Directory of Papers
LD 200 - 399

LD 200, HP0177
An Act To Provide Complimentary Any-Deer Permits to Persons 70 Years of Age and Older
LD 201, HP0178
An Act To Modernize and Reduce the Cost of Driver Education
LD 202, HP0179
An Act To Modify Child Support Enforcement Procedures
LD 203, HP0180
An Act To Assist Municipal Clerks by Providing Adequate Time To Register Voters
LD 204, SP0054
An Act Regarding the Membership of the Midcoast Regional Redevelopment Authority Board of Trustees
LD 205, SP0055
An Act To Provide a Sales Tax Exemption to Incorporated Nonprofit Performing Arts Organizations
LD 206, SP0056
Resolve, Directing the Department of Transportation To Repair and Maintain the Red Iron Bridge Crossing the Saco River in the Town of Fryeburg
LD 207, SP0057
An Act To Amend the Laws Regarding Tips Used in Payment of Service Employees
LD 208, SP0058
Resolve, To Establish a Study Commission To Examine the Maine Turnpike
LD 209, SP0059
Resolve, To Establish a Stakeholder Group To Review the Maine State Grant Program
LD 210, SP0060
An Act Regarding the Saltwater Recreational Fishing Registry
LD 211, SP0061
An Act To Improve the Water Quality of Hall Pond in Paris
LD 212, SP0063
An Act To Clarify and Amend Laws Pertaining to Licenses Issued by the Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife
LD 213, SP0064
An Act To Provide Funding for the Fish Stocking Program
LD 214, SP0065
An Act To Establish Governor William King Day
LD 215, SP0066
An Act To Authorize the Leasing of Rail Crossings
LD 216, SP0067
Resolve, Regarding MaineCare Tobacco Treatment and Smoking Cessation Benefits
LD 217, SP0068
An Act To Require the Maine Turnpike Authority To Promote Maine Products and Businesses
LD 218, SP0069
An Act To Improve the Safety of Minors by Collecting Data on Vehicle Collision Rates
LD 219, SP0070
An Act To Amend the Laws Governing Shoreland Zoning
LD 220, SP0071
An Act Relating to Maine Farm Wineries
LD 221, SP0072
An Act To Make Changes to the Motorcycle Inspection Sticker Requirements
LD 222, SP0073
An Act To Provide for the Appointment of Division Directors in the Department of Environmental Protection
LD 223, SP0074
An Act To Require Written Permission for Recreational Access to Cropland, Pastureland and Orchards
LD 224, SP0075
An Act To Provide Temporary Changes to the Extended Benefit Triggers in Accordance with the Federal Tax Relief, Unemployment Insurance Reauthorization, and Job Creation Act of 2010
LD 225, SP0076
An Act To Authorize a General Fund Bond Issue in the Amount of $20,000,000 To Fund Research and Development
LD 226, SP0077
An Act To Allow Maine Citizens To Buy Health Insurance across State Lines
LD 227, HP0153
An Act Relating to the Establishment of Casinos
LD 228, HP0181
An Act To Revise Notification Requirements for Pesticide Application
LD 229, HP0182
An Act To Protect Homeowners Concerning Property Liens
LD 230, HP0183
Resolve, To Establish a Pilot Project for Independent Practice Dental Hygienists To Process Radiographs in Underserved Areas of the State
LD 231, HP0184
Resolve, Directing the Commission on Governmental Ethics and Election Practices To Adopt Routine Technical Rules Governing the Maine Clean Election Act and Equipment Repurchase
LD 232, HP0185
Resolve, To Change the Name of the Northern Penobscot Technical Center
LD 233, HP0186
An Act To Establish the State Board of Education as the Appointing Authority for the Commissioner of Education
LD 234, HP0187
An Act To Provide a Sales Tax Exemption to Commercial Horticulturists
LD 235, HP0188
An Act To Include Antique Motorcycles on the List of Vehicles That Are Exempt from Inspection
LD 236, HP0189
An Act To Require High School Students To Register To Vote as a Requirement for Graduation
LD 237, HP0190
An Act To Make Public the Names of Members of Limited Liability Companies
LD 238, HP0191
An Act To Limit the Vehicle Excise Tax Exemption Provided to Benevolent and Charitable Institutions and To Repeal the Exemption Provided to Literary and Scientific Institutions
LD 239, HP0192
An Act To Provide a Sales Tax Exemption on Fuel Used for Heating a Business
LD 240, HP0193
An Act To Allow the Removal of Gravel Bars in the Sandy River
LD 241, HP0194
