Directory of Papers
LD 600 - 799

LD 600, HP0454
An Act To Promote a Safe and Sustainable Environment by Extending the Portfolio Standard
LD 601, SP0181
An Act To Set Aside One Percent of Committed State Funds for Food Projects
LD 602, SP0182
An Act To Clarify the Method of Appealing Decisions of the Executive Director of the Maine Commission on Indigent Legal Services
LD 603, SP0183
RESOLUTION, Proposing an Amendment to the Constitution of Maine To Require Approval by a 2/3 Vote of Each Branch of the Legislature in Order To Raise a Tax or Impose a New Tax
LD 604, SP0184
An Act To Exempt Certain Meals Provided to Food Service Employees from the Sales and Use Tax
LD 605, SP0185
An Act To Require Random Drug Testing for MaineCare Recipients
LD 606, SP0186
An Act To Protect State Education Funds
LD 607, SP0187
RESOLUTION, Proposing an Amendment to the Constitution of Maine To Require the Governor To Be Elected by a Majority Vote
LD 608, SP0188
An Act To Regionalize Supervision of Students in the Unorganized Territory
LD 609, SP0189
An Act To Declare Certain Records of the Maine Commission on Indigent Legal Services Confidential
LD 610, SP0190
An Act To Clarify the Procedure by Which a Salvage Company May Apply for a Motor Vehicle Title
LD 611, SP0191
An Act Relating to Sales Tax on Certain Rental Vehicles
LD 612, SP0192
An Act To Provide Reimbursement for Medication Therapy Management Services
LD 613, SP0193
An Act To Clarify the Definition of "Employment" in the Employment Security Law
LD 614, SP0195
An Act To Expedite the Review of Certain Maine Land Use Regulation Commission and Department of Environmental Protection Applications
LD 615, SP0196
An Act To Authorize the Rerouting of Meadow Brook into Toothaker Pond
LD 616, SP0197
An Act To Clarify Landowner Liability for Environmental Damage Caused by Others
LD 617, SP0198
An Act To Modify the Process Regarding the Return of Unfit Tobacco Products
LD 618, SP0199
An Act To Authorize a GARVEE Bond for the Memorial Bridge in Kittery
LD 619, SP0200
An Act To Allow School Administrative Units and Educational Advisory Organizations To Participate in the State's Group Health Plan
LD 620, SP0201
Resolve, To Protect Maine Electricity Ratepayers Regarding the Installation of Smart Meters
LD 621, SP0202
An Act To Clarify Adverse Possession
LD 622, SP0203
An Act To Permit the Display of the National Emergency Service Medal on Registration Plates of Recipients
LD 623, SP0204
An Act To Reestablish the Municipal Revenue Sharing Program as a Compact between the State and Municipal Governments
LD 624, SP0205
An Act To Require a Person Who Commits a Sex Offense against a Dependent or Incapacitated Adult To Register under the Sex Offender Registration and Notification Act of 1999
LD 625, HP0455
An Act To Amend the Law Pertaining to Loaner Registration Plates
LD 626, HP0456
An Act To Allow Nonresidents Who Work in Maine To Purchase Hunting and Fishing Licenses at Resident Rates
LD 627, HP0457
An Act To Expand the Capacity of York County Community College
LD 628, HP0458
Resolve, To Stagger the Terms of Members of the Maine Arborist Advisory Council
LD 629, HP0459
An Act Pertaining to the Laws Governing Pull Events
LD 630, HP0460
An Act To Require Disability Registration Plates To Be Renewed in Person When Registering at a Municipality
LD 631, HP0461
An Act To Update the Radon Registration Act
LD 632, HP0462
Resolve, To Direct the Department of Transportation To Rebuild Williams Road in the Town of Newport
LD 633, HP0463
An Act To Update Department of Defense, Veterans and Emergency Management Laws
LD 634, HP0464
An Act To Allow a Person To Designate Information Submitted for a Hunting or Fishing License as Confidential
LD 635, HP0465
An Act To Provide for the Equitable Reimbursement of Schools Operated by the State in the Unorganized Territory
LD 636, HP0466
An Act To Ensure Proper Health Information Management
LD 637, HP0467
An Act To Increase the Amount Tagging Agents Receive for Tagging Game
