Directory of Bills
From LD 600 to LD 799

LD 600
An Act To Save the Health Care System Money by Ensuring Timely Denials of Claims
LD 601
An Act To License Real Estate Rental Agents
LD 602
An Act To Provide for a Limited Sea Cucumber Fishery
LD 603
An Act To Ensure Accommodation of Students with Disabilities or Illnesses in the University of Maine System and the Maine Community College System
LD 604
Resolve, Directing the Department of Health and Human Services To Provide Local Alternatives to MaineCare's Mail-order Pharmacy
LD 605
An Act To Revise the Site Location of Development Laws
LD 606
Resolve, To Require the Department of Transportation To Rebuild the Frank J. Wood Bridge between Brunswick and Topsham
LD 607
An Act To Extend Passenger Rail Service to Midcoast Maine
LD 608
An Act To Assist Municipal Implementation and Enforcement of Storm Water Management Programs
LD 609
An Act To Reconcile General Assistance Prescription Drug Payments with Changes in Federal Prescription Drug Card Benefits and with MaineCare Prescription Drug Payments
LD 610
An Act To Encourage More Dentists To Practice in the State
LD 611
An Act To Strengthen Tenants' Rights When There Is a Failure To Correct a Dangerous Condition
LD 612
An Act To Authorize the Transfer of Hunting Permits
LD 613
An Act To Provide Tax Incentives to Small Businesses That Employ At Least One Person
LD 614
An Act To Eliminate the Rebate Process for Refunding the State Gas Tax
LD 615
An Act Regarding New Motor Vehicle Emission Standards Rulemaking
LD 616
An Act To Alter Wrecker Registrations
LD 617
An Act To Limit Out-of-state Contributions to Organizations In a Referendum Campaign
LD 618
An Act To Promote Parental Responsibility When Minors Make Use of Public Libraries
LD 619
An Act To Require Background Checks on All Camp Employees
LD 620
An Act To Clarify the Liquor Enforcement Laws
LD 621
An Act Regarding Divorce and Marital Property
LD 622
An Act To Provide Funding towards the Employment of a Demersal Finfish Ecologist by the Gulf of Maine Research Institute
LD 623
An Act To Ensure Participation by Voters with Disabilities in the Electoral Process
LD 624
An Act To Amend the Procedure by Which Maine Education Assessment Scores Are Interpreted
LD 625
Resolve, Regarding Legislative Review of Chapter 500: Stormwater Management and Chapter 502: Direct Watersheds of Lakes Most at Risk from New Development and Urban Impaired Streams, Major Substantive Rules of the Department of Environmental Protection
LD 626
An Act To Require the Net Proceeds from the Sale of a Foreclosed Property To Be Returned to the Former Owner
LD 627
An Act To Require Notification prior to Suspension of a Driver's License for a Nonmotor Vehicle Violation
LD 628
An Act To Amend the Bear Hunting Laws
LD 629
An Act To Enhance Community Support for Anadromous Fish Restoration
LD 630
An Act Regarding Possession of Prescription Drugs
LD 631
An Act To Establish a Maine Law Sunset Review Committee
LD 632
An Act To Lower the Tax Burden for Small Businesses
LD 633
An Act To Relieve Small Payroll Companies from Excessive Regulation
LD 634
An Act To Amend the Electronic Insurance Cancellation Notification Law
LD 635
An Act To Amend the Maine Sanitary District Enabling Act
LD 636
An Act To Authorize a General Fund Bond Issue To Construct a Freshwater Aquaculture and Freshwater Species Biotechnology Center
LD 637
An Act To Allow Qualified Health Centers To Obtain Telecommunications Education Access Funding
LD 638
An Act To Protect Public Safety and Help Offenders Return Safely to the Community
LD 639
An Act To Authorize a General Fund Bond Issue To Rebuild the Historic Pier at Fort Preble
LD 640
An Act To Recognize the Importance of Forestry
LD 641
An Act To Create a Limited License for Solar Electric Generation System Installers
LD 642
An Act To Limit Telephone Utility Expenses Related to the Relocation of Call Centers
LD 643
An Act To Authorize the Department of Environmental Protection To Issue Emergency Permits for the Application of Herbicides and Pesticides
LD 644
An Act To Prohibit Discrimination in Housing
LD 645
An Act To Promote the Commonsense Consumption of Food
LD 646
An Act To Allow a Vehicle To Be Confiscated When the Driver Has Multiple Violations of the Operating under the Influence Laws
LD 647
An Act To Provide Incentives to Businesses That Locate to Existing Buildings
LD 648
An Act To Exempt Maine Agricultural Fairs from the Requirements of the Site Location of Development Laws
LD 649
An Act To Provide Access to Maine's Resources to Veterans of the Iraq War
LD 650
