LD 1346
First Regular Session - 124th Maine Legislature
C "A", Filing Number H-267
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LR 1722
Item 2
Bill Tracking Chamber Status

Amend the bill in section 1 in subsection 1 in the next to the last line (page 1, line 8 in L.D.) by striking out the following: " 80" and inserting the following: ' 50'

Amend the bill by inserting at the end before the summary the following:

Sec. 2. Chief of State Police to report. The Chief of the State Police shall gather information regarding the number of players attending card games conducted by licensed organizations including any input received by those licensees stating difficulty in conducting games under the current player limits and report to the Joint Standing Committee on Legal and Veterans Affairs no later than February 1, 2010.’


This amendment decreases from 80 to 50 the number of players permitted at a licensed game of cards and requires the Chief of the State Police to submit a report.

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