LD 638, HP0468
An Act To Require Sex Offenders To Complete Their Full Time on the Sex Offender Registry
LD 639, HP0469
An Act To Protect Medical Care Providers and Hospital Staff
LD 640, HP0470
An Act To Encourage Coyote Management
LD 641, HP0471
An Act To Allow a Portion of Snowmobile Registration Fees To Be Used for the Repair of Trail-grooming Equipment
LD 642, HP0472
An Act To Require Insurance Companies To Reissue Qualifying Long-term Care Partnership Policies
LD 643, HP0473
An Act To Protect Public Safety in the Operation of Casinos
LD 644, HP0474
An Act To Add Transit Services to the Growth Management Program Comprehensive Plan
LD 645, HP0475
Resolve, To Replace Maine's Health Insurance System with the Type of System Used in New Hampshire
LD 646, HP0476
An Act To Ensure the Safety of Children in the MaineCare Program Who Are Prescribed Antipsychotic Medications
LD 647, HP0477
An Act To Exempt Retired Military Pay from State Income Tax
LD 648, HP0478
An Act To Prohibit Organized Retail Theft
LD 649, HP0479
An Act To Establish a Special Food and Beverage Industry Taste-testing Event License
LD 650, HP0480
An Act To Create an Apprentice Trapper License
LD 651, HP0481
An Act To Improve Tribal-State Relations
LD 652, HP0482
An Act To Protect Animal Cruelty Investigations
LD 653, HP0483
An Act To Ban the Use of Personal Watercraft on Allen Pond in the Town of Greene
LD 654, HP0484
An Act To Amend the Occupational Disease Reporting Laws
LD 655, HP0485
An Act To Provide Tribal Representation in the Senate
LD 656, HP0486
Resolve, To Establish a Task Force on Franco-Americans
LD 657, HP0487
An Act To Permit Disposal of Abandoned Manufactured Housing
LD 658, HP0488
An Act To Modify the Requirement of a Permit To Carry a Concealed Weapon
LD 659, HP0489
An Act To Repeal the Maine Clean Election Laws
LD 660, HP0490
An Act To Clarify the Responsibilities of Pharmacy Benefits Managers and Preferred Provider Organizations
LD 661, HP0491
An Act To Require Driver Education for All New Drivers
LD 662, HP0492
Resolve, Directing the Department of Education To Amend Its Rules Pertaining to the Statute of Limitations for Filing a Due Process Hearing Request Regarding Special Education
LD 663, HP0493
An Act To Amend the Laws Governing Corporate Political Donations
LD 664, HP0494
An Act To Ensure Apportionment of Scallop Licenses
LD 665, HP0495
An Act To Limit Claims of Exempt Property
LD 666, HP0496
Resolve, To Reimburse Convenience Stores on a One-time Basis for Beverage Containers
LD 667, HP0497
An Act To Establish a Municipal and County Reimbursement Fee for Those Guilty of Crimes
LD 668, HP0498
An Act To Improve Regional Transmission Organization Responsiveness
LD 669, HP0499
RESOLUTION, Proposing an Amendment to the Constitution of Maine To Change the Number of Members of the Legislature, the Length of Legislative Sessions and the Requirements for Introduction of Bills in a Second Regular Session
LD 670, HP0500
An Act To Prohibit Certain Uses of Cellular Telephones and Handheld Electronic Devices while Operating a Motor Vehicle
LD 671, HP0501
An Act To Amend the Laws Governing the Ground Water Oil Clean-up Fund
LD 672, HP0502
An Act To Provide Reasonable Uninsured Motorist Coverage
LD 673, HP0503
An Act To Expand Fiscally Responsible Transportation through Increased ZOOM Bus Service
LD 674, HP0504
An Act To Authorize the Department of Health and Human Services To Administratively Suspend or Revoke Facility Licenses
LD 675, SP0206
Resolve, To Create a Working Group To Study Multidistrict Online Learning Options in Maine
LD 676, SP0207
An Act To Enact Requirements Concerning Veterinary Prescriptions
LD 677, SP0208
An Act Regarding the Determination of Distance for the Purposes of the Gambling Control Board Laws
LD 678, HP0505
Resolve, To Improve Health Outcomes for MaineCare Members in Managed Care
LD 679, HP0506
Resolve, To Leverage Federal Opportunities for Job Creation in Maine
LD 680, HP0507
