Directory of Papers
LD 1200 - 1399

LD 1200, HP0891
An Act To Authorize the Health Care Choice Compact To Permit the Purchase of Health Insurance from New Hampshire
LD 1201, HP0892
An Act To Increase the Amount of Funds Available to Counties for Witness Fees and Prosecution Costs
LD 1202, HP0893
An Act To Equalize the Premiums Imposed on the Sale of Motor Vehicle Oil
LD 1203, IB0002
An Act To Amend the Laws Governing the Deadline and Conditions for Municipal Approval of a Second Racino and To Allow a Tribal Racino in Washington County
LD 1204, HP0894
An Act To Create Jobs through Home Energy Efficiency
LD 1205, HP0896
An Act To Provide Economic Incentives to Businesses for the Collection of State Taxes
LD 1206, HP0897
An Act To Amend the School Consolidation Laws Pertaining to Higher Performing Schools
LD 1207, HP0898
An Act To Amend the Labor Laws Relating to Certain Agricultural Employees
LD 1208, HP0899
An Act To Allow Early Deer Hunting for Senior Hunters
LD 1209, HP0900
An Act Regarding Stops of All-terrain Vehicles and Snowmobiles by Law Enforcement Officers
LD 1210, HP0901
An Act To Exempt Small Distributors from Unclaimed Deposit Requirements
LD 1211, HP0902
An Act To Include Civics in the Social Studies and History Courses Required for a High School Diploma
LD 1212, HP0903
An Act To Improve Hospital Reporting of MRSA and Clostridium difficile Data
LD 1213, HP0904
An Act To Provide Funding for a Convention Center or Civic Center in Cumberland County
LD 1214, HP0905
An Act To Allow a Referendum Regarding School Choice within Regional School Unit No. 12
LD 1215, HP0906
An Act To Require Health Insurers To Provide Coverage for Nutritional Wellness and Illness Prevention Measures and Products
LD 1216, HP0907
An Act To Impose an Excise Tax on the Extraction of Water for Bottling
LD 1217, HP0908
Resolve, Directing the Office of the State Fire Marshal To Amend Its Rules Relative to Construction Permit Applications
LD 1218, HP0909
An Act To Establish Recreational Flats Where Commercial Shellfish Harvesting Is Prohibited
LD 1219, HP0910
Resolve, To Require the Department of Transportation To Designate the Park Street Bridge in the Town of Presque Isle the Gold Star Memorial Bridge
LD 1220, HP0911
An Act To Improve the Workplace for State Employees
LD 1221, HP0912
An Act To Encourage Prompt Payments by the State When It Contracts with Outside Agencies
LD 1222, HP0913
An Act To Promote Fairness in Negotiations between Health Insurance Carriers and Health Care Service Providers
LD 1223, HP0914
An Act Regarding Credit Card Transactions for InforME Services
LD 1224, HP0915
An Act To Fund the Screening and Early Detection Elements of the Statewide Cancer Plan
LD 1225, HP0916
An Act To Create an Income Tax Return Checkoff To Fund Cancer Screening, Detection and Prevention
LD 1226, HP0917
An Act To Prevent and Treat Cancer in Maine by Implementing Critical Portions of the Comprehensive Cancer Program
LD 1227, HP0918
An Act Concerning the Disposal of Unclaimed, Lost or Stolen Personal Property by Law Enforcement Agencies
LD 1228, HP0919
An Act To Streamline the Liquor Licensing Reporting Procedure
LD 1229, HP0920
An Act To Require Health Insurance Coverage for Hearing Aids for Adults
LD 1230, HP0921
An Act To Prohibit Smoking in Private Clubs Except in Separate Enclosed Areas
LD 1231, HP0922
An Act Regarding Calculation of Benefits under Special Plans under the Maine Public Employees Retirement System
LD 1232, HP0923
An Act To Enhance Self-defense by Removing Restrictions on the Carrying and Use of Weapons
LD 1233, HP0924
An Act To Prohibit Enforcement by a Federal or State Official of the Federal Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act
LD 1234, HP0925
An Act To Restore the Uniform Visual Permitting Standard for Wind Power Projects
LD 1235, HP0926
An Act To Allow a Tax-free Employee Illness Account
LD 1236, HP0927
An Act To Amend the Legislative Findings in the Maine Wind Energy Act
LD 1237, HP0928
An Act To Prohibit Bullying and Cyberbullying in Schools
