LD 1559
Session - 126th Maine Legislature
S "B", Filing Number S-222, Sponsored by Youngblood
LR 2160
Item 7
Bill Tracking, Additional Documents Chamber Status

Amend the bill in Part H in section 2 by striking out all of the indented paragraph (page 25, lines 31 to 38 and page 26, lines 1 to 5 in L.D.) and inserting the following:

Notwithstanding any other provision of law, the commission shall conduct a 2nd competitive solicitation of proposals for projects under this section and may not award a contract for a proposal under this section until it completes its review of additional proposals under this paragraph. The commission may approve additional projects including but not limited to a project that is contingent on other projects previously approved by the commission not proceeding to construction within the time requirements or deadlines set forth under the previous approval. All proposals received under this section must be evaluated using the same criteria. The University of Maine's deep-water offshore wind energy pilot project must be considered a deep-water offshore wind energy pilot project under this section. The commission shall make all reasonable efforts to complete its review of proposals under competitive solicitation conducted pursuant to this paragraph and make decisions on additional proposals by December 31, 2013.


This amendment requires the Public Utilities Commission to conduct a 2nd round of competitive solicitation for deep-water offshore wind energy pilot projects and provides that the University of Maine deep-water offshore wind energy pilot project is eligible to apply for designation as a pilot project.

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