An Act To Promote Energy Independence and Renewable Energy Production
LD 242, HP0195
An Act To Prevent the Spread of Milfoil in the Songo River
LD 243, HP0196
An Act To Ensure Emergency Communications for Persons with Disabilities
LD 244, HP0197
Resolve, Directing the Department of Marine Resources To Extend the Carrier Vessel Size Limit in the Menhaden Pilot Program
LD 245, HP0198
An Act To Amend the Laws Governing Waste Processing
LD 246, HP0199
An Act To Require the Daytime Use of Headlights on Motor Vehicles
LD 247, HP0200
An Act To Amend the Gift Card Laws
LD 248, HP0201
An Act To Provide for a Temporary License To Operate Certain Eating and Lodging Establishments
LD 249, HP0202
An Act To Allow Trained Local Law Enforcement Officers To Enforce Federal Motor Carrier Regulations
LD 250, HP0203
An Act To Permit Tuition Subsidies by Municipalities
LD 251, HP0204
Resolve, To Establish the Wilderness Rescue Task Force
LD 252, HP0205
An Act To Amend the Laws Governing Aquatic Nuisance Species
LD 253, HP0206
Resolve, To Establish a Single Construction Permit for Certain Aboveground Oil Storage Tanks in Gravel Pits and Quarries
LD 254, HP0207
An Act To Amend the Standards by Which Law Enforcement Officers May Stop an All-terrain Vehicle Operating on Private Property
LD 255, HP0208
An Act To Provide an Income Tax Deduction for Amounts Received as Loan Forgiveness under the Maine Dental Education Loan Program
LD 256, HP0209
An Act To Amend the Law Regarding Repairing a Structure in a Coastal Sand Dune System
LD 257, HP0210
An Act To Protect Children in Public Schools by Changing Notification Requirements Regarding Sex Offenders
LD 258, HP0211
An Act Relating to Access to Vital Records
LD 259, HP0212
An Act To Limit the Duration of a Legal Alien's Driver's License
LD 260, HP0213
An Act To Extend the Historic Preservation Tax Credit
LD 261, HP0214
An Act To Eliminate Combined Sewer Overflows in Maine Waters
LD 262, HP0215
An Act To Expand Eligibility of Certain Municipal Landfills To Participate in the State's Remediation and Closure Program
LD 263, HP0216
An Act To Authorize a General Fund Bond Issue To Fund Construction of a Marine Technology Incubator Facility at the Gulf of Maine Research Institute
LD 264, HP0217
An Act Regarding Residential Chimney Lining
LD 265, HP0218
Resolve, To Study New and Used Motor Vehicle Dealer Licensing Requirements
LD 266, HP0219
An Act To Expand Access to Oral Health Care
LD 267, HP0220
An Act To Strengthen the Laws on Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus Aureus and To Improve Health Care
LD 268, HP0221
An Act To Make the Consolidation of School Administrative Units Voluntary and To Eliminate the Penalties for Units That Choose Not To Consolidate
LD 269, HP0222
An Act To Implement a Maine Unemployment Insurance Work-sharing Program
LD 270, SP0079
An Act To Reserve a Number of Moose Permits for the Tribes of Maine
LD 271, SP0080
Resolve, To Direct the Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife To Prepare a Deer Winter Feeding Strategy
LD 272, SP0081
An Act To Provide Funds for Municipal Sand and Salt Storage Facilities
LD 273, SP0082
An Act Regarding Penalties for Opting Out of Paperless Billing
LD 274, SP0083
An Act To Increase the Moose Permit Allocations for Zones 2 and 3
LD 275, HP0223
An Act To Change the Notice Period for Terminating Teachers' Contracts
LD 276, HP0224
An Act To Enhance the Collection of Restitution for Victims of Crimes
LD 277, HP0225
An Act To Make Disputed Ballots in State Elections Public
LD 278, HP0226
An Act To Allow the Towns of Mapleton, Castle Hill and Chapman To Adopt a Policy To Simplify the Municipal Disbursement Warrant Process
LD 279, SP0085
An Act To Amend Indemnification Notification Laws
LD 280, SP0086
Resolve, Reauthorizing the Balance of the 2005 Maine Biomedical Research Fund and Marine Infrastructure and Technology Fund Bond Issues
LD 281, SP0087
An Act To Create a 6-year Statute of Limitations for Environmental Violations
LD 282, HP0243
An Act To Limit Charges for Fingerprinting Performed for Certain Criminal History Background Checks
LD 283, HP0227
An Act To Require That Motor Vehicles Be Clear of Solid Precipitation When Operated on Public Ways
LD 284, HP0228