An Act To Protect Maine's Groundfishing Industry
LD 651
An Act Regarding Education of Certain Personal Watercraft Operators
LD 652
An Act To Provide Free Deer Hunting Licenses to Persons 100 Years of Age or Older
LD 653
An Act To Clarify Warranty Practices between Manufacturers, Distributors and Dealers of Power Equipment, Machinery and Appliances
LD 654
An Act To Require the Department of Agriculture, Food and Rural Resources Accurately Identify Harmful and Nonharmful Bacteria When Testing Food Products
LD 655
An Act Allowing for a Contracted Case Manager in Certain Child Welfare Cases
LD 656
An Act To Revise the Salary Range of Certain Public Utilities Commission Employees
LD 657
An Act To Amend the Vehicle Gross and Axle Weight Laws
LD 658
An Act To Protect Maine's Natural Resources for Maine Residents
LD 659
An Act To Allow for Equitable Recovery of Wages for Employees Who Are Undercompensated
LD 660
An Act To Allow the Taking of Another Deer by Persons Who Take a Deer on Youth Day
LD 661
An Act To Allow Dental Hygienists To Perform Temporary Filling Procedures
LD 662
An Act To Limit Increases in Telephone or Electric Service Rates to a Maximum of 3% Annually
LD 663
An Act To Reduce the Size of State Government by 5%
LD 664
An Act To Control Fish Stocking in Inland Waters
LD 665
Resolve, Directing the Department of Education To Clarify Graduation Requirements for Special Education Students
LD 666
An Act To Require Approval of Voters before Closing a School
LD 667
Resolve, Regarding Nonnative Invasive Marine Species
LD 668
An Act To Amend the Land Use Regulation Laws BY REQUEST
LD 669
An Act To Authorize a General Fund Bond Issue To Provide Infrastructure for Expanded Treatment Capacity for Alcoholism and Addiction in a Therapeutic Community Model
LD 670
An Act To Protect Children Using Maine's Athletic Fields and Parks from Drug Dealers
LD 671
An Act To Provide a Method of Self-governance to Unorganized Areas
LD 672
An Act To Promote Ornamental Horticulture by Amending the Definition of "Commercial Agricultural Production"
LD 673
An Act To Require Agricultural Representation on the Maine Tourism Commission
LD 674
An Act To Remove the Jurisdiction of Probate Court in Child Protection Petitions
LD 675
An Act To Require That Students Meet Learning Results Requirements before Entering Grade 9
LD 676
Resolve, Regarding the No Child Left Behind Act of 2001
LD 677
Resolve, Regarding Access to Geographic Information System Data
LD 678
An Act To Require Fair and Timely MaineCare Payments to Hospitals
LD 679
An Act To Encourage Effective Education of Special Needs Students in Maine's Private Schools
LD 680
An Act To Provide for the Efficient Administration of Scholarship Resources
LD 681
An Act Regarding the Use of Arbitration in Certain Consumer Cases
LD 682
An Act To Create a 5-year Statute of Limitations for Environmental Violations
LD 683
An Act To Authorize a General Fund Bond Issue To Clean Up Chemicals in Public Schools
LD 684
An Act To Expand the Availability of Pine Tree Development Zone Benefits
LD 685
An Act To Waive Continuing Education Requirements and To Provide an Automatic Extension of a License, Certificate or Registration for Mobilized Military Members
LD 686
An Act To Amend the Maine Consumer Credit Code - Credit Services Organizations
LD 687
An Act To Amend the Hospital Tax
LD 688
An Act To Ensure Access to Swing Beds in Hospitals
LD 689
An Act To Exempt from License Fees Small Businesses That Collect Returnable Bottles
LD 690
Resolve, Authorizing Relocation of a Certain Private Driveway on Route 26 BY REQUEST
LD 691
An Act To Provide Public Health Protection Authority to the Department of Marine Resources
LD 692
An Act To Require That Hazardous Waste Be Removed from Junked Vehicles
LD 693
An Act To Increase Public Safety through the Enhancement of Law Enforcement for the Houlton Band of Maliseet Indians BY REQUEST
LD 694
An Act To Restore Fair MaineCare Payments to Critical Access Hospitals
LD 695
An Act Regarding Constitutional Officers
LD 696
An Act To Amend the Requirements for Publishing Municipal Legal Notices
LD 697
An Act To Clarify Reporting Responsibilities to Licensing Boards
LD 698
An Act To Provide for the Temporary Suspension of the Tax on Motor Fuel
LD 699
An Act To Repeal Tax and Match
LD 700
An Act To Provide Tax Benefits for Sale of Leased Land Used as a Primary Residence
LD 701
An Act To Ensure Equality in School Funding
LD 702
An Act To Increase Sentences of Imprisonment for Repeat Sex Offenders
LD 703
An Act To Clarify the Offense of Burglary of a Motor Vehicle
LD 704
