LD 1322
First Regular Session - 124th Maine Legislature
C "A", Filing Number H-428
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LR 476
Item 2
Bill Tracking Chamber Status

Amend the bill by inserting after the title and before the enacting clause the following:

Emergency preamble. Whereas,  acts and resolves of the Legislature do not become effective until 90 days after adjournment unless enacted as emergencies; and

Whereas,  the cap on the maximum rent for a lease of submerged lands is repealed effective June 30, 2009; and

Whereas,  implementing a more equitable rent schedule to coincide with removal of the cap is beneficial to many lessees and to the management of submerged lands and shore and harbor improvements; and

Whereas,  in the judgment of the Legislature, these facts create an emergency within the meaning of the Constitution of Maine and require the following legislation as immediately necessary for the preservation of the public peace, health and safety; now, therefore,

Amend the bill in section 3 by striking out all of paragraph E-1 (page 1, lines 16 to 22 in L.D.) and inserting the following:

E-1 "Offshore project" means a project that extends beyond localized development adjacent to a single facility or property. "Offshore project" includes, but is not limited to, tanker ports, ship berthing platforms requiring secondary transport to shore, an interstate or international pipeline or cable and similar projects. "Offshore project" does not include a shore-based pier, marina or boatyard or utility cable and pipelines serving neighboring communities or islands. “Offshore project” does not include wind farms, tidal and wave energy facilities or other offshore renewable energy projects.

Amend the bill by inserting at the end before the summary the following:

Emergency clause. In view of the emergency cited in the preamble, this legislation takes effect when approved.


This amendment revises the definition of "offshore project" to exclude offshore renewable energy projects. This amendment adds an emergency preamble and emergency clause to the bill.

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