Directory of Papers
LD 1200 - 1399

LD 1200, SP0427
An Act To Create a Civil Cause of Action for Intentional Interference with Business Operations
LD 1201, SP0428
An Act To Standardize and Simplify the Process for Employers To Have a Drug-free Workplace Policy
LD 1202, SP0429
Resolve, To Ensure the Stocking of Inland Waters in the State
LD 1203, SP0430
An Act To Address the Detrimental Effects of Abandoned Property
LD 1204, SP0432
An Act To Increase Recycling and Composting by Creating the Maine Recycling Fund
LD 1205, HP0823
An Act To Authorize a General Fund Bond Issue To Support the Independence of Maine's Seniors
LD 1206, HP0824
An Act To Allow County Corrections Officers To Participate in the Retired County and Municipal Law Enforcement Officers and Municipal Firefighters Health Insurance Program
LD 1207, HP0825
Resolve, To Implement an Online Professional Development Platform for Teachers and Educators
LD 1208, HP0826
An Act Concerning Pavement Sealing Products
LD 1209, HP0827
An Act To Increase the Effectiveness of Peer Supports in the State
LD 1210, HP0828
Resolve, To Convene a Work Group To Propose Changes to the Statutes Governing Dental Practice
LD 1211, HP0829
An Act To Provide Rule-making Powers and Increased Authority over Dental Hygienists to the Subcommittee on Dental Hygienists
LD 1212, HP0830
An Act To Support Transparency in Government through the Maine Capitol Connection Channel Program
LD 1213, HP0831
An Act To Ensure Fair Competition by and between Maine's Commercial Tracks
LD 1214, HP0832
An Act To Implement the Recommendations of the Mental Health Working Group
LD 1215, HP0833
An Act To Provide Lower Energy Costs to Maine Businesses and Residences by Carrying Out the Legislature's Intent Regarding Funding of the Efficiency Maine Trust
LD 1216, HP0834
An Act To Improve the Authority of Guardians of Persons with Intellectual Disabilities or Autism
LD 1217, HP0835
An Act To Require at Least 2 Weeks' Advance Notice of the Work Schedule for Hourly Employees at Certain Businesses
LD 1218, HP0836
An Act Regarding the Administration of Vaccines by Pharmacists
LD 1219, HP0837
An Act To Allow Active Members and Veterans of the Armed Forces Who Are at Least 18 Years of Age and under 21 Years of Age To Consume Alcohol at Eligible Veterans' Organization Posts and American Legion Halls
LD 1220, HP0838
An Act To Increase Funding for the Maine Community College System
LD 1221, HP0839
An Act To Enhance Energy Cost Reduction and Facilitate Heating Alternatives in furtherance of the Omnibus Energy Act
LD 1222, HP0840
An Act To Remove Barriers to School Construction Financing in Regional School Units
LD 1223, HP0841
An Act To Revise the Charter of the Kennebunk Sewer District
LD 1224, HP0842
An Act To Amend the Child Protective Services Laws
LD 1225, HP0843
An Act To Limit the Use of Ropes and Buoys in Swim Areas in Great Ponds
LD 1226, HP0844
An Act To Establish a Comprehensive Hunting License
LD 1227, HP0845
An Act To Provide for Improved Reporting of Marine Resources Landings
LD 1228, HP0846
An Act To Amend the Ballot Initiative Process To Ensure Support in Maine's Congressional Districts
LD 1229, SP0434
Resolve, To Create a Pilot Program To Conduct Screenings for Scotopic Sensitivity Syndrome
LD 1230, SP0435
An Act To Create a Digital Portal for Education
LD 1231, SP0436
An Act To Create the Southwest Harbor Water and Sewer District
LD 1232, SP0437
Resolve, Directing the Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife To Amend Its Rules Regarding the Bag Limit on Smelts
LD 1233, SP0438
An Act To Improve Enforcement of Maine's Marine Resources Laws
LD 1234, SP0439
An Act To Authorize a General Fund Bond Issue To Acquire the Frances Perkins Homestead
LD 1235, SP0440
An Act To Strengthen Standards-based Diplomas
LD 1236, SP0441
An Act To Change the Type of Rulemaking Required Regarding Persons with Intellectual Disabilities or Autism
