Directory of Papers
LD 1000 - 1199

LD 1000, HP0688
An Act To Amend the Provision Creating the Long-term Care Partnership Program
LD 1001, HP0689
Resolve, Concerning Fitness Programs for State Employees
LD 1002, HP0690
Resolve, To Conduct an Updated Study of the Feasibility of Establishing a Single-payor Health Care System in the State
LD 1003, HP0691
Resolve, Directing the Office of Program Evaluation and Government Accountability To Perform a Performance Evaluation and Cost-benefit Analysis of the Dirigo Health Program
LD 1004, HP0692
An Act Relating to Self-insurance
LD 1005, HP0693
An Act To Continue Access to Dirigo Choice Health Insurance by Reducing Administrative Costs and Replacing the Savings Offset Payment
LD 1006, HP0694
An Act To Create the Probate and Trust Law Advisory Commission
LD 1007, HP0695
An Act Pertaining to the Retirement of Certain Oil and Hazardous Material Specialists
LD 1008, HP0696
An Act To Increase Consumer Choice for Wine
LD 1009, HP0697
An Act To Allow Lobster License Exemptions to Persons with Certain Medical Criteria
LD 1010, HP0698
Resolve, To Require the Department of Environmental Protection To Review Its Rules Regarding Incinerators
LD 1011, HP0699
An Act To Improve Solid Waste Disposal Quality
LD 1012, HP0700
An Act To Establish the Maine Broadband Commission
LD 1013, SP0377
An Act To Protect the Environment through Promoting the Use of Clean Fuel Vehicles
LD 1014, SP0378
An Act To Provide for the 2009 and 2010 Allocations of the State Ceiling on Private Activity Bonds
LD 1015, SP0379
Resolve, Establishing the Commission To Study the Replacement of Aging and Outdated Long-term Care Facilities
LD 1016, SP0380
An Act To Amend the Laws Governing Campaign Finance Reports and the Maine Clean Election Act
LD 1017, SP0381
Resolve, To Improve Recycling in Maine
LD 1018, SP0382
An Act To Make the Maine Music Educators Association Tax Exempt
LD 1019, SP0383
An Act To Strengthen the Informed Growth Act
LD 1020, SP0384
An Act To End Discrimination in Civil Marriage and Affirm Religious Freedom
LD 1021, SP0385
An Act To Prohibit Cruel Confinement of Calves Raised for Veal and Sows during Gestation
LD 1022, SP0386
An Act To Amend the Laws Governing the Legislative Youth Advisory Council
LD 1023, SP0387
An Act To Require a Seller of a Gas Station To Provide an Updated Inspection Prior to Sale of the Property
LD 1024, SP0388
Resolve, To Establish the Commission To Examine Restructuring the Management of the Institutional Long-term Care Delivery System
LD 1025, SP0389
An Act To Allow Choice of Wine by Maine Consumers
LD 1026, SP0390
An Act Concerning Mercury-added Button Cell Batteries
LD 1027, HP0702
Resolve, Directing the Department of Education To Include the Study of Family and Consumer Science in the System of Learning Results
LD 1028, HP0703
An Act To Enhance Municipal Home Rule Statutes
LD 1029, HP0704
An Act To Authorize Municipalities To Protect the Habitability of Rental Housing during Heating Fuel Emergencies
LD 1030, HP0705
An Act Establishing a Wind and Solar Energy Loan Guarantee Program
LD 1031, HP0706
An Act To Protect Moose Populations and Hunting Opportunities
LD 1032, HP0707
An Act To Ensure That Maine's Electronic Waste Collection and Recycling System Is Self-funded
LD 1033, HP0708
An Act To Provide a Tax Credit for the Purchase of Small Wind Power Generators
LD 1034, HP0709
An Act To Create Regulatory Exemptions for Poultry
LD 1035, HP0710
An Act To Discourage Theft from and Destruction of Vending Machines
LD 1036, HP0711
An Act To Amend the Education Laws Regarding the State Board of Education's Degree-granting Authority, the Appeal of a School Board's Decision To Discharge a Superintendent, the Telecommunications Education Access Fund and Certain Definitions and Programs
LD 1037, HP0712
An Act To Require the Department of Education To Provide Certain Information to Individual Communities of Alternative Organizational Structures
LD 1038, HP0713
An Act Regarding the Prevention and Reporting of Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus Aureus
LD 1039, HP0714