LD 1238, HP0929
Resolve, Authorizing the Bureau of Unemployment Compensation To Study Establishment of a Voluntary Workplace Training Program
LD 1239, HP0930
An Act To Further Expand Access to Oral Health Care by Requiring Insurance Coverage for Services Performed by Denturists
LD 1240, HP0931
An Act To Authorize a General Fund Bond Issue To Reduce the Cost of Government through Energy Efficiency
LD 1241, HP0932
An Act To Exempt Employers Subject to Federally Mandated Drug and Alcohol Programs from Maine Substance Abuse Program Laws
LD 1242, HP0933
An Act To Restore the Deer Herd in Certain Wildlife Management Districts in Maine
LD 1243, SP0364
Resolve, To Direct the Bureau of Consumer Credit Protection To Recommend Changes to Credit Reporting Laws Concerning Paid Debts
LD 1244, SP0365
An Act Regarding Payment of Medical Fees in the Workers' Compensation System
LD 1245, SP0366
An Act To Modify the Responsibilities of the Commission on Governmental Ethics and Election Practices
LD 1246, SP0367
Resolve, Concerning Access to the Eastern Road in Scarborough
LD 1247, SP0368
An Act To Specifically Define Reasonable Operating Expenses for the Maine Turnpike Authority in Accordance with Its Enabling Act
LD 1248, SP0369
An Act To Require Approval by the Voters of Legislation To Enact or Increase a Tax or Fee
LD 1249, SP0370
An Act To Require the Land for Maine's Future Fund To Expend Funds for Deer Wintering Areas
LD 1250, SP0371
An Act To Improve Oil Storage Facility Operator Training
LD 1251, SP0372
An Act To Prevent Credit Card Company Unfair Trade Practices
LD 1252, SP0373
Resolve, To Develop a Plan To Improve Public Guardianship Services to Adults with Cognitive Disabilities
LD 1253, SP0374
An Act To Amend the Laws Governing the Enforcement of Statewide Uniform Building Codes
LD 1254, SP0375
Resolve, Directing the Executive Director of the Commission on Governmental Ethics and Election Practices To Review the Law Governing Push Polling
LD 1255, SP0376
Resolve, To Study Initiatives To Increase Recycling in Maine
LD 1256, SP0377
An Act Concerning Tort Claims and Governmental Entities
LD 1257, SP0378
An Act Regarding Labor Contracts for Public Works Projects
LD 1258, SP0379
An Act To Improve Land Use Planning and Permitting in Unorganized Territories
LD 1259, SP0380
An Act To Encourage Computer Data Center Development
LD 1260, SP0381
An Act To Improve Transparency in Maine Government
LD 1261, SP0382
An Act Relating to Selection of Constitutional Officers and the State Auditor
LD 1262, SP0383
An Act To Increase Penalties for Certain Violations of the Campaign Reports and Financing Laws
LD 1263, SP0384
An Act To Establish One State Psychiatric Hospital
LD 1264, SP0385
An Act To Improve the Energy Efficiency of Public Buildings and Create Jobs
LD 1265, SP0386
An Act To Allow the Unclaimed Remains of a Veteran To Have Proper Burial
LD 1266, SP0387
An Act To Protect Municipalities That Host Wind Energy Developments
LD 1267, SP0388
An Act To Amend the School Transportation Formula To Recognize One-way Bus Trips
LD 1268, SP0389
An Act To Allow the Repayment of Improperly Awarded Workers' Compensation Benefits
LD 1269, SP0390
An Act To Require That the Taking of a Statewide Assessment Test for High School Seniors Be Voluntary
LD 1270, SP0391
Resolve, To Convene a Task Force To Study Staffing Ratios and Issues for Nursing Homes and Residential Care Facilities
LD 1271, SP0392
An Act To Require Use of the Electronic Death Registration System
LD 1272, SP0393
An Act To Create a Family Ombudsman in the Judicial Branch and the Department of Corrections
LD 1273, SP0394
An Act To Establish a 2-week Quiet Period for School Teams
LD 1274, SP0395
An Act To Restore Equity in Education Funding
LD 1275, SP0396
Resolve, To Promote Greater Transparency and Accountability through Regional Transmission Organization Reform
LD 1276, HP0935
An Act To Increase Efficiency of the State Court Library Committee
LD 1277, HP0936