An Act To Amend the Laws Governing De Minimis Infractions of the Maine Criminal Code
LD 705
An Act To Relieve the Income Tax Burden in the State through Revenue-neutral Means
LD 706
An Act To Restrict a Nominated Political Candidate in an Election from Changing Political Parties during the Elected Term
LD 707
An Act To Improve Care for Adults with Mental Retardation
LD 708
An Act Regarding Transferability of Credits Earned at All Campuses within the University of Maine System
LD 709
An Act Promoting Excise Tax Fairness by Allowing Refunds for Excise Taxes Paid on Vehicles
LD 710
An Act To Require Notice of Clinical Trials
LD 711
An Act To Improve the Energy Efficiency of Buildings To Be Owned or Occupied by the State
LD 712
An Act To Reimburse the Town of St. Agatha and Other Towns in Category II for Costs Incurred in Erecting a Salt and Gravel Storage Shed as Mandated by the State
LD 713
An Act To Amend Maine's Divorce Laws
LD 714
Resolve, To Benefit Public Safety Using Retired Law Enforcement Officers
LD 715
An Act To Provide Support for Legal Services for Low-income Mainers
LD 716
An Act To Create an Income Tax Checkoff To Support Veterans' Cemeteries
LD 717
An Act To Clarify State Auditor Qualifications
LD 718
An Act To Increase the Amount of Equity in a Principal Residence That Is Exempt from Attachment
LD 719
An Act To Protect Victims of Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault
LD 720
RESOLUTION, Proposing an Amendment to the Constitution of Maine To Give the Supreme Judicial Court Authority To Decide Contested Elections Results
LD 721
An Act To Make the Minimum Wage a Livable Wage
LD 722
An Act Regarding the Appointment of the Director of Investigations in the Office of the Attorney General
LD 723
An Act To Amend Laws Pertaining to Commercial Fishing and Baitfish
LD 724
An Act To Amend the Maximum Allowable Tuition for Students in the Unorganized Territory
LD 725
An Act To Require the Disclosure of Certain Financial Information from Hospitals and Their Affiliates
LD 726
An Act To Require Legislative Review of Any Rules Governing Private Schools
LD 727
An Act To Amend the Knox County Budget Process
LD 728
An Act To Change the Noncommercial Scallop Season
LD 729
An Act To Clarify the City of Portland's Interest in the Maine State Pier
LD 730
An Act To Require Proof of Equipment Ownership for Employers Using Foreign Laborers
LD 731
An Act To Simplify the Maine Residents Property Tax Program
LD 732
An Act To Provide a Defense in Protection from Abuse Orders
LD 733
An Act To Reward Veterans for Their Service BY REQUEST
LD 734
An Act To Establish a Long-term Capital Gains Tax Rate
LD 735
An Act To Clarify Registration for Noncommercial Trucks and Registration Requirements for Nonresidents
LD 736
An Act To Provide Property Tax Relief to County Taxpayers
LD 737
An Act To Ensure the Success of Pine Tree Development Zones
LD 738
An Act To Make Additional Allocations from the Highway Fund and Other Funds for the Expenditures of State Government and To Change Certain Provisions of State Law Necessary to the Proper Operations of State Government for the Fiscal Year Ending June 30, 2005
LD 739
An Act Making Unified Appropriations and Allocations for the Expenditures of State Government, Highway Funds and Changing Certain Provisions of the Law Necessary to the Proper Operations of State Government for the Fiscal Years Ending June 30, 2006 and June 30, 2007
LD 740
An Act To Amend Maine's Nonresident Income Tax Provisions
LD 741
An Act To Designate the Department of Health and Human Services as the Official State Agency Responsible for Programs for Persons Affected by Brain Injury
LD 742
An Act To Postpone the Repeal Date on Nonhospital Expenditures in the Capital Investment Fund
LD 743
An Act To Streamline the Appeals Process for the Determination of Certain Health Insurance Benefits
LD 744
An Act To Make Technical Changes to the Laws Establishing the Lincoln and Sagadahoc Multicounty Jail Authority
LD 745
An Act To Clarify the Definition of "Grocery Staples" To Include Pure Maple Syrup under the Tax Laws
LD 746
An Act To Exempt Tax on Leased Property Used by Maine's Public Higher Education Institutions
LD 747
An Act To Provide a Sales Tax Exemption during the Holiday Season for Nonprofit Organizations That Purchase Gifts for Underprivileged Children
LD 748
An Act Requiring Equal Retirement Benefits for Corrections Officers and Mental Health Workers with 25 Years of State Service
LD 749
An Act To Limit the Political Activity of the Members of the Commission on Governmental Ethics and Election Practices
LD 750
An Act To Clarify the Authority of Podiatrists To Use Assistants