An Act Concerning Advanced Directives To Give Effect to a Person's End-of-life Health Care Decisions
LD 1040, HP0715
An Act Relating to Health Benefit Plan Coverage of Chemotherapy
LD 1041, HP0716
An Act To Alter the Mechanism by which a Political Party is a Qualified Party
LD 1042, HP0717
An Act To Continue To Reduce Mercury Use and Emissions
LD 1043, HP0718
Resolve, To Establish a Blue Ribbon Commission To Study On-ramp Speed Limits
LD 1044, HP0719
An Act To Promote Cogeneration of Energy at Maine Sawmills
LD 1045, HP0720
An Act Regarding the Purchase of Fuel for Off-road Use
LD 1046, HP0721
An Act To Exempt Cleaning Products for Milking Machines from the Sales Tax
LD 1047, HP0722
An Act To Amend the Review and Approval Process of the Comprehensive Land Use Plan
LD 1048, HP0723
An Act To Increase the Amount of the Deposit on Returnable Beverage Containers
LD 1049, HP0724
An Act To Encourage Cooperation among School Administrative Units
LD 1050, HP0725
An Act To Establish a Waiting Period for MaineCare Participants
LD 1051, HP0726
An Act To Encourage Tire Recycling
LD 1052, HP0727
An Act To Allow the Use of Net Metering for Energy Production by Consumers
LD 1053, HP0728
An Act To Ensure Humane Dog and Cat Breeding in the State
LD 1054, HP0729
An Act To Promote Economic Development in the Greater Portland Region
LD 1055, HP0730
An Act To Alter MaineCare Benefits as Allowed by the Federal Deficit Reduction Act of 2005
LD 1056, HP0731
An Act To Simplify the Assessment of E-9-1-1 Surcharges on Prepaid Wireless Telecommunications Service
LD 1057, HP0732
An Act To Require Hospitals To Make Publicly Available the Cost of Medical Procedures
LD 1058, SP0392
Resolve, To Eliminate the Regional Wage Adjustment Applied to Nursing Homes
LD 1059, SP0393
Resolve, To Enhance Health Care for Direct Care Workers
LD 1060, SP0394
RESOLUTION, Proposing an Amendment to the Constitution of Maine To Restrict Property Revaluations
LD 1061, SP0395
An Act To Improve Maine's Renewable Portfolio Standard
LD 1062, SP0396
An Act To Protect Artists and Art Galleries
LD 1063, SP0397
An Act To Provide Consumer Disclosures and Protect Consumer Options in Life Insurance
LD 1064, SP0398
An Act To Increase Efficiency through Regionalization
LD 1065, SP0399
An Act To Change the Campaign Finance Laws Pertaining to Campaign Contributions To Allow for Increases Indexed to Inflation
LD 1066, HP0733
An Act To Establish the Independent Review Board for Police Involved in Fatal Shootings
LD 1067, HP0734
Resolve, To Establish a Blue Ribbon Commission To Study Methods of Protecting Emergency Medical Services Personnel during the Transportation of Persons with Mental Illness
LD 1068, HP0735
An Act To Extend the Summer Tourism Season and Thereby Increase Sales Tax Revenues by Requiring that the School Year in Maine Begin After Labor Day
LD 1069, HP0736
Resolve, To Encourage Access to Higher Education for Certain Child Care Providers
LD 1070, HP0737
Resolve, Directing the University of Maine at Orono To Conduct a Pilot Project Regarding the Benefits of Medical Marijuana
LD 1071, HP0738
An Act To Add a Member to the Advisory Council on Health Systems Development
LD 1072, HP0739
An Act To Provide Support for Children with Special Needs in Adoptive Families
LD 1073, HP0740
An Act To Provide for Insurance Coverage of Telemedicine Services
LD 1074, HP0741
An Act To Promote Responsible Sales of Alcoholic Beverages
LD 1075, HP0742
An Act To Promote Community-based Energy
LD 1076, HP0743
An Act To Create a Statewide Training and Protocol for Responding to Mental Health Crises
LD 1077, HP0744
Resolve, To Establish the Commission To Establish The Maine Academy of Living Treasures
LD 1078, HP0745
An Act To Strengthen Sustainable Long-term Supportive Services for Maine Citizens
LD 1079, HP0746
An Act To Prohibit a Parent without Parental Rights from Inheriting from an Adult Child Who Dies without a Will
LD 1080, HP0747
Joint Study Order, To Study Landlord and Tenant Issues
LD 1081, HP0748
An Act To Clarify the Laws on Licensing for Charitable and Fraternal Organizations and Games of Chance
LD 1082, HP0749
An Act To Create an Income Tax Credit for Certain Renewable Energy Systems
