To Protect One's Family from Bisphenol A
LD 668, HP0449
An Act To Market Maine's Hunting and Fishing Opportunities
LD 669, HP0450
An Act To Create a Spat Collection License
LD 670, HP0451
An Act To Amend the Laws Governing the Unlawful Cutting of Trees
LD 671, HP0452
An Act To Allow Independent Practice Dental Hygienists To Take X-rays
LD 672, HP0453
An Act To Improve Access to Capital
LD 673, HP0454
An Act To Help Prevent Age Discrimination
LD 674, HP0455
An Act To Support Maine's Working Families
LD 675, HP0456
An Act To Protect Earned Pay
LD 676, HP0457
Resolve, Directing the Department of Transportation To Study the Use of Calcium Chloride on Roads and Its Effect on Vehicles
LD 677, HP0458
An Act To Amend the Election Laws Concerning Candidates and Nominees
LD 678, HP0459
An Act Concerning the Ability of On-premises Liquor Licensees To Dispense Liquor in Sealed Refillable Containers
LD 679, HP0460
An Act To Prohibit the Unauthorized Dissemination of Certain Private Images
LD 680, HP0461
An Act To Reduce Waste from Disposable Bags
LD 681, HP0462
An Act To Increase the Effectiveness of the Legislature
LD 682, HP0463
An Act To Ensure the Administration of Written Driving Tests
LD 683, HP0464
Resolve, Regarding Legislative Review of the Final Repeal of Chapter 60: New School Siting Approval, a Late-filed Major Substantive Rule That Has Been Provisionally Repealed by the Department of Education, State Board of Education
LD 684, HP0465
An Act To Amend the Authorized Hours during Which Liquor May Be Sold and Purchased
LD 685, HP0466
Resolve, Regarding Legislative Review of Portions of Chapter 61: Rules for Major Capital School Construction Projects, a Late-filed Major Substantive Rule of the Department of Education, State Board of Education
LD 686, HP0467
An Act To Promote Privacy in Social Media
LD 687, HP0468
An Act To Expand Classification Categories for Motor Vehicles in the State
LD 688, SP0246
An Act To Amend the Laws Related to the Bolduc Correctional Facility
LD 689, SP0247
An Act To Support Maine's Tourism Marketing Promotion Program by Eliminating the Sales Tax Exemption for Casual Rentals for Fewer Than 15 Days a Year
LD 690, SP0248
An Act To Ensure the Safety of Home Birth
LD 691, SP0249
An Act To Allow Sunday Hunting for Coyotes in Northern Maine
LD 692, SP0250
An Act Regarding Educator Effectiveness
LD 693, SP0251
An Act To Amend the Military Bureau Laws
LD 694, HP0470
An Act To Improve the Veterans' Services Laws
LD 695, HP0471
An Act To Empower Parents in the Education of Their Children by Allowing an Opt-out from Standardized Assessments
LD 696, HP0472
An Act To Establish a Moratorium on the Establishment of Virtual Charter Schools
LD 697, HP0473
An Act To Restore Public Safety Programs in the Department of Public Safety and the Department of Professional and Financial Regulation
LD 698, HP0474
An Act To Establish a Presumption of Impairment in the Line of Duty for Corrections Officers under the Workers' Compensation Laws
LD 699, HP0475
An Act To Update Maine Law To Conform to New Federal Occupational Safety and Health Administration Regulations
LD 700, HP0476
An Act Regarding the Industry Partnership Assistance Collaborative's Grant Program
LD 701, HP0477
An Act To Modify Unemployment Insurance Successor Law
LD 702, HP0478
An Act To Clarify Filing Methods for Quarterly Payroll Reports
LD 703, HP0479
RESOLUTION, Proposing an Amendment to the Constitution of Maine To Protect the People's Right To Hunt, Fish and Harvest Wildlife
LD 704, HP0480
An Act Regarding Notice Provided by Insurance Carriers to Health Care Providers
LD 705, HP0481
An Act Relating to Insurance Licensing
LD 706, HP0482
Resolve, To Establish a Commission To Study Transportation Funding Reform
LD 707, HP0483
An Act To Correct an Error in the Law That Allows a Break in Control of Access on William L. Clarke Drive in the City of Westbrook
LD 708, HP0484
An Act To Limit the Use of Pesticides on School Grounds
LD 709, HP0485
An Act Regarding the Regulation of Rabbit Production for Local Consumption
LD 710, HP0486
An Act Providing a Good Samaritan Defense to Individuals Reporting a Drug Overdose
LD 711, HP0487
An Act To Provide for a Later Starting Time for High Schools
LD 712, HP0488
An Act To Increase Organic Waste Recycling in the State
LD 713, HP0489