An Act To Exempt Contributions for the Retirement of Old Campaign Debt from Contribution Limits
LD 1278, HP0937
An Act To Stabilize Solid Waste Management Funding
LD 1279, HP0938
An Act Relating to Qualified Financial Contracts by Domestic Insurers
LD 1280, HP0939
An Act To Establish a Pilot Physical Education Project in Four Maine Schools
LD 1281, HP0940
Resolve, To Ensure Cost-effective Services for Persons Needing Neuropsychological Testing
LD 1282, HP0941
An Act To Increase Fairness in Lobster Fishing Licensure
LD 1283, HP0942
An Act To Allow Students Choice in High School Enrollment
LD 1284, HP0943
An Act To Amend the Scallop Advisory Council
LD 1285, HP0944
An Act To Amend the Assessment Process and Funding of the Maine Workers' Compensation Board
LD 1286, SP0400
An Act To Rename the Maine Fire Training and Education Program at Southern Maine Community College the Maine Fire Service Institute
LD 1287, SP0401
An Act To Create a Scholarship Granting Organization Tax Credit
LD 1288, SP0398
An Act To Amend the Pine Tree Development Zone Laws Regarding Average Weekly Wages
LD 1289, SP0399
An Act To Waive Penalties on School Administrative District No. 32 and School Administrative District No. 33 under the School Administrative Unit Consolidation Laws
LD 1290, HP0945
Resolve, To Promote Prevention Practices in Oral Health Care
LD 1291, HP0946
Resolve, To Promote Community Wind Energy Development
LD 1292, HP0947
Resolve, To Establish a Study Group To Examine the Taxation by Municipalities of Renewable Energy Facilities' Property
LD 1293, HP0948
Resolve, To Establish a Study Group To Promote the Use of Locally Grown Food in Schools
LD 1294, HP0949
An Act To Impose a 90-day Residency Requirement in Order To Receive State Assistance
LD 1295, HP0950
An Act To Amend the Process of Resolving Property Tax Abatement Disputes
LD 1296, HP0951
An Act To Amend the Maine Medical Use of Marijuana Act To Protect Patient Privacy
LD 1297, HP0952
An Act Relating to the Qualifications for the Position of Municipal Officer
LD 1298, HP0953
An Act To Facilitate the Certification of Teachers
LD 1299, SP0402
An Act To Allow Deferred Disposition in Juvenile Cases
LD 1300, SP0403
An Act To Create a Consolidated Liquor License and Amend the Laws Governing Agency Liquor Stores
LD 1301, SP0404
An Act To Amend the Laws Governing Security Deposits of Workers' Compensation Self-insurers
LD 1302, HP0954
An Act To Extend Fire Code Rules to Single-family Dwellings Used as Nursing Homes for 3 or Fewer Patients
LD 1303, HP0955
An Act To Increase the Fee Paid to a Funeral Home To Transport a Body at the Request of the State Medical Examiner
LD 1304, HP0956
An Act Pertaining to Retirement Benefits for State Legislators
LD 1305, HP0957
An Act To Limit the Use of the National Guard to Situations Specifically Authorized by the United States Constitution
LD 1306, HP0958
An Act Relating to Custom Vehicles
LD 1307, HP0959
An Act To Amend and Clarify Certain Education Statutes
LD 1308, SP0405
An Act To Strengthen Computer Privacy
LD 1309, SP0406
Resolve, To Encourage Reciprocity between Maine and New Hampshire in the Reporting of Rabies Vaccinations by Veterinarians
LD 1310, SP0407
An Act To Amend the Laws Governing the Address Confidentiality Program
LD 1311, SP0408
An Act To Specify That Providers of Voice Over Internet Protocol Services and Internet Protocol Enabled Services Do Not Constitute Telephone Utilities
LD 1312, SP0409
An Act To Require That Notaries Public Keep Records of Notarial Acts
LD 1313, SP0410
An Act To Amend the Motor Vehicle Laws
LD 1314, HP0960
An Act To Standardize the Definition of "Independent Contractor"
LD 1315, HP0961
An Act To Establish an Integrated Statewide System To Manage and Enforce Electronic Warrants
LD 1316, HP0962
An Act To Expand Magnet Schools in Maine
LD 1317, HP0963
An Act Concerning Sex Offender Registry Information
LD 1318, HP0964
An Act To Repeal the Law Regarding DNA Collection
LD 1319, HP0965
An Act To Prohibit the Unwarranted Collection of Identifying Data of Motor Vehicles