An Act To Prohibit Water-ski Courses on Small Ponds
LD 285, HP0229
An Act Regarding the Qualifications of Candidates for Office
LD 286, HP0230
An Act To Allow the Operation of Crematoriums at Oak Grove Cemetery and the Kelley Family Cemetery
LD 287, HP0231
An Act To Provide Savings to the State by Contracting Out Certain Services
LD 288, HP0232
An Act To Amend the Laws Governing Municipal Motor Vehicle Registration and License Agent Fees
LD 289, HP0233
An Act To Amend the Laws Governing Municipal Recreational Vehicle Registration Agent Fees
LD 290, HP0234
An Act To Amend the Maine Secure and Fair Enforcement for Mortgage Licensing Act of 2009
LD 291, HP0235
An Act Regarding the Moose Lottery and Moose Management
LD 292, HP0236
An Act To Prohibit Placing the Carcass of a Dead Animal on a Frozen Body of Water for the Purpose of Baiting Coyotes
LD 293, HP0237
An Act To Waive Snowmobile Registration Requirements for Canadians Riding on Maine Trails
LD 294, HP0238
An Act To Allow Persons 70 Years of Age or Older Expanded Crossbow Privileges
LD 295, HP0239
An Act To Require Insurance Companies To Disclose the Option To Purchase Higher Amounts of Coverage for Automobile Liability Insurance
LD 296, HP0240
Resolve, Directing the State Bureau of Identification To Continue To Explore Contracting Options and Other Methods To Find Efficiencies in the Fingerprinting System for Criminal History Background Checks
LD 297, HP0241
An Act To Allow Treasurers To Process Tax Lien Discharge and Sanitary District Sewer Lien Documents Using Facsimile Signatures
LD 298, HP0242
An Act To Amend the Retirement Benefit Provisions for State Employees Working under Special Plans Who Remain Employed beyond the Minimum Years Necessary To Qualify for Retirement Benefits
LD 299, SP0088
An Act Regarding the Southern Maine Veterans Memorial Cemetery
LD 300, SP0089
An Act To Increase the Availability of Lead Testing for Children
LD 301, SP0090
An Act Relating to Abandoned Vehicles
LD 302, HP0244
An Act To Allow an Angler To Gift a Freshwater Fish to a Person Who Is Not Licensed To Fish
LD 303, HP0245
An Act To Improve Hospital Transparency
LD 304, HP0246
An Act To Promote the Hiring of Seasonal Workers
LD 305, HP0247
RESOLUTION, Proposing an Amendment to the Constitution of Maine To Allow Land and Buildings To Be Assessed Differently
LD 306, HP0248
Resolve, Directing the Office of Program Evaluation and Government Accountability To Make Recommendations To Find Efficiencies in Per-pupil Costs Associated with Interscholastic Activities
LD 307, HP0249
An Act To Encourage Lobstering Traditions and Facilitate Retirement from Lobstering
LD 308, HP0250
An Act Regarding the Saltwater Recreational Fishing Registry
LD 309, HP0251
An Act To Make Voluntary Membership in a Public Employee Labor Organization in the State
LD 310, HP0252
Resolve, Regarding Legislative Review of Portions of Chapter 232: Well Drillers and Pump Installers Rules, a Major Substantive Rule of the Maine Water Well Commission
LD 311, SP0091
An Act To Improve Harbor Safety by Clarifying Requirements for Maintenance Dredging Permits
LD 312, SP0092
An Act To Reinstate the Fund for the Efficient Delivery of Local and Regional Services
LD 313, SP0093
An Act To Permit Insured Persons To Designate a 3rd Party To Receive Notice of Cancellation of Medicare Supplement Policies and To Restrict the Cancellation of Certain Insurance Policies for Nonpayment of Premium Due to Cognitive Impairment or Functional Incapacity
LD 314, SP0094
An Act To Improve Employment Opportunities for Workers in the Forest Industry
LD 315, SP0095
An Act Relating to the Status of a Private Investigator as an Independent Contractor
LD 316, SP0096
An Act To Clarify the Scope of Maine's Franchise Laws for Dealers of Power Equipment, Machinery and Appliances
LD 317, SP0097
An Act To Improve Efficiency and Compliance within the Judicial System
LD 318, SP0098
An Act To Require Consideration of Higher Education for Children during Divorce Deliberations
LD 319, SP0099
An Act To Amend the Saltwater Recreational Fishing Registry Regarding Unauthorized Landing or Possession of Striped Bass
LD 320, HP0253
An Act To Amend Shelter Provisions To Accommodate Rotational Grazing of Livestock