LD 1083, SP0401
An Act Regarding the Payment of Medicare Parts B and D Premiums for Employees Eligible for Medicare
LD 1084, SP0402
Resolve, To Improve Continuity of Coverage for Participants in Medicare Advantage Plans
LD 1085, SP0403
An Act Concerning Dispute Resolution in Home Construction Contracts
LD 1086, SP0404
Resolve, Directing the Department of Health and Human Services To Implement an Oral Health Capitated Care System for Children Covered by MaineCare and the Children's Health Insurance Program
LD 1087, SP0405
RESOLUTION, Proposing an Amendment to the Constitution of Maine To Cap the Property Tax on the Primary Residence of a Person 65 Years of Age or Older
LD 1088, HP0750
An Act To Modernize the Tax Laws and Provide over $75,000,000 to Residents of the State in Tax Relief
LD 1089, HP0751
An Act To Regulate Mixed Martial Arts Competitions, Exhibitions and Events
LD 1090, HP0752
An Act To Allow Veterans and Active Duty Military Members To Qualify for In-state Tuition
LD 1091, HP0753
An Act To Reduce the Cost of Health Insurance
LD 1092, HP0754
An Act To Improve Worksite Accountability for Public Construction Projects by Requiring Subcontractor Identification
LD 1093, HP0755
An Act Concerning Technical Changes to the Tax Laws
LD 1094, HP0756
An Act To Enhance Safety at Construction Sites by Regulating Open Trenches
LD 1095, HP0757
An Act To Provide Affordable Installation of Alternative Energy Systems
LD 1096, SP0407
An Act To Protect School Children from Dangerous or Abusive Restraint and Seclusion
LD 1097, SP0408
An Act To Improve Alternative Organizational Structures by Requiring the Department of Education To Provide Them with Estimated Allocations
LD 1098, SP0409
Resolve, To Transfer Ownership of the Reed Center on the Stevens Campus in the City of Hallowell to School Administrative District No. 16
LD 1099, SP0410
Resolve, Directing the Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife To Conduct a Study To Identify All Publicly Owned Inland and Coastal Water Access Sites
LD 1100, SP0411
An Act To Preserve Government Documents
LD 1101, SP0412
Resolve, To Understand and Assist in Efforts To Promote Science, Technology, Engineering and Math Education
LD 1102, SP0413
An Act To Establish the Maine Science Advisory Board
LD 1103, HP0758
An Act To Amend the Animal Welfare Laws
LD 1104, HP0759
An Act To Require the Convening of the Professional Standards Board
LD 1105, HP0760
An Act To Establish a Model Dating Violence Prevention Policy
LD 1106, HP0761
Resolve, To Establish a Schoolchildren's Well-being Stakeholder Group
LD 1107, HP0762
An Act To Promote Personal Financial Responsibility by Allowing a Person To Make Good on Dishonored Checks Prior to the Imposition of Criminal Penalties
LD 1108, HP0763
An Act To Amend the Statute of Limitations under the Maine Human Rights Act
LD 1109, HP0764
An Act To Prohibit the Reduction of Benefits under the Maine Workers' Compensation Act of 1992 for Certain Prior Injuries
LD 1110, HP0765
Resolve, Creating a Commission To Study the Issue of Homeless Veterans in the State
LD 1111, HP0766
An Act To Promote Transparency and Accountability in Campaigns and Governmental Ethics
LD 1112, HP0767
An Act To Establish a Recall Procedure for Elected Officials
LD 1113, HP0768
An Act To Exempt Private Nonmedical Institutions from the Service Provider Tax
LD 1114, HP0769
An Act To Facilitate the Marketing of Power Produced by Small Generators
LD 1115, HP0770
Resolve, To Establish the Task Force on Kinship Families
LD 1116, HP0771
An Act To Ensure Health Care Practitioners Understand and Screen for Domestic Abuse for Pregnant Women and New Mothers
LD 1117, HP0772
An Act To Create a Statewide Breast-feeding Resource System at Women, Infants and Children Offices
LD 1118, HP0773
An Act To Expand Rights for Maine Families
LD 1119, HP0774
An Act To Clarify the Municipal Jurisdiction of a Portion of Saco Bay
LD 1120, HP0775
An Act To Require a Review of Certain Changes in the Application of the Sales and Use Tax Law
LD 1121, HP0776
An Act To Protect Elderly Residents from Losing Their Homes Due to Taxes or Foreclosure
