Directory of Papers
LD 1000 - 1199

LD 1000, HP0736
Resolve, Directing the Secretary of State To Examine Centralization of the Petition Signature Verification Process
LD 1001, HP0737
An Act To Assist Persons Who May Be Eligible for Social Security Disability Assistance
LD 1002, HP0738
An Act To Encourage Affordable Housing in Municipal Zoning
LD 1003, HP0739
Unknown Title
LD 1004, HP0740
An Act To Clarify Training Requirements for Funeral Service Providers
LD 1005, HP0741
An Act To Clarify the Standard of Proof for Traffic Infractions
LD 1006, HP0742
An Act To Provide a Remedy to Property Owners When a Tenant Defaults on a Lease
LD 1007, HP0743
An Act To Amend the Laws Governing Comprehensive Planning To Encourage the Development of Affordable Housing
LD 1008, HP0744
Resolve, To Encourage State Agencies To Limit Their Use of Social Security Numbers
LD 1009, HP0745
Resolve, Directing the Department of Environmental Protection To Work with the Town of Sanford To Develop a Plan To Clean Up Number One Pond in Sanford
LD 1010, HP0746
An Act To Require an Insurance Company To Notify a Landlord When a Tenant Changes or Cancels a Residential Property Insurance Contract
LD 1011, HP0747
An Act To Curb the Noise of Motorcycles without Mufflers
LD 1012, HP0748
An Act To Require a Mortgagee To Provide the Original Release of Mortgage to the Mortgagor after the Release Is Recorded
LD 1013, HP0749
An Act Regarding School Board Members and Their Spouses
LD 1014, HP0750
An Act To Create the Children's Wireless Protection Act
LD 1015, HP0751
An Act To Reduce Unnecessary Reporting Requirements Related to Natural Resources
LD 1016, HP0752
An Act To Restore the Health Care Provider Tax to 6 Percent
LD 1017, HP0753
An Act To Improve the Essential Programs and Services Funding Model by Providing for a Cost of Housing Adjustment
LD 1018, HP0754
An Act To Amend the Charter of the Anson Water District
LD 1019, HP0755
An Act To Make Changes to the Allocation of Revenue from Watercraft Registration
LD 1020, HP0756
An Act To Allow a Spring Bear Hunting Season
LD 1021, HP0757
An Act To Transfer Jurisdiction of Traffic Adjudications
LD 1022, HP0758
An Act To Amend the Law Concerning Overboard Discharge Systems
LD 1023, HP0759
An Act To Authorize the Board of Licensure of Podiatric Medicine and the State Board of Veterinary Medicine To Establish a Podiatrist Health Program and a Veterinarian Health Program
LD 1024, HP0760
An Act To Amend the Laws Governing Land Surveyors
LD 1025, SP0313
An Act To Amend the Laws Governing the Sex Offender Registry
LD 1026, SP0314
An Act To Regulate the Distribution of Feature Motion Pictures in the State
LD 1027, HP0761
Resolve, To Coordinate Stakeholders To Review Best Practices in the Management of Strangulation and Determine Methods To Address the Issue in Maine
LD 1028, HP0762
An Act To Ensure Open and Transparent Bidding for the Lowest Electric Rates
LD 1029, HP0763
Resolve, To Reduce Health Care Costs through Interstate Collaboration
LD 1030, HP0764
An Act To Reduce Costs for Small Businesses
LD 1031, HP0765
An Act To Amend the Laws Governing Significant Wildlife Habitat
LD 1032, HP0766
Resolve, To Require the Department of Transportation To Improve a Portion of U.S. Route 1
LD 1033, HP0767
An Act To Support Resource Sharing among Maine Libraries
LD 1034, HP0768
An Act To Amend the Law Regarding Comparative Negligence
LD 1035, HP0769
Resolve, To Establish Baseline Information on Health Impacts from Grid-scale Wind Energy Development
LD 1036, HP0770
An Act To Clarify the Municipal Development District Law
LD 1037, HP0771
An Act To Establish a Welcome Home Bonus for Veterans of the Campaigns in Iraq and Afghanistan
LD 1038, HP0772
An Act Regarding Property Deposited with Museums and Historical Societies
LD 1039, HP0773
Resolve, To Create a Working Group To Make Recommendations To Improve the Efficiency, Accountability and Proper Administration of Municipal General Assistance Programs
LD 1040, HP0774
An Act To Amend the Maine Juvenile Code
LD 1041, HP0775
An Act To Simplify and Enhance Pest Control Notification
LD 1042, HP0776