LD 1320, HP0966
An Act To Increase the Recycling Rate in Maine
LD 1321, HP0967
RESOLUTION, Proposing an Amendment to the Constitution of Maine To Allow for the Appointment of County Sheriffs, Judges and Registers of Probate
LD 1322, HP0968
An Act To Extend the Probationary Period for Teachers
LD 1323, HP0969
An Act To Support Solar Energy Development in Maine
LD 1324, HP0970
An Act To Create Consistency and Fairness in Maine's Bottle Bill
LD 1325, HP0971
An Act To Amend the Tax Laws
LD 1326, HP0972
An Act To Allow School Administrative Units To Seek Less Expensive Health Insurance Alternatives
LD 1327, HP0973
Resolve, To Study the Organization of the Fisheries Management Activities of the Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife and Make Recommendations To Improve Efficiency and Effectiveness
LD 1328, HP0974
Resolve, To Create a Working Group To Study the Subdivision Laws
LD 1329, HP0975
Resolve, To Study the Condition of the Landlocked Salmon in Maine and Make Recommendations To Improve Their Health
LD 1330, HP0976
Resolve, To Expand Commuter and Passenger Rail Transportation in Maine
LD 1331, HP0977
An Act To Increase Health Care Quality through the Promotion of Health Information Exchange and the Protection of Patient Privacy
LD 1332, HP0978
An Act To Amend the Maine Condominium Act
LD 1333, HP0979
An Act To Modify Rating Practices for Individual and Small Group Health Plans and To Encourage Value-based Purchasing of Health Care Services
LD 1334, SP0411
An Act To Require the Department of Health and Human Services To License Families To Provide Care for Children in Foster Care
LD 1335, SP0412
An Act Relating to the Authority of the Legislative Council over the Fiscal Note Process
LD 1336, SP0413
An Act To Provide an Internship Employment Tax Credit
LD 1337, SP0414
An Act To Ensure Patient Privacy and Control with Regard to Health Information Exchanges
LD 1338, SP0415
An Act To Amend the Maine Consumer Credit Code To Conform with Federal Law
LD 1339, HP0980
An Act To Amend the Process for Appeals of Liquor Licensing Decisions
LD 1340, HP0981
Resolve, To Suspend Fuel Tax Rate Adjustments for the 2012-2013 Biennium
LD 1341, HP0982
An Act To Provide Rent Relief to Low-income Maine Residents
LD 1342, HP0983
An Act To Amend the Washington County Development Authority
LD 1343, HP0984
An Act To Limit Interest Assessed against Municipalities
LD 1344, HP0985
An Act To Fund Commuter and Passenger Rail Transportation in Maine
LD 1345, HP0986
An Act To Align Maine Special Education Statutes with Federal Requirements
LD 1346, HP0987
An Act To Enhance Access to the Workplace for Minors
LD 1347, HP0988
An Act Relating to Locations where Concealed Weapons May Be Carried
LD 1348, HP0989
An Act Making Unified Appropriations and Allocations for the Expenditures of State Government, Highway Fund and Other Funds, and Changing Certain Provisions of the Law Necessary to the Proper Operations of State Government for the Fiscal Years Ending June 30, 2011, June 30, 2012 and June 30, 2013
LD 1349, HP0990
An Act To Amend the Laws Governing the Handling of Medical Examiner Cases
LD 1350, HP0991
An Act To Provide Income Tax Relief
LD 1351, HP0992
An Act To Improve and Simplify the Application for Benefits under the Circuitbreaker Program
LD 1352, HP0993
An Act To Implement the Requirements of the Federal Nonadmitted and Reinsurance Reform Act of 2010
LD 1353, SP0416
An Act To Amend the Discovery Rule Laws
LD 1354, SP0417
An Act To Require a Person To Carry Liability Insurance on a Snowmobile
LD 1355, SP0418
An Act To Encourage Transparency in Certain Organizations Involved in Political Campaigns
LD 1356, SP0419
An Act To Amend the Laws Concerning the School Revolving Renovation Fund
LD 1357, HP0996
An Act To Exempt Certain Mortgage Loan Originators from Licensing
LD 1358, HP0997
An Act To Amend the Requirements Concerning Small Restaurants That Serve Alcoholic Beverages
LD 1359, HP0998
An Act To Enhance Local Control of Noise Ordinances