LD 751
An Act Concerning Counties' Share of the Real Estate Transfer Tax
LD 752
An Act Regarding Equipment Used in Food Preparation under the BETR Program
LD 753
An Act To Authorize a General Fund Bond Issue for the Downeast Institute for Applied Marine Research and Education
LD 754
An Act To Issue a General Fund Bond Issue for the Challenger Learning Center of Maine
LD 755
An Act To Authorize a General Fund Bond Issue for Fort Knox
LD 756
An Act To Authorize a General Fund Bond Issue To Revitalize Downtown Areas, Support Cultural Tourism and Expand Maine's Creative Economy
LD 757
An Act To Authorize a General Fund Bond Issue To Promote Affordable Workforce Housing
LD 758
An Act To Increase Retired Teachers' Health Insurance Benefits
LD 759
An Act To Provide For Special Antlerless Deer Permits to Certain Disabled Hunters
LD 760
An Act To Assist Municipalities in Recruiting Emergency Services Personnel
LD 761
An Act To Extend the Deer Hunting Season by One Week
LD 762
An Act To Provide Moose Permits to Persons 75 Years of Age or Older with Hunting Experience
LD 763
An Act To Prohibit the Issuance of a Driver's License to an Undocumented Illegal Alien
LD 764
Resolve, To Study Ways To Create More Teachers of Modern and Classical Languages
LD 765
An Act Requiring That Contributions for a Clean Election Candidate Be from the Candidate's Political Party
LD 766
An Act To Support the New Century Community Program
LD 767
An Act To Improve the Affordability of Health Insurance
LD 768
An Act Regarding General Assistance under Special Circumstances
LD 769
Resolve, To Examine Smoking Prevention and Cessation Programs for Maine's Youth
LD 770
An Act To Provide Disclosure Related to Workers' Compensation Insurance
LD 771
An Act To Protect Consumers' Use of Gift Cards
LD 772
An Act To Prohibit the Placement of Expiration Dates on Gift Cards
LD 773
An Act To Allow Municipalities To Collect Debts through the Placement of Liens on Property
LD 774
Resolve, To Require the Department of Transportation To Put a Bicycle Lane on Route 5 in Waterboro
LD 775
An Act To Provide a Stable Source of Funding for the Safe Drinking Water Revolving Loan Fund
LD 776
An Act Requiring the Disclosure of Odometer Changes
LD 777
An Act To Enhance Enforcement of Liquor Laws
LD 778
An Act To Exempt the Sale of Electric, Hybrid or Hydrogen-Fueled Vehicles from State Sales Tax and Excise Tax
LD 779
An Act Allowing Certain Clean Election Campaign Reports To Be Filed by Telephone
LD 780
An Act To Allow a Landlord To Discover Whether Sewer and Water Bills Have Been Paid
LD 781
Resolve, To Create Sebago Lake Village State Park
LD 782
An Act To Provide a Capital Gains Tax Exemption for the Sale of a Business or Unimproved Property for a Taxpayer 50 Years of Age or Older
LD 783
An Act To Require That the Pupil Evaluation Team Set Graduation Standards for Special Education Students
LD 784
Resolve, Directing the Department of Education To Conduct a Fiscal Analysis of State Requirements That School Administrative Units Implement Local Assessment Systems
LD 785
An Act To Allow Employers To Take a Tax Deduction for Their Employees' Transportation Costs BY REQUEST
LD 786
An Act To Authorize a General Fund Bond Issue for Maine Resident College Graduates Employed in Maine
LD 787
An Act To Authorize a General Fund Bond Issue for the Enhanced Development of Public Geographic Information
LD 788
An Act To Establish Consumer Protections and Regulations for Deferred Deposit Loans
LD 789
An Act Pertaining to Internet Services
LD 790
An Act To Reestablish a Maximum Water Level for Phillips Lake
LD 791
An Act Concerning the Taxation of Buildings in Which Nonprofit Organizations Are Housed
LD 792
An Act To Allow Limited Partnerships between Brewers and Wholesalers
LD 793
An Act To Reauthorize Funding for the Lobster Promotion Council
LD 794
An Act To Authorize a General Fund Bond Issue To Allow Municipalities To Purchase Fishing Rights and Equipment
LD 795
An Act To Authorize a General Fund Bond Issue for Bulkhead Restoration at the Former United States Coast Guard Site in Portland
LD 796
An Act To Implement the Recommendations of the Commission To Study Public Health That Concern Schools, Children and Nutrition
LD 797
An Act Authorizing the State Board of Education To Mediate School Attendance Disputes
LD 798
An Act To Establish a Sunset on New State Agencies and Programs
LD 799
An Act To Authorize a General Fund Bond Issue To Create a Holocaust Human Rights Center at the University of Maine at Augusta

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