Directory of Papers
LD 1200 - 1399

LD 1200, HP0824
An Act To Streamline the Process for Court-ordered Mental Health Examinations in Criminal Cases
LD 1201, HP0826
An Act Regarding Energy Independence
LD 1202, HP0827
An Act To Establish a Farmer's Rights in an Investigation of Intellectual Property Theft of Genetically Engineered Material
LD 1203, HP0828
An Act To Allow Certain School Units To Reorganize without Meeting Minimum Student Population Requirements without Being Penalized
LD 1204, HP0829
An Act To Increase Youth Boating Safety
LD 1205, HP0830
An Act To Establish a Health Care Bill of Rights
LD 1206, HP0831
An Act To Fund the Dirigo Health Program through a High-risk Pool
LD 1207, HP0832
An Act To Base the Value of Eminent Domain Takings on Going Concern Value
LD 1208, HP0833
An Act To Encourage Transparency in the Oversight of Interscholastic Activities
LD 1209, HP0834
An Act Regarding the Consent of Minors To Receive Substance Abuse and Mental Health Treatment
LD 1210, HP0835
An Act Pertaining to Volunteer Lobbyists for Nonprofit Organizations
LD 1211, HP0836
An Act To Amend the Marine Resources Suspension Laws
LD 1212, HP0837
An Act To Clarify the Role of Public Comment in the Agency Decision-making Process
LD 1213, HP0838
An Act To Amend the Homestead Exemption for Certain Veterans To Include Certain Military Personnel Stationed at Guantanamo Bay
LD 1214, HP0839
An Act To Amend the Laws Regarding the Taxation of Private and Public Pensions
LD 1215, HP0840
An Act To Correct Administrative Procedures Regarding the Dental Care Access Credit
LD 1216, SP0449
An Act To Strengthen the Kinship Preference in Child Welfare Residential Placement
LD 1217, SP0450
An Act To Provide an Income Tax Credit for Property Tax Relief
LD 1218, SP0451
An Act To Allow Barrier Fences To Be Erected To Protect Homes from Coastal Storms
LD 1219, SP0452
An Act To Correct Inequities for Certain Maine Community College System Employees in the Maine Public Employees Retirement System
LD 1220, SP0453
An Act To Create Incentives for the Consolidation of Municipal Services
LD 1221, SP0454
An Act To Remove the Local Requirement for Education Funding
LD 1222, SP0455
An Act To Promote Geothermal Energy in the State
LD 1223, HP0843
An Act To Allow Pharmacists To Administer Certain Immunizations
LD 1224, HP0844
An Act Regarding the Operation of County Jails and the State Board of Corrections
LD 1225, HP0845
An Act To Amend the School Funding Formula Regarding School Administrative Units That Are Eligible for the Minimum State Share of Their Total Allocation
LD 1226, HP0846
An Act To Eliminate the Opt-out Penalty for Consolidation of Schools if a School Administrative Unit Forms an Alternative Organizational Structure
LD 1227, HP0847
An Act To Equalize the Regional Salary Cost Index under the School Funding Formula
LD 1228, HP0848
Resolve, To Direct Action on Health Disparities of the Passamaquoddy Tribe and Washington County
LD 1229, HP0849
Resolve, Directing the Department of Health and Human Services To Extend MaineCare Dental and Oral Health Services
LD 1230, HP0850
An Act To Prohibit the Delivery of Tobacco Products to Consumers To Prevent the Sale of Tobacco Products to Minors
LD 1231, HP0851
An Act To Protect the Long-term Viability of Island Lobster Fishing Communities
LD 1232, HP0852
Resolve, Establishing a Committee To Study the Legislative Confirmation Process
LD 1233, HP0853
An Act To Provide Property Tax Relief to Senior Citizens
LD 1234, HP0854
An Act To Regulate the Use of Traffic Surveillance Cameras
LD 1235, HP0855
An Act To Establish Municipal Cost Components for Unorganized Territory Services To Be Rendered in Fiscal Year 2009-10
LD 1236, HP0856
Resolve, Regarding Legislative Review of the Proposed Plan Dated March 19, 2009 Submitted by the Maine State Housing Authority for the Use of Federal Energy Stimulus Funds
LD 1237, SP0456
An Act To Modify Maine's Fishway Laws
LD 1238, HP0857
An Act Concerning the National Animal Identification System
LD 1239, HP0858
An Act To Establish a Revenue Source for the Maine Pesticide Education Fund
LD 1240, HP0859
Resolve, To License Wetland Scientists
LD 1241, HP0860