LD 1237, SP0442
An Act Regarding the Filing of Death and Marriage Records
LD 1238, SP0443
An Act To Allow the Release of Child Protective Records to Certain Providers of Child and Adult Services
LD 1239, SP0444
An Act To Allow Persons To Train and Use Dogs To Hunt Coyotes
LD 1240, SP0445
An Act To Phase Out the Payment of Subminimum Wages to Workers with Disabilities
LD 1241, SP0446
An Act To Increase Government Efficiency
LD 1242, SP0447
An Act To Protect Maine Consumers from Medical Identity Theft
LD 1243, SP0448
An Act To Make the Law Regarding Critical Incident Stress Management Teams More Beneficial and Effective
LD 1244, SP0449
An Act To Amend Environmental Permitting Standards
LD 1245, SP0450
An Act To Preserve the Efficiency of Transportation Maintenance and Construction Activities
LD 1246, SP0451
An Act To Strengthen Laws Regarding the Manufacture and Sale of Methamphetamine and Other Drugs
LD 1247, HP0847
An Act To Release a Restriction on 2 Parcels of Former State Land in Greenbush Currently Owned by Anita P. Haskell
LD 1248, HP0848
An Act To Authorize a General Fund Bond Issue for the Land for Maine's Future Fund
LD 1249, HP0849
An Act To Bring Equity to the State Portion of the Education Funding Formula as It Applies to Regional School Unit No. 35
LD 1250, HP0850
An Act To Reform Public Charter Schools
LD 1251, HP0851
An Act To Safeguard Students' Personal and Private Information
LD 1252, HP0852
An Act To Protect Student Data
LD 1253, HP0853
An Act To Improve the Evaluation of Elementary and Secondary Schools
LD 1254, HP0854
An Act To Implement and Fund an Integrated Beach Management Program
LD 1255, HP0855
An Act To Improve Rural Utility Service through the Use of Microgrids
LD 1256, HP0856
An Act To Improve the Safety and Survival of 9-1-1 Callers and First Responders
LD 1257, HP0857
Resolve, To Make Home Heat Pumps Affordable
LD 1258, HP0858
An Act To Amend the Maine Medical Use of Marijuana Act with Regard to Good Business Practices
LD 1259, HP0859
An Act To Increase Consumer Protections
LD 1260, HP0860
Resolve, Requiring the Judicial Department To Study Court Facility Needs in Oxford, Waldo and York Counties
LD 1261, HP0861
An Act To Correct Defects in Title Created by Improperly Discharged Mortgages
LD 1262, HP0862
An Act To Authorize Tribal-state Memoranda in the Eel and Elver Fisheries
LD 1263, HP0863
An Act To Create Jobs and Promote Investment in Maine's Economy through Increased Access to Solar Energy
LD 1264, HP0864
An Act To Transfer Oversight of the Maine Quality Forum to the Maine Health Data Organization
LD 1265, HP0865
An Act To Implement the Recommendations of the Maine Health Exchange Advisory Committee
LD 1266, HP0866
An Act To Expand and Improve State-approved School Construction Projects
LD 1267, HP0867
An Act To Assist Working Families with Young Children
LD 1268, HP0868
An Act To Reform Welfare by Establishing Bridges to Sustainable Employment
LD 1269, HP0869
An Act To Restore Some Progressivity and Fairness to the State Income Tax
LD 1270, SP0452
An Act Regarding Patient-directed Care at the End of Life
LD 1271, SP0453
An Act To Protect Patients Who Need Eye Care
LD 1272, SP0454
An Act To Strengthen the Protections for Senior Citizens in the State
LD 1273, SP0455
Resolve, To Create a License Plate To Recognize the Bicentennial of the State
LD 1274, HP0870
An Act To Allow the Governor To Review Routine Technical Rules
LD 1275, HP0871
An Act Regarding Notice to the Public Pertaining to a Resident Person Deported from Canada to the United States for Committing a Sex Offense against a Child
LD 1276, HP0872
An Act To Improve Educational Assessments of Maine Students
LD 1277, HP0873
An Act To Establish a Magnet School for Marine Science, Technology, Transportation and Engineering
LD 1278, HP0874
An Act Regarding the Purchase of Essential Tools for the Repair of Motor Vehicles
LD 1279, HP0875