An Act To Preserve and Protect Citizens' Property Rights and Values
LD 1043, HP0778
An Act Making Unified Appropriations and Allocations for the Expenditures of State Government, General Fund and Other Funds, and Changing Certain Provisions of the Law Necessary to the Proper Operations of State Government for the Fiscal Years Ending June 30, 2011, June 30, 2012 and June 30, 2013
LD 1044, HP0779
An Act To Allow a Tax Credit for Tuition Paid to Private Schools
LD 1045, HP0780
An Act To Encourage Better Grades for High School Students by Linking Grades with the Granting of a Driver's License
LD 1046, HP0781
An Act To Amend the Application of the Maine Human Rights Act Regarding Public Accommodations
LD 1047, HP0782
An Act Pertaining to Vehicle Registrations
LD 1048, HP0783
An Act To Delay the Implementation of the Rental Housing Radon Testing Requirement
LD 1049, HP0784
An Act To Allow a Municipality To Withdraw from a Regional School Unit
LD 1050, HP0785
An Act To Encourage the Promotion of Outdoor Recreational Activities
LD 1051, HP0786
An Act To Calculate Essential Programs and Services Funding on an Equal Labor Market
LD 1052, HP0787
An Act To Require Equal Treatment of All Roads in a Road Association
LD 1053, HP0788
An Act To Impose a Mandatory Minimum Award in Small Claims Actions
LD 1054, HP0789
An Act To Revise the Maine Clean Election Act Regarding Legislative Leadership Positions
LD 1055, HP0790
An Act Regarding the Computation of Workers' Compensation Rates Based on Past Claims
LD 1056, HP0791
An Act To Increase the Availability of Independent Medical Examiners under the Workers' Compensation Act of 1992
LD 1057, HP0792
An Act To Increase the Transparency of the Unemployment Compensation Fund
LD 1058, HP0793
Resolve, To Create a Mitigation Fund for Damage Caused by Unauthorized All-terrain Vehicle Use on Private Land
LD 1059, HP0794
An Act To Correct a Statutory Oversight Regarding Renewable Capacity Resources Portfolio Requirements for Consumer-owned Utilities
LD 1060, HP0795
Resolve, To Require Regional School Unit No. 20 To Transfer Certain Property to the Town of Searsport
LD 1061, HP0796
An Act To Amend the Lien Process for Unpaid Water Rates
LD 1062, HP0797
An Act To Ensure Access to Certain Health Care Services for Children
LD 1063, HP0798
An Act To Restore Limits on the Location of Licensed Redemption Centers and Improve Operations
LD 1064, HP0799
Resolve, To Expand the Scope of the Study of Existing Highway Infrastructure and Future Capacity Needs West of Route 1 in York and Cumberland Counties Being Conducted by the Department of Transportation and the Maine Turnpike Authority
LD 1065, HP0800
An Act To Amend the Laws Governing the Determination of Permanent Impairment under the Maine Workers' Compensation Act of 1992
LD 1066, HP0801
An Act To Increase Home Weatherization and Energy Independence
LD 1067, HP0802
An Act To Improve Awareness of Smoking Policies in Maine Rental Housing
LD 1068, HP0803
An Act To Protect the Privacy of Maine Residents under the Driver's License Laws
LD 1069, HP0804
An Act To Promote Visual and Digital Media Productions, Tourism and Job Creation in the State
LD 1070, HP0805
An Act To Expedite the Eviction Process and Lower the Eviction Workload of the Courts
LD 1071, HP0806
An Act To Allow the Use of Mini-trucks on Public Ways
LD 1072, HP0807
An Act To Establish a Coyote Bounty Permit
LD 1073, HP0808
Resolve, To Encourage the Use of Defibrillators in Health Clubs and Gyms
LD 1074, HP0809
An Act To Create the Position of Juvenile Community Service Director in the Department of Corrections
LD 1075, HP0810
An Act To Prohibit Horse Slaughter for Human Consumption
LD 1076, HP0811
An Act To Protect Maine Laws under the United States Constitution and the Constitution of Maine
LD 1077, HP0812
An Act To Enhance Public Participation in Decisions Relating to the Large-scale Extraction and Transportation of Water
LD 1078, HP0813
An Act To Amend the Audit and Enforcement Functions of the Workers' Compensation Board
LD 1079, HP0814
An Act To Authorize Peaks Island, House Island, Pumpkin Knob and Catnip Island To Secede from the City of Portland