An Act To Require Licensing for Certain Mechanical Trades
LD 1242, HP0861
An Act To Streamline the Regulatory Process for Commercial Building Construction Projects
LD 1243, HP0862
An Act To Amend Operating After Suspension Laws by Creating an Infraction Alternative for Certain Kinds of Operating After Suspension
LD 1244, HP0863
Resolve, To Advance Health Care in Maine
LD 1245, HP0864
Resolve, To Improve the Continuity of Care for Individuals with Behavioral Issues in Long-term Care
LD 1246, HP0865
An Act To Promote Youth Hunting License Sales
LD 1247, HP0866
An Act To Prohibit Maine Clean Election Act Candidates from Raising Private Campaign Funds
LD 1248, HP0867
An Act Authorizing a Scratch Ticket with Proceeds To Benefit Native American Boys and Girls Clubs
LD 1249, HP0868
An Act To Raise the Campaign Contribution Limit
LD 1250, HP0869
An Act To Amend the Maine Clean Election Act Relating to Seed Money
LD 1251, HP0870
An Act To Reduce the Cost of Permitting of Business Development
LD 1252, HP0871
An Act To Create the Maine Fishery Infrastructure Tax Credit
LD 1253, HP0872
An Act To Establish a Local Option Sales Tax
LD 1254, HP0873
An Act To Repeal Inactive Boards and Commissions
LD 1255, HP0874
An Act To Amend Certain Laws Related to the Department of Agriculture, Food and Rural Resources
LD 1256, HP0875
An Act To Prohibit Predispute Mandatory Binding Arbitration Clauses in Consumer Contracts
LD 1257, HP0876
An Act To Require Legislative Consultation and Approval Prior to Committing the State to Binding International Trade Agreements
LD 1258, HP0877
An Act To Create a Duty To Report Serious Injuries
LD 1259, HP0878
An Act To Increase Access to Nutrition Information
LD 1260, HP0879
An Act To Amend the Certificate of Need Act of 2002 for Nursing Facility Projects
LD 1261, HP0880
Resolve, To Require the Department of Health and Human Services To Provide Cost-of-living Adjustments for Nursing Facilities and Certain Medical and Remedial Private Nonmedical Institutions
LD 1262, HP0881
An Act To Restrict Gifts to Health Care Practitioners from Pharmaceutical and Medical Device Manufacturers
LD 1263, HP0882
An Act To Amend the Laws Concerning Child Abuse and Neglect Councils
LD 1264, HP0883
An Act To Stabilize Funding and Enable DirigoChoice To Reach More Uninsured
LD 1265, HP0884
An Act Regarding Low-profit Limited Liability Companies
LD 1266, HP0885
Resolve, Establishing a Blue Ribbon Panel To Address Disparities in Economic Development between the Passamaquoddy Tribe and the State and the United States
LD 1267, HP0886
An Act To Establish a Groundwater Withdrawal Program and To Recognize Groundwater as a Public Trust Resource
LD 1268, HP0887
An Act To Update the Site Location of Development Laws
LD 1269, HP0888
An Act To Clarify the Laws Regarding Significant Groundwater Wells
LD 1270, HP0889
Resolve, To Realign Maine's Natural Resource Agencies
LD 1271, HP0890
An Act To Generate Savings by Changing Public Notice Requirements
LD 1272, HP0891
An Act To Establish an Income Tax Credit for the Purchase of Certain Wood-burning Boilers and Stoves
LD 1273, HP0892
An Act To Simplify the Application for Benefits under the Circuitbreaker Program
LD 1274, HP0893
An Act To Establish a Gold Star Family Member License Plate
LD 1275, HP0894
An Act To Implement the Recommendations of the Criminal Law Advisory Commission
LD 1276, SP0457
An Act To Ensure That High-quality Services Are Provided to Behavioral Health Clients
LD 1277, SP0458
An Act To Encourage Alternative Compensation Models for Teachers and School Administrators
LD 1278, SP0459
An Act To Exempt Services Provided by Alzheimer Care Facilities from the Tax on Private Nonmedical Institution Services
LD 1279, SP0460
An Act To Reduce Income Tax to 4.5% and Remove Low-income Families from Taxation
LD 1280, SP0461
Resolve, To Provide a Program Model for Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder
LD 1281, SP0462
An Act To Increase the Efficiency and Effectiveness of Licensing Behavioral Health Care Providers
LD 1282, SP0463
An Act To Protect and Enhance Maine Marine Fisheries
LD 1283, SP0464
An Act To Reform the School Budget Validation Process
LD 1284, SP0465
An Act To Create a Scholarship Granting Organization Tax Credit