Resolve, Directing the Commissioner of Environmental Protection To Convene a Task Force To Study the Effect of Additives in Gasoline
LD 681, HP0508
An Act To Clarify the Operation of the Maine Commission for Community Service
LD 682, HP0509
An Act To Establish the Moose Biologist Fund To Support a Moose Biologist Position
LD 683, HP0510
An Act To Enhance Long-term Care Services for Maine Citizens
LD 684, HP0512
An Act To Clarify the Taxing of Property of Quasi-municipal Organizations
LD 685, HP0513
An Act To Support Farm Programs at Department of Corrections Facilities
LD 686, HP0515
An Act To Promote Small Business in Maine
LD 687, HP0516
An Act To Contract Out the State Single Audit
LD 688, HP0517
Resolve, To Facilitate Participation in Individualized Education Program Team Meetings and Special Education Dispute Resolution Procedures
LD 689, HP0518
Resolve, Requiring the Department of Education To Amend Its Rules Relating to School Administrative Unit Payments for the Costs Associated with Independent Educational Evaluations
LD 690, HP0519
An Act To Amend the Laws Governing the Transfer of Prisoners to Other States
LD 691, HP0520
An Act To Establish Continuing Education Requirements for Manufactured Housing Installers
LD 692, HP0521
An Act To Reduce Nonresident Hunting and Fishing License Fees and To Add Archery Hunting to Combination Licenses
LD 693, HP0522
An Act Concerning Solid Waste Facility Citizen Advisory Committees
LD 694, HP0523
An Act To Encourage Transparency in Disclosing the Ingredients in Vaccinations for Children to Parents and Guardians
LD 695, HP0524
An Act To Reduce Taxes and Promote Employment
LD 696, HP0525
An Act To Amend the Agricultural Working Dog Laws
LD 697, HP0526
An Act To Provide Funding for the Maine Gateway Bridges
LD 698, HP0527
An Act To Bring Wage Equity to the Workplace
LD 699, HP0528
An Act To Conserve Energy in Certain Commercial Buildings
LD 700, HP0529
Resolve, Directing the Finance Authority of Maine To Create a Microfinance Loan Program Entitled "Believe in ME" for Entrepreneurs under 30 Years of Age
LD 701, HP0531
An Act To Amend Certain Laws Governing County Sheriffs
LD 702, HP0532
An Act To Prevent HIV Transmission from a Pregnant Mother to a Child
LD 703, HP0533
An Act To Amend the Laws Governing Licensure Compliance Methods for Camping Areas, Recreational Camps, Youth Camps and Eating Establishments
LD 704, HP0535
An Act To Repeal the Motorcycle Inspection Law
LD 705, HP0536
An Act To Reduce the Income Tax for Low-income Families
LD 706, HP0537
An Act To Base the Motor Vehicle Excise Tax on Ninety Percent of the Maker's List Price
LD 707, HP0538
An Act To Increase the State Earned Income Credit
LD 708, HP0539
An Act Concerning Arrests for Violating Protection from Abuse Orders
LD 709, HP0540
An Act To Adjust the Rules Governing Subpermittees on Moose Hunting Permits
LD 710, HP0541
An Act To Amend the Laws Governing the Duties of the Director of the Governor's Office of Energy Independence and Security
LD 711, HP0542
An Act To Regulate Noise from Wind Turbines in Residential Developments
LD 712, HP0543
An Act To Expand Access to Clinical Trials
LD 713, HP0544
An Act To Amend the Definition of Automobile for Purposes of the Sales and Use Tax Law
LD 714, HP0545
An Act To Require Probation Officers To Set a Schedule for Restitution Payment
LD 715, HP0546
Resolve, To Ensure That Maine Teachers and Paraprofessionals Who Work with Children with Autism Spectrum Disorders Are Appropriately and Adequately Prepared
LD 716, HP0547
An Act To Improve the Recycling Rate of Mercury-added Motor Vehicle Components
LD 717, HP0548
An Act To Increase the Penalties for Possessing and Displaying a Firearm on School Property
LD 718, HP0514
An Act Regarding the Milk Handling Fee
LD 719, HP0530
An Act To Make Certain Prescription Drug Disclosure Laws Consistent with Federal Law
LD 720, HP0534
An Act To Mandate Insurance Coverage for Infertility Treatment
LD 721, SP0210
