Directory of Papers
LD 1 - 199

LD 1, HP0004
Resolve, To Name the Route 11 Bridge over the Saco River in Standish and Limington the Veterans Memorial Bridge
LD 2, HP0005
An Act To Authorize a General Fund Bond Issue for the Purchase and Development of the Bar Harbor Ferry Terminal as a Multimodal Transportation Facility
LD 3, HP0006
An Act To Ensure Consistent Certification of Graduation Standards in Publicly Funded Secondary Schools
LD 4, HP0007
An Act To Promote Industrial Hemp
LD 5, HP0008
An Act To Remove the Limit on the Number of Patients a Primary Caregiver May Provide for under the Medical Marijuana Laws
LD 6, HP0009
Resolve, To Implement Recommendations of the Government Oversight Committee To Strengthen the Ethics Practices and Procedures for Executive Branch Employees
LD 7, HP0010
Resolve, Regarding Legislative Review of Portions of Chapter 101, MaineCare Benefits Manual, Chapter III, Section 21: Allowances for Home and Community Benefits for Adults with Intellectual Disabilities or Autistic Disorder, a Major Substantive Rule of the Department of Health and Human Services
LD 8, HP0011
Resolve, Regarding Legislative Review of Portions of Chapter 301: Fee Schedule and Administrative Procedures for Payment of Commission Assigned Counsel, a Major Substantive Rule of the Maine Commission on Indigent Legal Services
LD 9, HP0012
An Act To Retain Call Centers in Maine
LD 10, HP0013
An Act To Establish Native American Heritage and Culture Day
LD 11, HP0014
An Act To Exempt the Sale of the United States Flag from the Sales Tax
LD 12, SP0013
An Act To Limit the Liability of Landowners Who Allow Recreational Climbing on Their Land
LD 13, SP0014
An Act To Provide an Exemption from Sales Tax and Service Provider Tax to Nonprofit Collaboratives of Libraries
LD 14, SP0015
An Act Regarding the Registration of an Antique Motor Vehicle That Is the Owner's Sole Vehicle
LD 15, SP0016
An Act To Increase Transparency in Campaign Funding in Legislative Elections
LD 16, HP0015
An Act To Eliminate Retirement Benefits and Paid Health Insurance for Legislators Elected after 2016
LD 17, HP0016
An Act To Restore Programs and Faculty to the University of Maine System
LD 18, HP0017
Resolve, To Review and Audit the University of Maine System's Finances and Governance Practices
LD 19, HP0018
An Act Regarding Special Education for Students Enrolled in a Home Instruction Program
LD 20, HP0019
An Act To Improve Substance Abuse Treatment
LD 21, HP0020
An Act To Amend the Medical Marijuana Laws
LD 22, HP0021
An Act Regarding the Removal of Moorings and Floating Docks in Great Ponds During Ice-in Conditions
LD 23, HP0022
An Act To Remove from the Maine Medical Use of Marijuana Act the Requirement That a Patient's Medical Condition Be Debilitating
LD 24, HP0023
An Act To Create a Public State Bank
LD 25, HP0024
An Act To Protect the Privacy of Citizens from Domestic Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Uses
LD 26, HP0025
An Act To Simplify the Process for Fuel Tax Rebates
LD 27, HP0026
An Act To Exempt Persons 67 Years of Age and Older from the State Income Tax
LD 28, HP0027
An Act To Return Fifty Percent of the Fine for a Violation of the Motor Vehicle Laws to the Municipality in Which the Violation Occurred
LD 29, HP0028
An Act To Establish a Local Option Real Estate Transfer Tax
LD 30, HP0029
An Act To Exempt Fuel Used by Commercial Farmers from Sales Tax
LD 31, HP0030
An Act To Require Horse-drawn Carriages and Wagons To Be Equipped with Reflectors
LD 32, HP0031
An Act To Amend the Laws Regarding Signs on Interstate Highways in Maine
LD 33, HP0032
An Act To Strengthen the Maine Clean Election Act, Improve Disclosure and Make Other Changes to the Campaign Finance Laws
LD 34, HP0033
An Act To Address Suspension of an Operator's License for Negligent Operation Causing the Death of Another Person
LD 35, SP0017
An Act To Allow a Qualifying Patient To Use Medical Marijuana in a Hospital
LD 36, HP0034
An Act To Increase the Minimum Wage
LD 37, HP0035
An Act Regarding Emergency Lights on a Vehicle Used by a Member of a Municipal or Volunteer Fire or Emergency Medical Services Department
LD 38, HP0036
An Act To Allow Sufficient Time for Implementation of the Performance Evaluation and Professional Growth System for Educators