LD 1285, SP0466
An Act To Create the Insurance Fraud Division within the Department of Professional and Financial Regulation, Bureau of Insurance
LD 1286, SP0467
An Act To Amend State Dog Licensing Laws
LD 1287, SP0468
An Act To Amend the Laws Governing Consolidation of School Administrative Units To Eliminate Penalties, Establish Incentives and Allow Alternative Voting Procedures for Budgets
LD 1288, SP0469
An Act To Reduce Income Tax Rates
LD 1289, HP0895
An Act To Enact the Uniform Debt Management Services Act
LD 1290, SP0472
An Act To Amend the Law Authorizing the Application of Service Charges to the Owners of Certain Real Property Exempt from Property Taxation
LD 1291, SP0473
Resolve, Establishing a Study Commission on In Utero Narcotic Drug Exposure
LD 1292, SP0474
An Act To Provide More Transparency and Protection for Public Employees in the Laws Governing the Maine Public Employees Retirement System
LD 1293, HP0896
An Act To Require Citizen Notification of Pesticide Applications Using Aerial Spray or Air-carrier Application Equipment
LD 1294, HP0897
An Act To Amend the Laws Governing the Public Hearing Process for the Board of Pesticides Control
LD 1295, HP0898
An Act To Establish the Middle School of Science and Mathematics
LD 1296, HP0899
An Act To Strengthen the Job Creation Through Educational Opportunity Program
LD 1297, HP0900
An Act To Abolish the State Board of Education
LD 1298, HP0901
An Act To Adjust the Special Education Funding for Minimum Subsidy Receivers
LD 1299, HP0902
An Act To Streamline the Fingerprinting Process
LD 1300, HP0903
An Act To Establish Head Injury Safety Requirements for School Athletic Programs
LD 1301, HP0904
An Act To Require Snowmobile Safety Training
LD 1302, HP0905
An Act To Prohibit Full-time State Employees from Enrollment in MaineCare
LD 1303, HP0906
An Act To Improve the General Assistance Program
LD 1304, HP0907
An Act Regarding First-party Automobile and Casualty Insurance
LD 1305, HP0908
An Act To Provide for Prompt Resolution of Insurance Claims by Providing for a Direct Remedy by Consumers
LD 1306, HP0909
An Act To Require Interscholastic Athletic Organizations To Comply with Freedom of Access Laws
LD 1307, HP0910
An Act To Provide Limited Immunity for Road Association Directors, Commissioners and Volunteers
LD 1308, HP0911
An Act To Allow the Importation of Wine into the State for Individuals through Specific Ports of Entry
LD 1309, HP0912
An Act To Clarify the Use of Instant Redeemable Coupons with Alcoholic Beverages
LD 1310, HP0913
Resolve, To Establish the Blue Ribbon Commission To Examine the Legal and Policy Implications of Groundwater Extraction
LD 1311, HP0914
An Act To Enable Municipal Assistance for Purposes of Protecting or Restoring Public Waters
LD 1312, HP0915
An Act To Require a State Agency To Reference the Livable Wage in Information Published by That Agency
LD 1313, HP0916
An Act To Restructure the State Planning Office
LD 1314, HP0917
An Act To Reform and Lower Maine Taxes
LD 1315, HP0918
An Act To Amend the Private Way Laws with Regard to Road Associations
LD 1316, HP0919
An Act To Limit the Transport of Water for Export
LD 1317, HP0920
An Act To Amend the Charter of the Addison Point Water District
LD 1318, HP0921
An Act To Create the Hancock Pond Water District
LD 1319, HP0922
An Act To Provide Collective Bargaining Protections for Alternative Organizational Structure Employees
LD 1320, SP0478
An Act To Ensure the Availability of Alcohol-free Motor Fuels
LD 1321, SP0479
An Act To Clarify Taxpayer Privacy Requirements
LD 1322, HP0926
An Act To Amend Provisions of the Submerged Lands Law
LD 1323, HP0927
An Act To Control the Costs of College Textbooks
LD 1324, HP0928
An Act To Adopt the Interstate Compact on Educational Opportunity for Military Children
LD 1325, HP0929
An Act Regarding Curriculum Requirements and Standards for Awarding a High School Diploma
LD 1326, HP0930
An Act To Amend the Laws Governing Licensed Financial Service Providers
LD 1327, HP0931
An Act To Update Department of Defense, Veterans and Emergency Management Laws
LD 1328, HP0932
RESOLUTION, Proposing an Amendment to the Constitution of Maine Concerning Early Voting and Voting by Absentee Ballot