LD 1122, HP0777
Resolve, Regarding Legislative Review of Portions of Chapter 101: Establishment of the Capital Investment Fund, a Major Substantive Rule of the Governor's Office of Health Policy and Finance
LD 1123, SP0414
An Act To Improve the Safety of Minors by Collecting Data on Vehicle Collision Rates
LD 1124, SP0415
An Act To Provide Legislative Oversight of Changes to Policies and Practices of the Bureau of Revenue Services
LD 1125, SP0416
An Act To Improve the Home Foreclosure Process
LD 1126, SP0417
An Act To Limit the Scope of Miscellaneous Costs within the General Purpose Aid for Local Schools Appropriation
LD 1127, SP0418
An Act To Define Services for Maine Runaway and Homeless Youth
LD 1128, SP0419
An Act To Allow Family Members of an Island Community to Share a Lobster and Crab Fishing License
LD 1129, SP0420
An Act To Permit Efficient School Districts To Opt Out of Consolidation
LD 1130, SP0421
An Act To Clarify the Crime of Obstructing Government Administration
LD 1131, SP0422
An Act To Clarify the Law Regarding the Passing of School Buses by Bicyclists
LD 1132, SP0423
An Act To Establish the Maine Commission on Indigent Legal Services
LD 1133, SP0424
An Act To Implement the Recommendations of the Commission To Study the Protection of Farms and Farmland
LD 1134, HP0778
An Act Regarding the Maximum Fee for Processing an Environmental License Application
LD 1135, HP0779
Resolve, To Establish the Commission To Examine the Establishment of a Wildlife Sanctuary on Blue Hill Bay
LD 1136, HP0780
An Act To Reduce Maine's Debt by Applying Year-end Departmental Balances to the Debt Service
LD 1137, HP0781
An Act To Limit the Interest Charged under Rental-purchase Agreements
LD 1138, HP0782
Resolve, To Provide Assistance to Private Sellers of Firearms
LD 1139, HP0783
An Act To Require Internet Service Providers To Retain Records
LD 1140, HP0784
Resolve, Directing the Department of Education and the Department of Agriculture, Food and Rural Resources To Convene a Work Group To Strengthen Farm-to-school Efforts in the State
LD 1141, HP0785
An Act To Add a Member from Castine to the Board of Trustees of the Maine Maritime Academy
LD 1142, HP0786
Resolve, To Ensure Access to Speech and Hearing Services
LD 1143, HP0787
An Act To Establish Child Custody and Domestic Violence Presumptions
LD 1144, HP0788
An Act To Protect Tenants during Foreclosure
LD 1145, HP0789
RESOLUTION, Proposing an Amendment to the Constitution of Maine To Amend the Time Frame for Towns To Certify Citizen Initiative and People's Veto Signatures
LD 1146, HP0790
An Act To Authorize Municipalities To Impose Service Charges to Tax-exempt Property Owned by Certain Organizations Whose Primary Activities Are Not Charitable
LD 1147, HP0791
Resolve, To Allow the Secretary of State and the InforME Board To Facilitate the Payment of Outstanding Parking Tickets When Registering a Motor Vehicle
LD 1148, HP0792
An Act To Designate Sales Tax Holiday Weekends
LD 1149, HP0793
An Act To Amend the Veterans Homestead Exemption To Include Certain Medal Winners
LD 1150, HP0794
Resolve, To Establish a Pilot Project To Issue Conditional Titles for Certain Automobiles and Trucks That Are More than 25 Years Old
LD 1151, HP0795
An Act To Prohibit the Use of Engine Brakes on All State Roads under Certain Circumstances
LD 1152, HP0796
An Act To Amend the Laws Governing Certain Reports and Reviews Related to Utilities and Energy and Certain Positions at the Public Utilities Commission
LD 1153, SP0425
An Act To Require the Department of Health and Human Services To Procure an Equal Supply of Vaccine from Each Manufacturer of That Vaccine under Certain Circumstances
LD 1154, SP0426
Resolve, To Establish a Study Commission To Review Tax Increment Financing in the Unorganized Territory
LD 1155, SP0427
An Act To Make Certain Changes to the Laws Governing Approval for Transmission Lines
LD 1156, SP0428
An Act To Amend the Laws Governing the Recycling of Televisions
LD 1157, SP0429
An Act To Improve the Use of Information Regarding Sex Offenders
LD 1158, HP0797