An Act To Extend the Use of Underground Storage Tanks
LD 722, SP0211
An Act To Reduce Fines for Certain Trucking Violations
LD 723, SP0212
An Act To End Homelessness for Veterans in Maine
LD 724, SP0213
Resolve, To Create an Evidence-based Study and Comprehensive Plan for HIV and AIDS Services in Maine
LD 725, SP0214
An Act To Allow the Commissioner of Marine Resources To Use Discretion in Reissuing Scallop Licenses
LD 726, SP0215
Resolve, To Reduce Funding to Maine Clean Election Act Candidates
LD 727, SP0216
An Act Relating to Indemnity Agreements in Motor Carrier Transportation Contracts
LD 728, SP0217
An Act To Reduce Truck Travel Caused by the Bottle Redemption Laws
LD 729, SP0218
An Act To Ensure Ratepayer Benefits from Long-term Contracts for Renewable Energy Credits
LD 730, SP0220
An Act To Streamline the Issuance of State Business Licenses
LD 731, SP0221
An Act To Terminate the Authorization of the Maine Self-Insurance Guarantee Association To Serve as a Statistical Advisory Organization for Self-insurers
LD 732, SP0222
Resolve, Directing the Public Utilities Commission To Adopt Rules Affecting Utility Deposits
LD 733, SP0223
An Act To Allow a Person Who Has Lost a Home in a Shoreland Zone To Obtain a Building Permit
LD 734, SP0224
An Act To Allow a Front-wheel-drive Vehicle To Be Equipped with Studded Tires on the Front Only
LD 735, SP0227
An Act To Allow the Use of Electronic Benefits Transfer Funds at Farmers' Markets
LD 736, SP0228
An Act To Prohibit Texting while Driving
LD 737, SP0229
An Act To Grandfather Certain Existing Buildings and Structures with Respect to Fire Safety Codes and Standards
LD 738, SP0230
An Act To Require Disclosure of the Origin of Certain Products Sold at Farm Stands
LD 739, SP0232
Resolve, To Amend the Rules Concerning Long-term Care Services To Better Support Family Caregivers
LD 740, SP0233
An Act To Amend the Sex Offender Registration Laws
LD 741, SP0234
An Act To Authorize a General Fund Bond Issue To Invest in Water and Sewer Infrastructure To Protect Public Health and To Facilitate the Expansion and Growth of Business
LD 742, SP0235
An Act To Amend the Maine Historic Preservation Tax Credit
LD 743, HP0550
Resolve, Regarding Legislative Review of Portions of Chapter 101, MaineCare Benefits Manual Chapter III, Section 21: Allowances for Home and Community Benefits for Members with Intellectual Disabilities or Autistic Disorder, a Major Substantive Rule of the Department of Health and Human Services
LD 744, HP0551
An Act To Amend the Definition of "Service Animal" To Conform with Federal Law
LD 745, HP0552
An Act To Encourage the Use of Reusable Bags
LD 746, HP0553
An Act Regarding the Consent of Minors for Mental Health and Substance Abuse Aid
LD 747, HP0554
An Act To Require Hospital Credit Reporting That Is Fair to Consumers
LD 748, HP0555
An Act To Improve Driver Education Licensing
LD 749, HP0556
An Act To Allow Sunday Hunting in Northern Maine
LD 750, HP0557
An Act To Decriminalize Possession of 6 or Fewer Marijuana Plants
LD 751, HP0558
Resolve, To Examine State Programs That Grant Funds To Improve Real Property and To Establish a Formula for Recouping Certain Funds
LD 752, HP0559
An Act To Provide Funding for Landfills by Imposing a Gift Package Surcharge
LD 753, HP0560
An Act To Establish Juneteenth Independence Day
LD 754, HP0561
An Act To Remove Criminal Penalties for Possession of up to 5 Ounces of Marijuana
LD 755, HP0562
An Act To Strengthen the Laws Regarding Dangerous Dogs
LD 756, HP0563
Resolve, To Examine Cyber Security and Privacy Issues Relating to Smart Meters
LD 757, HP0564
An Act To Add a Member to the Advisory Council on Health Systems Development
LD 758, HP0565
Resolve, To Establish a Schoolchildren's Well-being Stakeholder Group
LD 759, HP0566
An Act To Increase Efficiency and Effectiveness in the Licensing of Certain Health and Human Services Providers
LD 760, HP0567
An Act To Establish an Animal Abuser Registry
LD 761, HP0568