LD 1329, HP0933
An Act To Allow a Resort Casino in Oxford County
LD 1330, HP0934
An Act Regarding Gaming by Charitable Organizations
LD 1331, HP0935
An Act Regarding Saltwater Recreational Fishing
LD 1332, HP0936
An Act To Continue Coverage of Oil Clean-up Costs and Improve Administration of the Ground Water Oil Clean-up Fund
LD 1333, HP0937
An Act To Establish Climate and Energy Planning in Maine
LD 1334, SP0480
An Act To Ensure Continued Access to Emergency Information in the State by Allowing Governments To Build Federally Licensed Television Translators
LD 1335, SP0481
An Act To Exempt from the Sales Tax Meals Provided at Retirement Facilities
LD 1336, SP0482
An Act To Preserve School Choice Rights
LD 1337, SP0483
An Act To Protect Maine Citizens and Franchised New Motor Vehicle Dealers
LD 1338, HP0939
An Act To Deter Graffiti
LD 1339, HP0940
An Act To Improve Oversight of Pharmaceutical Purchasing
LD 1340, HP0941
An Act To Protect Consumers' Health Information Records
LD 1341, HP0942
An Act To Reform Maine's Motor Fuel Tax Laws
LD 1342, HP0943
Resolve, To Direct the Commissioner of Health and Human Services To Establish a Blue Ribbon Task Force To Examine the Attorney General's Report Regarding Police Shootings as It Relates to Deaths of Persons with Mental Illness
LD 1343, HP0944
An Act To Promote Consumer Fairness in Tax Refund Anticipation Loans
LD 1344, HP0945
Resolve, To Authorize a Pilot Project on Ranked Choice Voting
LD 1345, HP0946
RESOLUTION, Proposing an Amendment to the Constitution of Maine To Increase the Required Number of Signatures for a Direct Initiative or a People's Veto and To Limit a Direct Initiative to One Subject
LD 1346, HP0947
An Act To Amend the Laws Governing Games of Chance
LD 1347, HP0948
An Act To Deter Initiation of Tobacco Use by Increasing the Tax on Tobacco Products
LD 1348, HP0949
An Act To Provide Grants to Public Educational and Municipal Entities for Feasibility Studies of Renewable Energy Projects
LD 1349, HP0950
An Act To Streamline Ratemaking for Consumer-owned Water Utilities
LD 1350, HP0951
An Act To Establish the Maine Transmission Mitigation Trust Fund
LD 1351, SP0486
Resolve, To Name the Bridge in Orland the Ralston C. Gray Bridge
LD 1352, SP0487
An Act To Exempt from Taxation Biodiesel Fuel Produced for Personal Use
LD 1353, SP0488
An Act Regarding Salary Information for Public Employees
LD 1354, SP0489
Resolve, Directing the Department of Health and Human Services To Limit Prescriptions for Narcotic Drugs under MaineCare without Prior Authorization
LD 1355, SP0490
An Act To Make Permanent the Allowance of Certain Commercial Vehicles between the Calais Border Crossing and Baileyville
LD 1356, SP0491
An Act To Improve the Ability of the Department of Education To Conduct Longitudinal Data Studies
LD 1357, SP0492
An Act To Protect the Privacy of Maine Residents under the Driver's License Laws
LD 1358, SP0493
An Act To Implement Shared Decision Making To Improve Quality of Care and Reduce Unnecessary Use of Medical Services
LD 1359, SP0494
An Act To Improve the Use of Data from the Controlled Substances Prescription Monitoring Program
LD 1360, SP0495
An Act To Allow Law Enforcement and Family Members To Petition the District Court To Initiate Assisted Outpatient Treatment
LD 1361, SP0496
An Act To Amend the Laws Governing Direct Support Providers of Shared Living Residential Services
LD 1362, HP0952
An Act To Create a Unified Board of Higher Education
LD 1363, HP0953
An Act To Establish and Promote Statewide Collaboration and Coordination in Public Health Activities and To Enact a Universal Wellness Initiative
LD 1364, HP0954
An Act To Stimulate the Economy by Expanding Opportunities for Personal Assistance Workers
LD 1365, HP0955
An Act To Establish a Single-payer Health Care System
LD 1366, HP0956
An Act To Increase Access to Health Care by Providing Insurance Coverage for Telemedicine
LD 1367, HP0957
An Act To Increase the Homestead Property Tax Exemption
LD 1368, HP0958
An Act To Broaden and Increase the Sales Tax, Increase the Earned Income Tax Credit and Amend the Application Process for the Circuitbreaker Program.