LD 1080, HP0815
An Act To Ban the Use of Traps and Dogs in Bear Hunting
LD 1081, HP0816
An Act To Provide a Property Tax Exemption for Family Burying Grounds
LD 1082, HP0817
An Act Concerning the Protection of Personal Information in Communications with Elected Officials
LD 1083, SP0316
An Act To Allow the Town of Arundel To Withdraw from Its Regional School Unit without Penalty
LD 1084, SP0317
An Act To Amend Certain Provisions of Maine Fish and Wildlife Laws
LD 1085, SP0318
Resolve, Regarding Prequalification Standards for Contractors
LD 1086, SP0319
An Act To Promote Plug-in Electric Vehicle Sales
LD 1087, SP0320
An Act To Modernize the Procedure for Appeals in Criminal Cases
LD 1088, SP0321
An Act Regarding the Writing of Bad Checks
LD 1089, SP0322
An Act To Require That Homeowner's Insurance Covers Rental Equipment
LD 1090, SP0323
An Act To Allow a Stay of an Administrative License Suspension for Refusal To Submit to a Test
LD 1091, SP0324
An Act To Expand the Availability of Natural Gas to the Citizens of Maine
LD 1092, SP0325
An Act To Allow a Tax Credit for Tuition Paid to Private Schools
LD 1093, SP0326
An Act To Require the State To Pay Costs and Fees in Actions against Certain State Agencies
LD 1094, SP0327
An Act To Improve the Delivery of School Psychological Services to Children
LD 1095, SP0328
An Act To Facilitate the Construction and Operation of Private Prisons by Authorizing the Transport of Prisoners out of State
LD 1096, SP0329
An Act To Enhance Economic Development by Encouraging Job and Business Growth in Maine's Aviation Industry
LD 1097, SP0330
An Act To Amend the Laws Governing the Real Estate Transfer Tax
LD 1098, SP0331
An Act To Increase Accountability for the Most Serious Offenders of Laws Prohibiting Operating under the Influence of Drugs and Alcohol
LD 1099, SP0332
An Act Concerning Independent Contractors in the Trucking and Messenger Courier Industries
LD 1100, SP0333
An Act To Increase Transparency in Funding of Campaign Advertisements
LD 1101, SP0334
An Act To Require Specificity in Deed Restrictions
LD 1102, SP0335
An Act To Ensure That Victims Are Kept Informed in Criminal Cases
LD 1103, SP0336
An Act To Speed Recovery of Amounts Due the State
LD 1104, SP0337
An Act To Direct the Judicial Branch To Take Requisite Measures To Collect Fines and Penalties
LD 1105, SP0338
Resolve, To Study Oral Health Care in Maine and Make Recommendations Regarding How To Address Maine's Oral Health Care Needs
LD 1106, HP0818
An Act To Lower the Cost of Health Care through Improved Energy Efficiency
LD 1107, HP0819
An Act To Eliminate Penalties under the School Administrative Unit Consolidation Laws for Grand Isle School Department, Madawaska School Department, School Administrative District No. 32 and School Administrative District No. 33
LD 1108, HP0820
An Act To Modify the Requirement To Replace Trees Cut Down in Violation of Local Laws
LD 1109, HP0821
Resolve, To Target Job Creation in the Agricultural Sector To Improve the Stability and Economic Strength of Rural Maine
LD 1110, HP0822
An Act Regarding the Attendance of Attorneys at Individualized Education Program Team Meetings
LD 1111, HP0823
An Act To Ensure Timely Resolution of Professional Negligence Claims
LD 1112, HP0824
An Act To Improve Maine's Renewable Energy Portfolio Standard
LD 1113, HP0825
An Act To Encourage Fishing for Individuals with Disabilities
LD 1114, HP0826
An Act To Improve Preventive Dental Health Care and Reduce Future Avoidable Costs
LD 1115, HP0827
An Act To Clarify the Responsibilities of the Maine Developmental Services Oversight and Advisory Board
LD 1116, HP0828
An Act To Restore Market-based Competition for Pharmacy Benefits Management Services
LD 1117, HP0829
Resolve, To Require the Commissioner of Labor To Convene a Stakeholder Group To Determine the Most Appropriate Amount of Time an Employer May Employ an Employee without Being Subject to Unemployment Compensation Requirements
LD 1118, HP0830
An Act To Provide a Tax Credit for High-quality Child Care Sites
LD 1119, HP0831
An Act To Amend the Laws Governing the Sale of Certain Tobacco Products