LD 1360, HP0999
An Act To Provide Prevailing Mortgagors Attorney's Fees in the Foreclosure Process
LD 1361, HP1000
Resolve, To Ensure Patient Safety in the Use of Certain Imaging Equipment
LD 1362, HP1001
An Act To Ensure Accurate Valuation of a Community Benefits Package for Communities That Host Wind Energy Developments
LD 1363, HP1002
An Act Regarding the Publication of Information Related to Persons Convicted of Operating under the Influence of Alcohol or Drugs
LD 1364, HP1003
An Act To Improve the Quality and Reduce the Cost of Health Care
LD 1365, HP1004
An Act Regarding Protection Orders
LD 1366, HP1005
Resolve, To Clarify the Expectation for the 2012 Assessment of Progress on Meeting Wind Energy Development Goals
LD 1367, SP0421
An Act To Restore Maine's Secondary Roads
LD 1368, HP1007
An Act To Adjust Payroll Processor License Fees
LD 1369, HP1008
An Act To Simplify the Maine Income Tax Law
LD 1370, HP1009
An Act To Amend the Laws Governing General Assistance Programs
LD 1371, HP1010
An Act To Promote Fair and Efficient Resolutions in Tax Disputes
LD 1372, HP1011
An Act To Make Additional Supplemental Appropriations and Allocations for the Fiscal Year Ending June 30, 2011
LD 1373, HP1012
Resolve, To Produce Cost Savings by Requiring the State E-mail System To Be Hosted by Google
LD 1374, HP1013
An Act To Protect Seniors and Incapacitated or Dependent Adults from Abuse
LD 1375, HP1014
An Act To Require a Boating Safety Course for New Boat Registrants
LD 1376, HP1015
An Act To Preserve the Integrity of the Voter Registration and Election Process
LD 1377, HP1016
An Act To Adopt the Uniform Adult Guardianship and Protective Proceedings Jurisdiction Act
LD 1378, SP0423
An Act To Create a State-sponsored 401(k) Retirement Plan for Participation by Private Employers
LD 1379, SP0424
An Act To Establish Training Routes for School Bus Drivers
LD 1380, SP0425
An Act To Extend the Salary Supplement for National Board-certified Teachers at Publicly Supported Secondary Schools That Enroll at Least 60% Public Students
LD 1381, SP0426
An Act Regarding the Requirement That Construction Equipment Have a License Plate
LD 1382, SP0427
An Act To Protect Homeowners Regarding Sewer Liens
LD 1383, SP0428
An Act To Promote a Qualified Logging Workforce and Ensure an Adequate Wood Supply for Maine Mills
LD 1384, HP1017
An Act To Provide a Sales Tax Holiday
LD 1385, HP1018
An Act To Provide Tax Relief to Residents Deployed for Military Duty or Stationed outside of Maine
LD 1386, HP1019
An Act To Authorize a General Fund Bond Issue To Fund the Challenger Learning Center of Maine
LD 1387, HP1020
An Act To Restore Exemptions in the Natural Resources Protection Act
LD 1388, HP1021
An Act To Allow Schools To Adopt Approved Alternative Curricula
LD 1389, SP0429
An Act To Require Certain Costly Rules To Be Approved by the Legislature
LD 1390, SP0430
An Act To Revise the Reporting Requirements for Oil Spills
LD 1391, SP0431
An Act To Improve Access to Veterinary Medicine and Improve Veterinary Care
LD 1392, SP0432
An Act To Increase the Penalty for Sexual Abuse by Certain Offenders
LD 1393, HP1022
An Act To Require Estimates of Patient Costs in Any Plan of Care prior to Treatment
LD 1394, HP1023
An Act To Impose Penalties for Certain Transfers of Assets at Less Than Fair Market Value by Individuals Receiving Long-term Care Services
LD 1395, HP1024
An Act To Authorize a Highway Fund Bond Issue To Improve Maine's Roads and Bridges
LD 1396, HP1025
An Act To Require a Transmission and Distribution Utility To Provide Safeguards to Consumers Prior To Installing Wireless Smart Meters
LD 1397, HP1026
An Act To Establish a Single-payor Health Care System To Be Effective in 2017
LD 1398, HP1027
An Act To Amend the Laws Administered by the Department of Environmental Protection
LD 1399, HP1028
An Act To Implement the Recommendations of the Criminal Law Advisory Commission Relative to the Maine Criminal Code and Related Statutes

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