LD 39, SP0019
Resolve, To Require a Review of the Merger That Resulted in the Department of Agriculture, Conservation and Forestry
LD 40, SP0020
An Act To Protect Maine's Great Ponds
LD 41, SP0021
An Act To Require the Inspection of Certain Vehicles Used To Transport Members of the General Public
LD 42, SP0022
An Act To Increase Funding for Instruction within the University of Maine System
LD 43, HP0037
An Act To Make False Claims of Military Service a Crime
LD 44, HP0038
Resolve, To Direct the Department of Education To Train School Personnel To Implement Dyslexia Awareness and Student Accommodation Policies
LD 45, HP0039
An Act To Exempt Certain Capital Expenditures from the Maine Certificate of Need Act of 2002
LD 46, HP0040
An Act To Allow Municipal Boards of Appeal To Grant Setback Variances for Certain Hardships Caused by Prior Owners of the Property
LD 47, HP0041
Resolve, Directing the Department of Transportation To Remove One of the Proposed Routes from Consideration for the Interstate 395 and Route 9 Connector
LD 48, HP0042
An Act To Reduce Registration Fees and Excise Taxes for For-hire Vehicles with Adaptive Equipment Enabling Access by Persons with Disabilities
LD 49, HP0043
An Act To Exempt from Excise Tax Certain Vehicles Used by Persons with a Disability
LD 50, HP0044
An Act To Authorize up to 3 Free Sets of License Plates for 100 Percent Disabled Veterans
LD 51, HP0045
An Act To Eliminate the Bonding Authority of the Maine Governmental Facilities Authority
LD 52, HP0046
An Act To Adjust Maine's Minimum Wage
LD 53, HP0047
An Act To Require Shareholder Consent for Corporate Political Contributions
LD 54, HP0048
Resolve, To Ensure Notification to the Public of the Location in Maine of Persons Convicted in Foreign Countries of Crimes Relating to the Sexual Abuse of a Child
LD 55, HP0049
Resolve, To Direct the Department of Transportation To Name the Interstate 95 Rest Area in Hampden the Joshua Lawrence Chamberlain Rest Area
LD 56, HP0050
An Act To Limit Increases in the State's Share of Funding for Kindergarten to Grade 12 Public Education
LD 57, HP0051
An Act To Increase Mileage Reimbursement and Compensation for Jurors
LD 58, HP0052
An Act To Require Transparency of the Ownership of All Companies Providing Funds To Build Infrastructure for Development Purposes
LD 59, HP0053
An Act To Protect Students' Rights and Privacy Regarding Their School Records
LD 60, HP0054
An Act To Ensure Proper Funding for Teacher Retirement
LD 61, HP0055
An Act To Require Tattoo Practitioners To Be at Least 18 Years of Age
LD 62, HP0056
An Act To Require Notice to Municipal Officers of Violations of Emergency Medical Services Law and Rule
LD 63, HP0057
Resolve, To Require the Department of Health and Human Services To Provide Supplemental Reimbursement to Adult Family Care Homes and Residential Care Facilities in Remote Island Locations
LD 64, HP0058
An Act To Reduce the Time within Which a Challenge to a Tax Lien Foreclosure May Be Filed
LD 65, HP0059
An Act To Apply Equally a Curtailment or Other Loss in General Purpose Aid to Education
LD 66, HP0060
Resolve, Naming the Bridges That Span the Machias River in Machias the Jeremiah O'Brien Memorial Bridge
LD 67, HP0061
An Act To Amend the Law Regarding the Annual Municipal Report Requirement
LD 68, HP0062
An Act To Authorize a General Fund Bond Issue To Attract Business by Investing in High-speed Broadband Infrastructure
LD 69, HP0063
An Act To Require Drug Testing of the Driver of a Motor Vehicle Involved in a Fatal Accident
LD 70, HP0064
An Act To Assist Towns in Eradicating Milfoil and Other Invasive Aquatic Plants and Nuisance Species
LD 71, HP0065
An Act To Amend the Laws Governing Service of Process in Eviction Actions
LD 72, HP0066
An Act To Increase the Minimum Wage
LD 73, HP0067
An Act To Increase Weight Allowances for Farm Trucks
LD 74, HP0068
Resolve, To Establish a Task Force To Ensure Equity in the Benefits Provided to Military Service Members
LD 75, SP0023
Resolve, To Strengthen Health Care Services for Maine Residents Affected by Neurodegenerative Diseases
LD 76, SP0024
An Act To Amend the Property Tax Fairness Credit
LD 77, SP0025