An Act To Authorize Advance Deposit Wagering for Horse Racing
LD 1280, HP0876
An Act To Provide Income Tax Relief by Expanding Gaming Opportunities
LD 1281, SP0456
An Act To Reduce the Burden on Local Communities of Transportation Costs for Special Needs Students
LD 1282, SP0457
An Act To Support Conservation and the Health and Wellness of Maine Youth through Physically Active Residential Environmental Education Programs
LD 1283, SP0458
An Act To Stimulate Economic Development and Create Jobs by Amending the Laws Governing Gaming
LD 1284, SP0459
An Act To Expand the Local Foods Economy
LD 1285, SP0460
An Act To Support School Nutrition
LD 1286, SP0461
An Act To Ensure the Use of Environmentally Responsible Insulation Materials in Taxpayer-funded Building Projects
LD 1287, SP0462
An Act To Ensure That Tax Expenditures Create High-quality Jobs
LD 1288, SP0463
An Act To Attract Skilled Professionals and Young Families to Maine
LD 1289, SP0464
An Act To Allow Retail Liquor Licensees To Sell Alcoholic Beverages for On-premises and Off-premises Consumption at One Location
LD 1290, SP0465
An Act To Repeal the Maine Clean Election Act and Direct the Savings To Be Used for the State's Contribution toward the Costs of Education Funding
LD 1291, HP0877
An Act To Promote Food Self-sufficiency for the People of the State
LD 1292, HP0878
An Act To Allow for Super Cribbage Tournaments
LD 1293, HP0879
An Act To Allow a Local Distributed Energy Pilot Program
LD 1294, HP0880
An Act To Improve the Health of Maine Residents through Education and Health Care
LD 1295, HP0881
An Act To Streamline Regulation of Farms, Food Producers and Food Establishments
LD 1296, HP0882
An Act To Repeal Authorization for Smelt Fishing in Mud Brook in Aroostook County
LD 1297, HP0883
An Act To Amend Marine Resources Licensing Restrictions for Wabanaki Tribal Members
LD 1298, HP0884
An Act Relating to the Creation of Public-private Facilities and Infrastructure
LD 1299, HP0885
An Act To Allow Educational Access for Families
LD 1300, HP0886
An Act To Create and Sustain Jobs through Development of Cooperatives
LD 1301, SP0466
An Act To Improve the Safety of Vulnerable Users in Traffic and To Clarify the Responsibilities of Bicyclists and Pedestrians
LD 1302, SP0467
An Act To Increase Competition and Ensure a Robust Information and Telecommunications Market
LD 1303, SP0468
An Act To Stabilize and Streamline the Department of Environmental Protection's Ground Water Oil Clean-up Fund and Maine Coastal and Inland Surface Oil Clean-up Fund
LD 1304, SP0469
An Act To Permit Funds for Prearranged Funerals To Be Invested under a Wider Range of Options
LD 1305, SP0470
An Act To Encourage Health Insurance Consumers To Comparison Shop for Health Care Procedures and Treatment
LD 1306, SP0471
An Act To Affirm the Obligation To Support One's Children
LD 1307, SP0475
An Act To Fund the Maine Diversion Alert Program
LD 1308, SP0476
An Act To Eliminate the Requirement That Truck Campers Be Registered
LD 1309, HP0887
An Act To Create the Central Maine Water District
LD 1310, HP0888
An Act To Amend the Community-based Renewable Energy Program
LD 1311, HP0889
An Act To Establish the Patient Compensation System Act
LD 1312, HP0890
An Act To License Outpatient Surgical Abortion Facilities
LD 1313, HP0891
An Act To Amend the Laws Regarding Nuclear Power Generating Facilities
LD 1314, HP0892
An Act To Establish Primary Energy Goals for the State
LD 1315, HP0893
An Act To Amend Maine's Restructuring Laws
LD 1316, HP0894
An Act Regarding the Employment of Certified Nursing Assistants and Direct Care Workers
LD 1317, HP0895
An Act To Provide Expedited Court Review of Child Visitation Provisions for Military Personnel on Duty out of State
LD 1318, HP0896
An Act To Promote Individual Private Savings Accounts through a Public-private Partnership
LD 1319, HP0897
An Act To Ensure That Wages and Benefits of Maine State Employees Serve a Public Purpose
