LD 1331 LR 540(02)
An Act Regarding Saltwater Recreational Fishing
Fiscal Note for Bill as Amended by Committee Amendment "   "
Committee: Marine Resources
Fiscal Note Required: Yes
Fiscal Note
2009-10 2010-11 Projections 2011-12 Projections 2012-13
Other Special Revenue Funds $0 $181,639 $471,115 $414,764
Other Special Revenue Funds $0 $267,930 $1,545,750 $2,061,000
Fiscal Detail and Notes
The bill creates a saltwater recreational fishing license, effective January 1, 2011, and dedicates the fees to the Marine Recreation Fishing Conservation and Management Fund.  The bill includes an Other Special Revenue Funds allocation of $181,639 in fiscal year 2010-11 to the Department of Marine Resources for one half-time Public Service Manager I position, three seasonal half-time Marine Patrol Officer positions and related administrative costs to enforce the newly created saltwater recreational fishing license.  Administrative costs include technology, central fleet management and license processing costs.  The new saltwater recreational fishing license is estimated to increase Other Special Revenue Funds revenue by $267,930 in fiscal year 2010-11.