An Act To Raise the Minimum Wage
LD 78, SP0026
An Act Regarding Limitations on Certain Storm Water Fees
LD 79, SP0027
An Act To Provide a Sales Tax Trade-in Credit for Core Parts
LD 80, SP0028
RESOLUTION, Proposing an Amendment to the Constitution of Maine To Lower the Age Requirement To Run for Legislative Office
LD 81, SP0029
An Act To Amend the Workers' Compensation Laws as They Pertain to Employee Representation
LD 82, SP0030
An Act Concerning the Salary of Elected Sheriffs
LD 83, SP0031
An Act To Strengthen the Consent Laws for Abortions Performed on Minors and Incapacitated Persons
LD 84, SP0032
An Act Concerning Screening of Newborns for Lysosomal Storage Disorders
LD 85, SP0033
An Act To Prohibit Synthetic Plastic Microbeads in Personal Care Products and Over-the-counter Drugs
LD 86, HP0069
An Act To Improve Retirement Security for Retired Public Employees
LD 87, HP0070
Resolve, To Implement the Recommendations of the Commission To Continue the Study of Long-term Care Facilities
LD 88, HP0071
An Act To Authorize Snowmobile Registration Reciprocity with the Provinces of New Brunswick and Quebec
LD 89, HP0072
An Act To Improve Telecommunications in Maine
LD 90, HP0073
Resolve, To Ensure Appropriate Personal Needs Allowances for Persons Residing in Long-term Care Facilities
LD 91, HP0074
An Act To Allow Dental Hygienists To Prescribe Fluoride Dentifrice and Antibacterial Rinse
LD 92, HP0075
An Act To Increase the Minimum Wage to $8.00 per Hour
LD 93, HP0076
An Act To Allow the Town of Berwick To Be Eligible for Full Pine Tree Development Zone Benefits
LD 94, HP0077
An Act To Base the Excise Tax Imposed on the Purchase of a Motor Vehicle on the Price Paid
LD 95, HP0078
An Act To Provide Income Tax Relief
LD 96, HP0079
An Act To Increase the State Earned Income Credit
LD 97, SP0034
Resolve, Directing the Department of Education To Amend the School Emergency Drill Rules
LD 98, SP0035
An Act Amending the Trap Limit for the Swans Island Lobster Conservation Area
LD 99, SP0036
An Act To Stabilize the Faculty and Programs at the University of Southern Maine
LD 100, SP0037
An Act To Authorize a General Fund Bond Issue To Help Small Businesses
LD 101, SP0038
An Act To Strengthen and Reform Maine's Welfare System
LD 102, SP0039
An Act To Strengthen the Craft Beer Industry
LD 103, SP0040
An Act To Recruit New Businesses to Maine by Providing Energy Efficiency Assistance
LD 104, SP0041
An Act To Increase Gaming Opportunities for Charitable Veterans' Organizations
LD 105, SP0042
An Act To Enhance the Competitiveness of Maine's Biomass Facilities by Exempting from Waste Handling Fees Certain Construction and Demolition Debris
LD 106, SP0043
RESOLUTION, Proposing an Amendment to the Constitution of Maine To Increase the Length of Terms of Senators to 4 Years
LD 107, SP0044
An Act To Recognize the Labrador Retriever as the Official State Dog
LD 108, HP0080
An Act To Authorize a General Fund Bond Issue for Riverfront Community Development
LD 109, HP0081
An Act To Ensure Maine Companies Have Access to Skilled Labor
LD 110, HP0082
An Act To Designate Maple Syrup as the Official State Sweetener
LD 111, HP0083
An Act To Ensure That Defendants Receive Proper Notification in Foreclosure Proceedings
LD 112, SP0045
An Act To Eliminate the Requirement That Adults Wear Seat Belts
LD 113, SP0046
An Act To Reduce the Penalties for Certain Drug Offenses
LD 114, SP0047
Resolve, Authorizing the Bureau of General Services To Sell Certain Property to Kennebec County
LD 115, SP0048
Resolve, To Name Interstate 295 from Scarborough to West Gardiner the Richard A. Coleman Highway
LD 116, SP0049
An Act To Expand the Use of Tax Increment Financing Revenue
LD 117, SP0050
An Act To Require the Prevailing Wage To Be Paid on All Public Works Projects for Which State Funding Is Used
LD 118, SP0051
An Act To Authorize Municipalities To Refund Amounts Collected in Excess of Tax Liens
LD 119, SP0052
An Act To Allow for the Cultivation of Hemp
LD 120, SP0053
An Act To Provide a Tax Credit to Maine Residents for Turnpike Tolls
LD 121, SP0054
Resolve, Directing the Department of Professional and Financial Regulation To Conduct a Sunrise Review of the Proposal To License Certain Mechanical Trades