LD 1320, HP0898
An Act To Amend the Motor Vehicle Laws
LD 1321, HP0899
An Act To Expand the Landowner Relations Program at the Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife
LD 1322, HP0900
An Act To Implement the Recommendations of the Probate and Trust Law Advisory Commission Concerning the Probate Code
LD 1323, HP0901
An Act To Expand Rural Broadband
LD 1324, HP0902
An Act To Create Transparency with Regard to Large Employers in the State with Workforce Members Who Receive Public Benefits
LD 1325, HP0903
An Act To Ensure a Public Process When Discontinuing or Abandoning a Public Road
LD 1326, SP0478
An Act To Require Labeling of All Genetically Modified Products
LD 1327, SP0479
Resolve, Authorizing the State Tax Assessor To Convey the Interest of the State in Certain Real Estate in the Unorganized Territory
LD 1328, SP0480
An Act To Clarify the Ownership of and Access to Ancient and Family Burying Grounds
LD 1329, HP0904
An Act To Maximize the Benefits of Renewable Energy in Maine
LD 1330, HP0905
An Act To Enhance Efficiency in the Collection of Child Support Obligations
LD 1331, HP0906
An Act To Provide Enhanced Enforcement of the Laws Governing Alcoholic Beverages
LD 1332, SP0481
An Act To Attract Entrepreneurs to the State
LD 1333, SP0482
An Act To Ensure Economic Stability in Washington County
LD 1334, SP0483
An Act To Authorize a General Fund Bond Issue To Repair and Renovate the Former Cutler Naval Base in Washington County To Facilitate Development and Stimulate the Economy
LD 1335, HP0907
An Act To Amend the Election Laws
LD 1336, HP0908
An Act To Authorize a General Fund Bond Issue for Maine's Community Colleges
LD 1337, HP0909
An Act To Fully Fund the Family Caregiver Respite Program
LD 1338, HP0910
An Act Regarding Legal Representation in Certain Eviction Actions
LD 1339, SP0484
An Act To Provide Relief to Maine Ratepayers
LD 1340, SP0485
An Act To Enact the Preservation of Religious Freedom Act
LD 1341, SP0487
An Act To Authorize a General Fund Bond Issue To Improve Maine's Housing Stock and Reduce Heating Costs and Oil Consumption
LD 1342, HP0911
An Act To Prohibit Unauthorized Custody Transfers of Children
LD 1343, HP0912
An Act To Increase Access to Postsecondary Education for Maine National Guard Members
LD 1344, HP0913
An Act To Protect Maine Consumers in the Individual Health Insurance Market and Support Maine's Economy
LD 1345, HP0914
An Act To Provide Funding for Incubators for Business Start-ups
LD 1346, HP0915
An Act To Establish a Comprehensive Gaming Policy
LD 1347, HP0916
An Act To Implement Recommendations of the Government Oversight Committee To Clarify That Competitive Bid Provisions Apply to Grant Awards
LD 1348, HP0917
An Act To Protect Older Adults from Financial Exploitation
LD 1349, HP0918
An Act To Establish the Office of the Inspector General in the Department of Health and Human Services
LD 1350, HP0920
Resolve, To Increase the Reimbursement Rate for Direct-care Workers Serving Adults with Long-term Care Needs
LD 1351, HP0921
An Act To Ensure that Membership of Public Employees in Unions is Voluntary
LD 1352, SP0489
An Act To Facilitate the Delivery of Health Care Services through Telemedicine and Telehealth
LD 1353, SP0490
An Act To Prohibit Mandatory Membership in a Union or Payment of Agency Fees as a Condition of Employment
LD 1354, HP0922
An Act To Improve the Maine Administrative Procedure Act
LD 1355, HP0923
An Act To Improve Residential Renewable Energy Use
LD 1356, HP0924
Resolve, To Create a Working Group To Ensure a Stable Continuum of Care for Individuals with Intellectual Disabilities and Autism
LD 1357, HP0925
An Act To Implement the Findings of the WhiteSand Gaming Study
LD 1358, SP0491
An Act To Support Innovation and Entrepreneurship in Maine through the Start Maine Up Program
LD 1359, SP0492