LD 1120, HP0832
An Act To Move the Land for Maine's Future Program to the Department of Agriculture, Food and Rural Resources
LD 1121, HP0833
An Act To Provide for Incentives and Reparations to Landowners in Connection with All-terrain Vehicle Access
LD 1122, HP0834
An Act To Increase Dental Benefits and Oral Health Care
LD 1123, HP0835
An Act To Amend the Motor Vehicle Laws
LD 1124, HP0836
An Act To Authorize the Use of Traffic Surveillance Cameras To Prove and Enforce Violations of Overtaking and Passing School Buses
LD 1125, HP0837
An Act To Implement the Recommendations of the Joint Standing Committee on State and Local Government To Make Necessary Changes to the Maine Administrative Procedure Act
LD 1126, HP0838
An Act To Require That the Governor Be Elected by the Ranked-choice Voting Method
LD 1127, HP0839
An Act To Amend the Authority of the Washington County Development Authority
LD 1128, HP0840
An Act To Modify the Requirements for Municipal Code Enforcement Officer Training
LD 1129, HP0841
An Act To Provide the Department of Environmental Protection with Regulatory Flexibility Regarding the Listing of Priority Chemicals
LD 1130, SP0339
An Act To Amend the Laws Regarding the Determination of Domicile Based on the Geographic Location of an Individual's Bank
LD 1131, SP0340
An Act To Require Public Disclosure of Health Care Prices
LD 1132, SP0341
Resolve, To Authorize the Exchange of Interest in Certain Lands Owned by the State
LD 1133, SP0342
An Act To Reform the Maine Public Employees Retirement System
LD 1134, SP0343
An Act To Make Municipal Recounts Consistent with State Recounts
LD 1135, SP0344
An Act To Protect the Rights of Property Owners
LD 1136, HP0842
An Act To Require the Opportunity To Recite the Pledge of Allegiance in Schools
LD 1137, HP0843
An Act To Conform Business Expense Deductions to Federal Law
LD 1138, HP0844
An Act To Amend the Maine Tree Growth Tax Law and the Open Space Tax Law
LD 1139, HP0845
Resolve, To Promote Instruction in Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation and the Use of an Automated External Defibrillator
LD 1140, HP0846
An Act To Amend the Dual Liquor License Law
LD 1141, HP0847
An Act To Allow Direct Shipment of Beer and Wine by Retail Licensees
LD 1142, HP0848
Resolve, Directing the Department of Administrative and Financial Services, Bureau of Revenue Services To Review the Farm and Open Space Tax Law
LD 1143, HP0849
An Act To Require That Law Enforcement Officials Collect DNA Samples from Persons Arrested for Certain Crimes
LD 1144, HP0850
An Act To Repeal Inactive Boards and Commissions
LD 1145, SP0345
Resolve, To Require the Purchase of Maine Wood Fuel by Recipients of Certain Public Funds
LD 1146, SP0346
Resolve, To Direct the Department of Environmental Protection To Adopt Rules Establishing Sound Level Limits for Wind Turbines
LD 1147, SP0347
An Act To Conform Maine's Estate Tax to the Federal Estate Tax
LD 1148, SP0348
An Act To Improve Vehicle Safety for First Responders
LD 1149, SP0349
An Act To Provide Equitable Access to Postsecondary Courses
LD 1150, SP0350
An Act To Improve the Administration of the Legislative Ethics Laws
LD 1151, SP0351
An Act Regarding Reporting Procedures of Lobbyists
LD 1152, SP0352
An Act To Amend the Child and Family Services and Child Protection Act
LD 1153, SP0353
An Act Related to Authorization of GARVEE Bonds
LD 1154, HP0852
An Act To Implement the Recommendations of the Right To Know Advisory Committee
LD 1155, HP0853
An Act To Allow Harness Racing Betting To Be Conducted at Class A Lounges
LD 1156, HP0854
An Act To Exempt from Subdivision Requirements Land Sold by 65 Years of Age or Older Persons
LD 1157, HP0855
An Act To Protect Property Tax Revenue in the Unorganized Territory
LD 1158, HP0856
An Act To Change the Regulation of Liquefied Petroleum Gas Distribution Facilities
LD 1159, HP0857
An Act To Amend the Identification Requirements under the Maine Medical Use of Marijuana Act
LD 1160, HP0858
Resolve, To Promote Education Regarding Parkinson's Disease among Health Care and Emergency Personnel
LD 1161, HP0859