Resolve, To Further Protect Lake Water Quality
LD 714, HP0490
Resolve, Directing the Department of Health and Human Services To Study Providing Medical Assistance to Maine's Inhabited Islands
LD 715, HP0491
Resolve, Directing the Department of Health and Human Services To Hire Health Inspectors
LD 716, HP0492
An Act To Amend the Fees for Snowmobile Registration
LD 717, HP0493
An Act To Establish the Maine Paid Family Leave Insurance Program
LD 718, HP0494
An Act To Avoid Loss of Revenue to the State
LD 719, HP0495
An Act To Provide Fair Access To Maine Clean Election Act Funds
LD 720, HP0496
An Act To Establish an Open Primary System in the State
LD 721, HP0497
Resolve, To Establish the Commission To Strengthen and Align the Services Provided to Maine's Veterans
LD 722, SP0252
An Act To Strengthen Penalties for Abuse of General Assistance
LD 723, SP0253
An Act To Allow Reciprocal Recognition of New Hampshire and Maine Snowmobile Registrations
LD 724, SP0254
An Act To Authorize Municipal Fire Districts To Impose Service Charges
LD 725, SP0255
An Act To Increase Suicide Awareness and Prevention in Maine Public Schools
LD 726, SP0256
An Act To Increase Patient Safety in Maine's Medical Marijuana Program
LD 727, SP0257
An Act To Allow the Retrofit of Underground Oil Storage Tanks
LD 728, SP0258
An Act To Limit the Amount of Money a Municipality May Spend on Education
LD 729, SP0259
An Act To Add Acetylfentanyl to the List of Schedule W Drugs
LD 730, SP0260
An Act To Make Technical Changes to Maine's Marine Resources Laws
LD 731, SP0261
An Act To Increase Compensation for Active Retired Judges
LD 732, SP0262
Resolve, Authorizing the Commissioner of Administrative and Financial Services To Sell or Lease the Interests of the State in Certain Real Property Located in Bangor and Thomaston
LD 733, SP0263
An Act To Authorize a General Fund Bond Issue To Build the Infrastructure Needed To End Hunger in Central and Northern Maine
LD 734, SP0264
An Act To Repeal the Certificate of Need Requirement for Hospitals
LD 735, SP0265
An Act To Establish a Voluntary Preforeclosure Mediation Program
LD 736, SP0266
An Act To Require Destruction of Certain Medical Records and Allow Access to Certain Death Records
LD 737, SP0267
An Act To Amend the Laws Regarding Learner's Permits and Intermediate Licenses
LD 738, SP0268
An Act To Increase Minimum Motor Vehicle Insurance Coverage
LD 739, SP0269
Resolve, To Establish a Working Group To Evaluate the Benefits and Detriments of Increasing the Minimum Wage
LD 740, SP0270
An Act To Sustain Maine's Primary Care Professional Workforce
LD 741, SP0271
An Act To Provide Expanded Powers to the Executive Director of the Kennebec Regional Development Authority
LD 742, SP0272
RESOLUTION, Proposing an Amendment to the Constitution of Maine To Require That 5 Percent of Signatures on a Direct Initiative of Legislation Come from Each County
LD 743, SP0273
An Act To Protect the Environment and Assist Municipalities with the Recycling, Reuse and Processing of Solid Waste
LD 744, SP0274
An Act To Permit Unenrolled Voters To Cast Ballots in Primary Elections
LD 745, HP0498
An Act To Improve Forest Ranger Safety
LD 746, HP0499
An Act Regarding Captive Amphibian and Reptile Permits
LD 747, HP0500
An Act To Authorize a General Fund Bond Issue To Assist in the Creation and Retention of Jobs and Improve Access to Higher Education in Maine
LD 748, HP0501
An Act To Provide for Tiered Qualifications for Volunteer Firefighters in Certain Municipalities
LD 749, HP0502
An Act To Ensure Integrity in Students' Proficiency
LD 750, HP0503
An Act To Allow Regulated Metal Mining in Maine
LD 751, HP0504
An Act To Provide Consideration of the Need for Nursing Facility Beds in the Area Where They Are Located before Those Beds Are Lost
LD 752, HP0505
An Act To Permit Medical Marijuana Cultivation by Incapacitated Adults
LD 753, HP0506
RESOLUTION, Proposing an Amendment to the Constitution of Maine To Establish the Right To Hunt and Fish
LD 754, HP0507
RESOLUTION, Proposing an Amendment to the Constitution of Maine To Ensure That Laws Governing Hunting and Fishing Are Not Subject to the Citizen Petition Process
LD 755, HP0508
An Act Concerning Antler Restrictions
LD 756, HP0509
An Act To Enhance the Address Confidentiality Program Regarding Property Records
LD 757, HP0510