An Act To Assist Municipalities with the Recycling of Solid Waste by Allowing Net Electrical Billing Credits
LD 1360, SP0493
An Act To Increase the Number of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics Professionals in Maine
LD 1361, SP0494
An Act To Promote Minimum Wage Consistency
LD 1362, SP0495
An Act Concerning Membership on the Board of Directors of the Lewiston-Auburn Water Pollution Control Authority
LD 1363, SP0496
An Act To Secure the Maine Electrical Grid from Long-term Blackouts
LD 1364, SP0497
An Act To Expand Opportunities for Economic Development in Maine
LD 1365, HP0927
An Act Regarding Licensed Children's Programs
LD 1366, SP0498
An Act To Promote Recycling Program Integration and Efficiencies
LD 1367, HP0928
RESOLUTION, Proposing an Amendment to the Constitution of Maine To Eliminate the Income Tax
LD 1368, HP0929
An Act To Require the Documentation of the Use of Seclusion and Restraint at Mental Health Institutions in the State
LD 1369, SP0501
An Act To Restructure the Permitting Process for Wildlife and Exotic Species in Captivity
LD 1370, SP0502
An Act To Improve the Quality of Teachers
LD 1371, SP0503
An Act To Encourage Greater Efficiency in the Unemployment Insurance System
LD 1372, HP0930
An Act To Encourage the Redevelopment of Upper Floors of Buildings in Downtowns and on Main Streets
LD 1373, HP0932
An Act To Create the Put ME To Work Program
LD 1374, SP0504
An Act To Expand the Educational Opportunity Tax Credit
LD 1375, SP0505
An Act To Increase Accountability in Maine's Welfare Programs
LD 1376, SP0506
An Act To Establish a Local Food Producers and Processors to Consumers Pilot Program
LD 1377, SP0507
Resolve, To Establish the Commission To Study the Reduction of Unfunded and Outdated Municipal Mandates
LD 1378, SP0508
An Act To Amend the Laws Governing the Issuance of Bonds and To Effectuate the Issuance of Bonds To Support Maine's Natural Resource-based Economy
LD 1379, HP0934
An Act To Establish Transportation Network Company Insurance
LD 1380, HP0935
An Act To Legalize, Tax and Regulate Marijuana
LD 1381, HP0936
An Act To Correct Errors and Inconsistencies in the Laws of Maine
LD 1382, SP0511
An Act To Assist Low-income Electricity Consumers
LD 1383, SP0512
An Act To Attract Young People to Maine by Expanding the Job Creation Through Educational Opportunity Program
LD 1384, HP0937
An Act To Improve Workplace Safety by Simplifying and Improving Employers' Substance Abuse Policy Requirements
LD 1385, HP0939
An Act To Enable a Foster Child To Remain in a Daycare Facility Selected by a Foster Parent
LD 1386, HP0940
An Act To Amend the Laws Governing High School Graduation Requirements
LD 1387, SP0513
An Act Regarding the State Board of Corrections
LD 1388, SP0514
An Act To Clarify the Used Car Information Laws
LD 1389, SP0515
An Act To Conform Maine Law to Federal Law Regarding Closings and Mass Layoffs and To Strengthen Employee Severance Pay Protections
LD 1390, SP0516
An Act To Amend the Boundaries of the Capitol Area
LD 1391, HP0941
An Act Regarding the Treatment of Forensic Patients
LD 1392, HP0942
An Act To Amend the Maine Medical Use of Marijuana Act
LD 1393, HP0943
An Act Regarding the Work Permitting Process for Minors
LD 1394, HP0944
An Act To Implement the Recommendations of the Commission To Strengthen the Adequacy and Equity of Certain Cost Components of the School Funding Formula
LD 1395, HP0945
An Act To Implement the Recommendations of the Government Oversight Committee To Ensure Legislative Review of Reports Submitted by Quasi-independent State Agencies
LD 1396, HP0946
An Act Regarding Educational Standards for Maine Students
LD 1397, HP0949
An Act To Establish the Affordable Heating from Maine's Forests Fund
LD 1398, SP0519
An Act To Reduce Electric Rates for Maine Businesses
LD 1399, SP0520
An Act To Improve Natural Gas Price Competitiveness for Maine's Manufacturers

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