LD 122, SP0055
An Act To Standardize Pints of Beer Sold in Maine
LD 123, SP0057
An Act To Reduce Youth Cancer Risk
LD 124, SP0058
An Act To Require Payment by a Carrier for Health Care Services Provided to Enrollees of the Carrier
LD 125, SP0059
An Act Extending Workers' Compensation Benefits to Certain Employees of the Office of the State Fire Marshal Who Contract Cancer
LD 126, HP0084
An Act To Restrict Swim Areas
LD 127, HP0085
An Act To Preserve Programs in Allied Health at Kennebec Valley Community College
LD 128, HP0086
An Act To Allow a School Administrative Unit To Implement a Firearm Safety Education Program for Elementary School Students
LD 129, HP0087
An Act To Provide Options to Schools for Making Up School Days
LD 130, HP0088
An Act To Exempt Certain Established Public Prekindergarten Programs from New Regulations
LD 131, HP0089
An Act To Amend the Laws Related to Public Funding of Charter Schools
LD 132, HP0090
An Act To Remove the 100-megawatt Limit on Hydropower under the Renewable Resources Laws
LD 133, HP0091
Resolve, To Establish the Task Force on Independence from Public Assistance
LD 134, HP0092
Resolve, To Study the Impact of Winter Ticks on the State's Moose Population
LD 135, HP0093
An Act To Prohibit Tobacco Use Surcharges in Small Group and Individual Health Insurance Products
LD 136, HP0094
An Act To Clarify That the Medical Records of Applicants for Disability Variances Submitted to Municipal Boards of Appeal Are Not Public Records
LD 137, HP0095
An Act To Designate the Friendship Sloop as the Official State Maritime Symbol
LD 138, HP0096
An Act To Update References to the United States Internal Revenue Code of 1986 Contained in the Maine Revised Statutes, Decouple Federal Bonus Depreciation Deductions and Create a Maine Capital Investment Credit
LD 139, HP0097
An Act To Allow the Electronic Transfer of Marriage Certificates
LD 140, HP0098
An Act To Expand Access To Lifesaving Opioid Overdose Medication
LD 141, HP0099
An Act To Amend the Definition of "Health Care Practitioner" in the Maine Health Security Act To Include Pharmacists
LD 142, HP0100
An Act To Expand Deer Hunting Opportunities for Junior Hunters
LD 143, HP0101
Resolve, Regarding Legislative Review of Portions of Chapter 4: Maine Motor Carrier Safety Regulation, a Major Substantive Rule of the Department of Public Safety, Bureau of State Police
LD 144, HP0102
An Act To Protect the Privacy of Consumers Who Use Credit Cards for Online Purchases of Products
LD 145, HP0103
An Act To Amend the Verification and Certification Process for Direct Initiatives and People's Veto Referenda
LD 146, HP0104
Resolve, Regarding Legislative Review of Chapter 200: Metallic Mineral Exploration, Advanced Exploration and Mining, a Major Substantive Rule of the Department of Environmental Protection
LD 147, HP0105
Resolve, Regarding Legislative Review of Portions of Chapter 500: Stormwater Management, a Major Substantive Rule of the Department of Environmental Protection
LD 148, HP0106
An Act To Adjust Appropriations and Allocations from the General Fund and Other Funds for the Expenditures of the Department of Marine Resources, the Department of Agriculture, Conservation and Forestry, the Department of Environmental Protection and the Baxter State Park Authority for the Fiscal Year ending June 30, 2015
LD 149, HP0107
An Act To Protect Private Property and Livestock from Fireworks
LD 150, HP0108
Resolve, Requiring a Review of and a Report on Pretrial and Post-conviction Use of Batterers' Intervention Programs
LD 151, HP0109
An Act To Protect Public Health in the Maine Community College System
LD 152, HP0110
An Act To Encourage Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation To Be Taught in High School
LD 153, HP0111
An Act To Amend Setback Requirements and Standards Related to Species Migration under the Laws Regulating Development near Vernal Pools
LD 154, HP0112
An Act To Promote Greater Flexibility in the Provision of Long-term Care Services
LD 155, HP0113
An Act To Expand Housing Opportunities for Patients with Complex Medical Conditions
LD 156, HP0114
An Act To Lower the Eligibility Age for a Junior Hunting License
LD 157, HP0115