An Act To Limit the Amount That May Be Retained on Construction Contracts
LD 758, HP0511
An Act To Clarify the Definition of "Personal Sports Mobile" for Purposes of the Laws Governing Personal Sports Mobile Dealerships
LD 759, HP0512
An Act To Establish a Sales Tax Holiday
LD 760, HP0513
An Act To Increase the Deduction for Pension Income
LD 761, HP0514
An Act To Authorize Free Samples of Wine by a Restaurant
LD 762, HP0515
An Act To Permit the Penobscot Nation To Operate Electronic High-stakes Bingo
LD 763, HP0516
An Act To Change the Budget Approval Process for Alternative Organizational Structures
LD 764, HP0517
Resolve, To Impose a One-year Delay on the Use of Standardized Tests To Evaluate Teachers
LD 765, HP0518
Resolve, To Develop a Statewide Plan for the Disposal of Household Hazardous Waste
LD 766, HP0519
An Act To Require a Medical Marijuana Primary Caregiver Cultivating in a Residential Building To Obtain an Electrical Permit
LD 767, HP0520
An Act To Create Jobs in Aroostook and Washington Counties
LD 768, HP0521
An Act To Create a Public Option Pension System
LD 769, HP0522
An Act To Reduce Tax Expenditures
LD 770, HP0523
An Act To Permit Maine Residents To Register To Vote Online
LD 771, HP0524
An Act To Promote Dental Services for Prenatal and Postpartum Women
LD 772, HP0525
An Act To Amend the Membership of the Child Care Advisory Council
LD 773, HP0526
An Act To Allow Anadromous Fish Passage through Beaver Dams
LD 774, HP0527
An Act To Assist Victims of Crime To Obtain Restitution
LD 775, HP0528
An Act To Streamline Judicial Review of Certain Land Use Decisions
LD 776, HP0529
An Act To Update the Validation of Miscellaneous Defects and Defective Acknowledgments in the Conveyance of Real Estate
LD 777, HP0530
An Act To Establish a Seasonal Agency Liquor License
LD 778, HP0531
Resolve, Regarding Legislative Review of Portions of Chapter 3: Eligibility Requirements for Specialized Case Types, a Late-filed Major Substantive Rule of the Maine Commission on Indigent Legal Services
LD 779, SP0277
An Act To Increase the Minimum Population Requirement for a Municipality in Which the Bureau of Alcoholic Beverages and Lottery Operations May Locate an Additional Agency Liquor Store
LD 780, SP0278
Resolve, Authorizing the Director of the Bureau of Parks and Lands To Convey the Parcel of Land in Kittery Known as John Paul Jones Memorial Park to the Town of Kittery
LD 781, SP0279
An Act To Eliminate Permits for Turkey Hunting and To Expand Turkey Hunting
LD 782, SP0280
An Act To Improve the Quality of Life of Persons with Serious Illnesses
LD 783, HP0532
RESOLUTION, Proposing an Amendment to the Constitution of Maine To Establish a Right to Food
LD 784, HP0533
An Act To Authorize a Revenue Bond for a Student Loan Reduction Plan
LD 785, HP0534
An Act To Provide for Legislative Review of Federally Mandated Major Substantive Rules under the Maine Administrative Procedure Act
LD 786, HP0535
An Act To Help Property Tax Payers
LD 787, HP0536
An Act To Provide Tax Credits for Adult Day Care and Respite and Hospice Care
LD 788, HP0537
An Act To Improve the Health of Maine Citizens and Safety of Pedestrians
LD 789, HP0538
An Act To Require That Projects Undertaken by the Maine Turnpike Authority Have an Anticipated Useful Life of at Least 15 Years
LD 790, HP0539
An Act To Make Political Advertising Accountable and Transparent
LD 791, HP0540
An Act To Amend the Laws Governing Wind Energy Development Permitting
LD 792, HP0541
An Act To Protect Patients from Sexual Exploitation
LD 793, HP0542
Resolve, To Examine Unfunded Mandates in the Education Laws and To Recommend Unfunded Mandates To Be Eliminated
LD 794, HP0543
An Act To Ensure That Funding to the University of Maine System Is Used Efficiently
LD 795, HP0544
An Act To Encourage Prudent Development along the Coast or in a Flood Zone by Considering Predictions for Sea Level Rise
LD 796, HP0545
An Act To Allow a Municipality To Choose Its Power Provider
LD 797, HP0546
An Act To Ensure Reliable Power Supply to Homes and Businesses
LD 798, HP0547
An Act To Strengthen Maine's Hospitals and Increase Access to Health Care
LD 799, HP0548
An Act To Stimulate the Economy and Invigorate the Hunting Industry by Establishing a Pilot Project To Allow Hunting on Sundays in Limited Areas

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