LD 321, HP0254
An Act To Change the Qualifications of Certain Members of the Board of Pesticides Control
LD 322, HP0255
An Act To Amend the Informed Growth Act
LD 323, HP0256
An Act To Implement a Coordinated Strategy To Attract New Businesses, Expand Existing Businesses and Develop a Consistent and Recognizable Maine Brand
LD 324, HP0257
An Act To Authorize Parents with Power of Attorney To Make Decisions Regarding the Education of Their Adult Children
LD 325, HP0258
Resolve, To Examine the Representation of Families by Nonattorney Advocates at Special Education Due Process Hearings
LD 326, HP0259
An Act To Require That School Administrative Units Bear the Burden of Proving That an Individualized Education Program Is Appropriate
LD 327, HP0260
An Act To Permit Lenders To Exclude Government Insurance Fees When Determining whether a Loan Is a High-rate, High-fee Loan
LD 328, HP0261
An Act To Move Propane Safety Oversight to the Maine Fuel Board
LD 329, HP0262
RESOLUTION, Proposing an Amendment to the Constitution of Maine To Elect State Senators by County
LD 330, HP0263
An Act To Exempt Farm Food Products and Homemade Food Offered for Sale or for Consumption at Certain Events from Certain Licensing Requirements
LD 331, HP0264
Resolve, Regarding Legislative Review of Portions of Chapter 895: Underground Facility Damage Prevention Requirements, a Major Substantive Rule of the Public Utilities Commission
LD 332, HP0265
Resolve, Regarding Legislative Review of Portions of Chapter 11: Rules Governing the Controlled Substances Prescription Monitoring Program, a Major Substantive Rule of the Department of Health and Human Services
LD 333, HP0266
Resolve, Directing the Department of Environmental Protection To Evaluate and Amend Its Rules Regarding Snow Dumps
LD 334, HP0267
An Act To Promote Further Stability within the Workers' Compensation System by Extending the Number of Terms That May Be Served on the Maine Employers' Mutual Insurance Company Board of Directors
LD 335, HP0268
An Act To Allow Foresters, Soil Scientists and Geologists To Use Mechanics Liens
LD 336, HP0269
An Act To Preserve the State's Public Pension Fund
LD 337, HP0270
An Act To Make Technical Changes to Aquaculture Laws
LD 338, SP0100
An Act To Provide an Income Tax Credit for Persons Engaged in Commercial Forestry
LD 339, SP0101
An Act To Prohibit Municipal Ordinances More Stringent than State Guidelines
LD 340, SP0102
An Act To Prohibit Municipal Ordinances More Stringent than State Guidelines
LD 341, SP0103
An Act To Exempt Artificial Wetlands and Artificial Significant Vernal Pool Habitats from State Regulation
LD 342, SP0104
An Act To Amend the Laws Governing County Jail Budgeting for York County
LD 343, SP0105
An Act To Facilitate a Change of Location for Agency Liquor Stores
LD 344, SP0106
An Act To Authorize Cumberland County To Offer Certain Educational Services
LD 345, HP0271
An Act To Modernize the Functions of County Government
LD 346, HP0272
An Act Regarding Pharmacy Reimbursement in MaineCare
LD 347, HP0273
Resolve, Directing the Commissioner of Education To Convene a Task Force To Develop a Proposal for a More Equitable Distribution of Kindergarten to Grade 12 State Education Funding
LD 348, HP0274
An Act To Continue Limited Entry in the Scallop Fishery
LD 349, HP0275
An Act To Require the Inclusion of a Financial Statement on School Administrative Unit Bond Obligations When Voting on a School Construction Project
LD 350, HP0276
Resolve, Directing the Maine Public Employees Retirement System To Consider Warden Bayley Grant's Game Warden Service as Having Begun in 1983, without an Interruption in Service
LD 351, HP0277
An Act Concerning Motorcycle Safety
LD 352, HP0278
An Act To Amend the Laws Governing Criminal History Record Information
LD 353, HP0279
An Act Regarding Agencies Contracted by the Department of Health and Human Services To Provide Regulatory Oversight and Billing Services
LD 354, HP0280
Resolve, To Improve the Intersection of Route 1 and Manktown Road in Waldoboro
LD 355, HP0281
An Act To Apply the Federal Truth in Lending Act in Maine
LD 356, HP0282
An Act To Prohibit the Use of Certain Motorboats on Lily Pond in Deer Isle