An Act To Waive Penalties Imposed under Laws Governing Taxation for Persons Who Are Unemployed
LD 1162, HP0860
An Act To Allow Members of Professional Associations To Purchase Health Insurance across State Lines
LD 1163, HP0861
An Act To Implement the Recommendations of the Commissioner of Corrections' Study Regarding the Placement of Special Management Prisoners
LD 1164, HP0862
An Act To Support Maine Farms and Alleviate Hunger
LD 1165, HP0863
An Act To Enable Prosecutions for Criminal Invasion of Computer Privacy
LD 1166, HP0864
An Act To Improve Electronic Prescribing
LD 1167, HP0865
An Act To Protect the Privacy of Persons Involved in Reportable Motor Vehicle Accidents
LD 1168, HP0866
An Act To Exempt Firearms Manufactured in this State from Federal Regulation
LD 1169, HP0867
An Act To Require Timely Reporting of Dog Licensing
LD 1170, HP0868
An Act To Establish a Code of Ethics for Individuals Involved in Grid-scale Wind Energy Development
LD 1171, HP0869
An Act To Amend the Pine Tree Development Zone Laws To Provide a Better Measurement of Per Capita Income
LD 1172, HP0870
An Act To Prohibit Enforcement of Federal Laws in Violation of the Constitution of the United States
LD 1173, HP0871
An Act To Make Changes to the Maine College Savings Program
LD 1174, HP0872
An Act To Help Maine's Employers To Recruit Skilled Workers by Expanding the Availability of the Educational Opportunity Tax Credit
LD 1175, HP0873
An Act To Allow a Homeowner To Insure a Residence for Less than Actual Cash Value
LD 1176, HP0874
An Act To Enhance Reciprocity Agreements Regarding Permits To Carry Concealed Firearms
LD 1177, HP0875
An Act To Make Minor Changes to Municipal Health Inspection Activities
LD 1178, HP0876
An Act To Repeal the Laws Governing the Consolidation of Jails
LD 1179, HP0877
An Act To Require Advance Review and Approval of Certain Small Group Health Insurance Rate Increases and To Implement the Requirements of the Federal Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act
LD 1180, HP0878
An Act To Transfer Responsibility for Oversight of Games of Chance to the Gambling Control Board
LD 1181, SP0356
An Act To Increase Access to Vital Records
LD 1182, SP0357
An Act To Protect Young Children from Sex Offenses
LD 1183, SP0358
Resolve, Directing the Maine Community College System To Extinguish Certain Easements
LD 1184, SP0359
An Act To Limit Liability of Apiary Owners and Operators
LD 1185, SP0360
An Act To Amend the Process for Prioritizing Toxic Chemicals in Children's Products
LD 1186, SP0361
An Act To Amend the Probate Code Relating to the Authority of the Probate Court To Approve Transfers from a Protected Person's Estate
LD 1187, SP0362
An Act To Authorize a General Fund Bond Issue To Revitalize Maine's Downtowns through Innovative Business Development and the Creative Economy
LD 1188, SP0363
An Act To Achieve Maine's High School Graduation Goal
LD 1189, HP0880
An Act To Require Bicyclists To Contribute to the Improvement of Bikeways
LD 1190, HP0881
An Act To Support Maine Veterans Nonprofit Corporations
LD 1191, HP0882
Resolve, To Encourage Business Development by Creating Limits on the Time Certain Utilities May Hold a Business Customer's Deposit
LD 1192, HP0883
An Act To Require That Marijuana Seized by Law Enforcement Officers Be Tested and Made Available for Use by Authorized Medical Marijuana Dispensaries
LD 1193, HP0884
An Act To Strengthen Confidentiality Laws for Child Victims of Crime
LD 1194, HP0885
An Act Regarding Contracts Awarded by the Maine State Housing Authority for the Installation or Servicing of Energy-efficient Appliances in Low-income Households
LD 1195, HP0886
Resolve, To Create Equitable Reimbursement for Mental Health Providers
LD 1196, HP0887
An Act To Clarify Assistance for Persons with Acquired Brain Injury
LD 1197, HP0888
An Act To Amend Standards for Participation in Certain Public School Services by Students Who Are Homeschooled
LD 1198, HP0889
An Act To Reduce Regulations for Residential Rental Property Owners
LD 1199, HP0890
An Act To Expedite the Eviction Process in Certain Types of Cases

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