LD 1369, HP0959
An Act To Amend the Charter of the Clinton Water District
LD 1370, HP0960
An Act To Reform the Land Use and Planning Authority within the Unorganized Territories of the State
LD 1371, HP0961
An Act To Restore Game Sanctuary Status for Certain Lands in the Town of Orrington
LD 1372, HP0962
An Act To Simplify Maine's Accountancy Laws
LD 1373, HP0963
An Act To Increase the Safety of Maine State Troopers
LD 1374, HP0964
An Act To Ensure the Effectiveness of Critical Incident Stress Management Teams
LD 1375, HP0965
An Act Regarding the Formula for the General Assistance Program
LD 1376, HP0966
Resolve, To Reduce Homelessness for People with Mental Illness or Dual Diagnoses
LD 1377, HP0967
An Act To Amend the 1980 Maine Implementing Act To Authorize the Establishment of a Tribal Court for the Houlton Band of Maliseet Indians and Related Matters
LD 1378, HP0968
An Act To Adopt Portions of the Uniform Mediation Act
LD 1379, HP0969
An Act To Authorize the Operation of Slot Machines on the Passamaquoddy Reservation
LD 1380, HP0970
An Act To Amend the Maine Clean Election Laws Governing Gubernatorial Candidates
LD 1381, HP0971
An Act To Allow Counties To Provide Property Tax Relief by Enacting a County Option Meals and Lodging Tax
LD 1382, SP0498
An Act To Provide for Equality before the Law
LD 1383, SP0499
An Act To Provide Support to Municipal Government by Imposing a Municipal Surcharge on Traffic Violations
LD 1384, SP0500
An Act To Clarify Apportionment of Benefits for Multiple Work Injuries
LD 1385, SP0501
An Act To Create an Energy Conservation Measures Tax Credit
LD 1386, SP0502
An Act Pertaining to Response Costs Incurred by the Department of Environmental Protection under the Waste Motor Oil Disposal Site Remediation Program
LD 1387, SP0503
An Act To Strengthen Maine's Financial Future in Perpetuity
LD 1388, SP0504
An Act Regarding the Licensing Fees for Certain Professional Programs
LD 1389, SP0505
An Act To Create State and Regional Quality of Place Investment Strategies for High-value Jobs, Products and Services in Maine
LD 1390, SP0509
Resolve, Directing the State Tax Assessor To Adjust the State Valuation for the Town of Topsham
LD 1391, SP0510
An Act To Amend the Laws Governing Emergency Management
LD 1392, SP0511
An Act To Promote Economic Development and Reduce Reliance on Automobiles through Transit-oriented Tax Increment Financing Districts
LD 1393, HP0972
An Act To Provide an Exception to the Pine Tree Development Zone Requirements for Seafood Processing Businesses
LD 1394, HP0973
An Act To Modify the Regional Economic Development Revolving Loan Program
LD 1395, HP0974
An Act To Amend the Maine Certificate of Need Act of 2002
LD 1396, HP0975
An Act To Establish a Mental Health Services Advisory Commission To Improve Mental Health Services in the State
LD 1397, HP0976
An Act To Allow Efficient Health Insurance Coverage
LD 1398, HP0977
An Act To Amend the Aquaculture Laws
LD 1399, HP0978
An Act Concerning Water Quality in Watersheds

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