LD 357, HP0283
An Act To Repeal Motor Vehicle Inspection Requirements
LD 358, HP0284
An Act To Exempt from the Income Tax Military Survivors Annuity Payments
LD 359, HP0285
An Act To Authorize a General Fund Bond Issue for Wastewater and Drinking Water Revolving Loan Funds
LD 360, HP0286
An Act To Amend the Maine Certificate of Need Act of 2002
LD 361, HP0287
Resolve, To Evaluate the Energy Use of the State House and the Burton M. Cross State Office Building
LD 362, HP0288
Resolve, Directing the Department of Conservation To Acquire an Easement To Provide Access to the Dead River
LD 363, HP0289
An Act To Facilitate Local Food Production
LD 364, HP0290
Resolve, Directing Updated Review and Evaluation of Maine's Mental Health Parity Law
LD 365, HP0291
An Act Pertaining to Railroad Crossing Fees
LD 366, HP0292
An Act Regarding the Sale of Raw Milk
LD 367, HP0293
An Act To Amend the Laws Regarding Noncommercial Foreign Vessels
LD 368, HP0294
An Act To Require Full Disclosure by Insurance Carriers Using Credit Ratings
LD 369, HP0295
An Act To Authorize the Sale of Surplus Property to Nonprofit Animal Shelters
LD 370, HP0296
An Act To Modify Vehicle Inspection Fees
LD 371, HP0297
An Act To Control Costs to the Lobster Industry
LD 372, HP0298
An Act To Reduce Deer Predation
LD 373, HP0299
An Act To Provide for Equal Rights of Appeal for the State and Defendants Concerning Post-judgment DNA Analysis
LD 374, HP0300
An Act To Change the Method of Calculation of Child Support
LD 375, HP0301
Resolve, Directing the Commissioner of Professional and Financial Regulation To Convene a Working Group To Review the Laws and Rules Governing Boilers
LD 376, HP0302
Resolve, To Complete the Timely and Appropriate Redesign of Shared Living Services for Adults with Intellectual Disabilities and Autism
LD 377, HP0303
An Act To Ensure That a Licensee Is Notified of a Driver's License Suspension
LD 378, HP0304
An Act To Allow the Transfer of Commercial Whitewater Rafting Trips under Extenuating Conditions
LD 379, HP0305
An Act To Stop Unfunded Mandates Concerning Waste Discharge Licenses
LD 380, HP0306
An Act To Enhance Enforcement of Civil Orders of Arrest
LD 381, HP0307
An Act To Establish a New Method of Determining the State Budget
LD 382, HP0308
Resolve, Authorizing Adjustments to Payments under the Dairy Stabilization Program
LD 383, HP0309
An Act To Eliminate the Annual Indexing of Fuel Tax Rates
LD 384, HP0310
An Act To Provide Incentives To Foster Economic Growth and Build Infrastructure in the State
LD 385, HP0311
An Act To Amend the School Administrative Unit Consolidation Laws
LD 386, HP0312
An Act To Implement the Recommendations of the Working Group Concerning Domestic Violence and Firearms
LD 387, HP0313
An Act To Amend the Natural Resources Protection Act Regarding Coastal Sand Dune Systems
LD 388, HP0314
An Act To Allow a Personal Representative To Obtain a Copy of a Death Certificate and To Direct the Department of Health and Human Services To Amend Its Rules Governing Vital Records Fees
LD 389, HP0315
An Act To Exempt Certain Necessary School Auxiliary Buildings for New Mechanical Systems from Referendum Requirements
LD 390, HP0316
Resolve, To Implement Certain Recommendations of the Governor's Task Force on Expanding Access to Oral Health Care for Maine People
LD 391, HP0317
An Act Concerning Models for Teacher and Principal Evaluations
LD 392, HP0318
An Act To Amend the Requirements for Publishing Municipal Legal Notices
LD 393, HP0319
An Act To Implement the Recommendations Regarding the Legislative Review of the Allocation of Slot Machine Revenue
LD 394, SP0107
Resolve, Directing the Conveyance of Conservation Land in Rockport
LD 395, SP0108
An Act To Mandate That the School Year Not Begin before September 1st
LD 396, SP0109
An Act To Amend the Law Governing Sales Tax Exemptions for Certain Nonprofit Youth Organizations
LD 397, SP0110
An Act To Amend the Laws Governing Competitive Bidding for School Construction and Repair
LD 398, SP0111
An Act To Require Criminal History Record Information for Licensure of Nurses
LD 399, SP0112
An Act To Authorize a General Fund Bond Issue To Fund LifeFlight

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