LD 1753
Session - 126th Maine Legislature
C "A", Filing Number H-636, Sponsored by
LR 2760
Item 2
Bill Tracking, Additional Documents Chamber Status

Amend the bill by inserting after the enacting clause and before section 1 the following:

Sec. 1. 30-A MRSA §757, sub-§1,  as repealed and replaced by PL 1993, c. 565, §1, is amended to read:

1. Redistricting process.   The county commissioners shall prepare a redistricting plan for county budget committee seats by June 1, 1993 2021 and every 10 years thereafter. The county commissioners shall submit the plan to the Secretary of State within 5 days of adoption. The Secretary of State shall immediately transmit the redistricting plan to the Legislature for review and enactment.’

Amend the bill by relettering or renumbering any nonconsecutive Part letter or section number to read consecutively.


This amendment changes the date by which the Knox County Commissioners must prepare a 10-year redistricting plan for county budget committee seats from June 1, 1993 to June 1, 2021 to align it with the date the plan for reapportionment of county commissioner districts is submitted.

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