An Act To Provide Rebates for Renewable Energy Technologies
LD 762, HP0569
An Act To Provide Equitable Revenue-sharing Distribution
LD 763, HP0570
An Act To Allow the Sale of Locally Produced Beer and Wine at Farmers' Markets
LD 764, HP0571
An Act To Ensure That Municipalities Refund Amounts Collected in Excess of Tax Liens
LD 765, HP0572
An Act To Address the Documented Educational and Rehabilitation Needs of Persons Who Are Blind or Visually Impaired
LD 766, HP0573
An Act To Make Allocations from Maine Turnpike Authority Funds for the Maine Turnpike Authority for the Calendar Year Ending December 31, 2012
LD 767, HP0574
An Act To Amend and Clarify Certain Portions of the Dental Practice Laws
LD 768, HP0575
An Act To Amend the Laws Relating to Group Trusts Established by Group Self-insurers of Workers' Compensation Benefits
LD 769, HP0576
An Act To Review the Functions of the State Planning Office
LD 770, HP0577
Resolve, To Establish a Study Group To Update Weight Regulations
LD 771, HP0578
Resolve, To Support the Development of a Model Charter for the St. John Valley Regional Planning Commission
LD 772, HP0579
An Act To Modify the Auditing Requirements for Certain Small Water Utilities
LD 773, HP0580
An Act To Further Restrict the Availability of Methamphetamine and Amphetamine Pills
LD 774, HP0581
An Act To Allow Access to Pseudoephedrine by Prescription Only
LD 775, HP0582
An Act To Clarify Special Education Reporting Requirements
LD 776, HP0583
An Act To Create a Fair Process for Energy Service Companies Contracting with Maine Schools
LD 777, HP0584
An Act To Authorize a General Fund Bond Issue To Expand Necessary Capital Improvements at the University of Maine System That Support the Critical Disciplines of Science, Technology, Engineering and Math To Enhance Economic Development and Employment Opportunities for Maine Citizens
LD 778, HP0585
An Act To Amend the Process of Federal Aviation Administration Airport Improvement Program Grants
LD 779, HP0586
An Act To Implement Standards Concerning Animal Welfare and Research Institutions
LD 780, HP0587
RESOLUTION, Proposing an Amendment to the Constitution of Maine To Limit the Number of Terms Served in Total
LD 781, HP0588
An Act To Establish Flushability Standards for Consumer Products Advertised as Flushable
LD 782, HP0589
An Act To Expand Competitive Bidding for Energy Service Contracts with Schools
LD 783, HP0590
An Act To Amend the Laws Governing Captive Insurance Companies
LD 784, HP0591
An Act To Exempt Persons Performing Simple Electrical Repairs from Licensing Requirements
LD 785, HP0592
An Act Relating to Identification of Service Animals
LD 786, HP0593
An Act To Eliminate the Penalty for School Administrative Units That Did Not Consolidate and Eliminate State Funding of Local Administrative Costs
LD 787, HP0594
An Act To Establish an Elder Victims Restitution Fund
LD 788, HP0595
An Act To Prohibit Forced Payment of Labor Union Dues or Fees by Workers
LD 789, HP0596
An Act To Eliminate the Governor's Office of Energy Independence and Security
LD 790, SP0219
Resolve, To Foster Energy Efficiency Improvements and Other Needed Renovations at Residential Care Facilities Funded by MaineCare
LD 791, SP0225
An Act Regarding the Construction of New Court Facilities
LD 792, SP0226
Resolve, Establishing a Task Force To Examine the Decline in the Number of Nonresident Hunters
LD 793, SP0231
An Act To Protect Ratepayers While Enhancing Energy Independence and Security
LD 794, SP0238
An Act To Provide Fair Value for Insured Items
LD 795, SP0239
An Act To Expand Net Energy Billing
LD 796, SP0240
An Act To Continue the Axle Fine Waiver during the Midwinter Season
LD 797, SP0241
An Act To Reform the Election Laws
LD 798, SP0242
An Act To Prohibit Nonresidents from Contributing to Maine Political Campaigns or Candidates
LD 799, SP0243
An Act To Provide Capital for Economic Development in Aroostook County

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