An Act To Create an Advisory Committee To Review and Make Recommendations Regarding Hunting and Fishing Laws
LD 158, HP0116
Resolve, To Direct the Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife To Modify Fishing Rules for Webster Stream in Piscataquis County
LD 159, HP0117
An Act To Prevent Bad Faith Assertions of Patent Infringement
LD 160, HP0118
An Act To Provide Reasonable Compensation to Jurors
LD 161, HP0119
An Act To Ban the United Nations Agenda 21 in Maine
LD 162, HP0120
An Act To Protect the Rights of Property Owners
LD 163, HP0121
An Act To Provide Economic Development Assistance to Rural Communities
LD 164, HP0122
An Act To Establish the Maine Length of Service Award Program
LD 165, HP0123
An Act Regarding the Funding of Volunteer Fire Departments
LD 166, HP0124
An Act To Allow York County To Better Provide Rescue and Ambulance Services
LD 167, HP0125
An Act To Prohibit a Municipality from Holding a Referendum To Legalize the Recreational Use of Marijuana
LD 168, HP0126
An Act Relating to the Sales Tax Exemption on Depreciable Equipment Used in Commercial Wood Harvesting
LD 169, HP0127
An Act To Amend the Laws Governing Groundwater Rights
LD 170, HP0128
An Act To Remove the 180-day Active Duty Requirement for the Property Tax Exemption for Vietnam Veterans
LD 171, HP0129
An Act To Provide a License Plate Decal for Emergency Medical Services Providers
LD 172, HP0130
An Act To Allow Gold Star Parents Who Are Maine Residents To Use the Maine Turnpike at No Charge
LD 173, HP0131
An Act To Amend the Laws Governing the Gold Star Family Registration Plate and To Establish an Honorable Service Military Family Registration Plate
LD 174, HP0132
An Act To Restrict the Raising of Money by Maine Clean Election Act Candidates
LD 175, HP0133
An Act To Limit Maine Clean Election Act Funding to First-time Candidates
LD 176, HP0134
An Act To Amend the Law Governing the Gathering of Signatures for Direct Initiatives and People's Veto Referenda
LD 177, HP0135
An Act To Protect Farm Animals from Noise from the Discharge of Fireworks and Explosives
LD 178, HP0136
Resolve, Directing the Department of Marine Resources To Conduct an Impact Study in the St. George River Estuary
LD 179, HP0137
Resolve, Directing the Department of Health and Human Services To Provide Coverage under the MaineCare Program for Routine Male Newborn Circumcisions
LD 180, HP0138
An Act To Allow Terminally Ill Patients To Choose To Use Experimental Treatments
LD 181, HP0139
An Act To Create Efficiencies in Court Process
LD 182, HP0140
An Act To Eliminate Term Limits for Legislators
LD 183, HP0141
An Act To Decrease Property Taxes by Increasing the Sales Tax
LD 184, HP0142
An Act To Reimburse Philip Wolley for Litigation Expenses Incurred in Connection with His Termination and Reinstatement as a State Employee
LD 185, SP0060
An Act To Prohibit the Use of a Mobile Telephone When Operating a Motor Vehicle Except in Hands-free Mode
LD 186, SP0061
An Act To Reverse Jail Consolidation
LD 187, SP0062
Resolve, To Expand Dental Care in the State by Extending the Pilot Program for Dental Hygienists
LD 188, SP0063
An Act To Protect Employees from Abusive Work Environments
LD 189, SP0064
An Act To Prohibit Undisclosed Political Spending
LD 190, SP0065
An Act To Add Certain Capital Goods to the Product Stewardship Exclusions
LD 191, SP0066
An Act To Require the Transfer of a Forest Management and Harvest Plan upon the Transfer of Land in the Tree Growth Tax Program
LD 192, SP0067
An Act To Clarify the Law Governing the Collection of Unpaid Sanitary District Charges
LD 193, SP0068
An Act To Authorize a General Fund Bond Issue for Bicycle and Pedestrian Projects
LD 194, SP0069
An Act To Authorize a General Fund Bond Issue To Encourage Access to Workforce Training and Job Creation
LD 195, SP0070
An Act Regarding County Jails
LD 196, SP0071
An Act To Ensure the Safety of Stationary Public Utility Emergency Service Vehicles
LD 197, SP0072
An Act To Strengthen Maine's Election Laws by Requiring Photographic Identification for the Purpose of Voting
LD 198, SP0073
An Act To Amend the Laws Regarding Noncommercial Foreign Vessels
LD 199, SP0074
An Act To Improve the Reporting of Child Abuse

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