Resolve, Authorizing Certain Land Transactions by the Department of Conservation, Bureau of Parks and Lands
LD 1159, HP0798
An Act Relating to Industrial Hemp
LD 1160, HP0799
An Act To Prohibit a Person from Being Hired in a School Administrative Unit in a Position for Which a Relative Serves in a Supervisory Capacity
LD 1161, HP0800
An Act To Require That Universities within the University of Maine System Accept Credits Earned at Other Universities within the System
LD 1162, HP0801
An Act To Amend the Laws Governing Teacher Certification Interns
LD 1163, HP0802
Resolve, To Reduce Childhood Obesity in Schools by Adding to the Physical Education Curriculum
LD 1164, HP0803
An Act To Amend the Maine Certificate of Need Act of 2002 To Change Nursing Facilities Review Thresholds for Energy Efficiency Projects and for Replacement Equipment
LD 1165, HP0804
An Act To Improve Children's Safety in Public Swimming Pools
LD 1166, HP0805
An Act To Implement the Recommendations of the Ad Hoc Task Force on the Use of Deadly Force by Law Enforcement Officers Against Individuals Suffering From Mental Illness
LD 1167, HP0806
An Act To Limit the Work Week of Doctors and Medical Residents
LD 1168, HP0807
An Act To Allow the Taste Testing of Malt Liquor and Spirits
LD 1169, HP0808
An Act To Amend the Election Laws
LD 1170, HP0809
An Act To Ensure the Accuracy of Maine Election Results
LD 1171, HP0810
An Act To Institute Voluntary Emissions Standards for Outdoor Wood Boilers
LD 1172, HP0811
An Act To Allow a Municipality To Grant a Variance for the Construction of a Parking Structure for a Person with a Permanent Disability
LD 1173, HP0812
An Act To Exempt Sales of Heating Oil and Kerosene to Maine Businesses from Sales Tax
LD 1174, HP0813
An Act To Allow the Use of Cameras To Enforce Traffic Violations
LD 1175, HP0814
An Act To Add Combat Action Badges and Ribbons to the Special Commemorative Decals for Veterans License Plates
LD 1176, HP0815
An Act To Revise the Charter of the Portland Water District
LD 1177, HP0816
An Act To Establish the Maine Emergency Services Institute
LD 1178, HP0817
Resolve, Regarding Legislative Review of Portions of Chapter 131: The Maine Federal, State, and Local Accountability Standards, a Major Substantive Rule of the Department of Education
LD 1179, HP0818
An Act To Create a Post-judgment Mechanism To Provide Relief for a Person Whose Identity Has Been Stolen and Falsely Used in Court Proceedings
LD 1180, HP0821
An Act To Clarify and Update the Laws Related to Life and Health Insurance
LD 1181, HP0822
An Act To Create Jobs through Investment in Green Energy
LD 1182, SP0430
An Act To Prevent Price Gouging in the Sale of Milk
LD 1183, SP0431
An Act To Prevent Predatory Marketing Practices against Minors Regarding Data Concerning Health Care Issues
LD 1184, SP0432
An Act To Improve the Process for Recovering Personal Property and for Filing Actions Involving Consumer Credit
LD 1185, SP0433
An Act To Require Cause for Employment Termination
LD 1186, SP0434
Resolve, To Facilitate the Creation and Expansion of Certain Business Sectors
LD 1187, SP0435
An Act To Allow the Sale and Use of Consumer Fireworks
LD 1188, SP0436
An Act To Clarify Child Protection Proceedings
LD 1189, SP0437
An Act To Simplify and Improve the Maine Clean Election Laws
LD 1190, SP0438
An Act To Amend the Motor Vehicle Laws
LD 1191, SP0439
An Act To Improve Teacher Confidentiality Laws
LD 1192, SP0440
An Act To Change the Statute of Limitations for Health Care Practitioners
LD 1193, SP0441
An Act To Establish Uniform Protocols for the Use of Controlled Substances
LD 1194, SP0442
An Act To Establish a Reinsurance Mechanism To Expand Health Insurance for Individuals and Groups
LD 1195, SP0443
An Act To Allow Noncitizen Residents To Vote in Municipal Elections
LD 1196, SP0444
An Act To Ensure Royalties to Visual Artists
LD 1197, SP0445
An Act To Improve the Maine Clean Election Act
LD 1198, SP0446
An Act To Reform Insurance Coverage To Include Diagnosis for Autism Spectrum Disorders
LD 1199, HP0823
An Act To Implement the Recommendations of the Right To Know Advisory Committee

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