Legislative Request Form


131st Legislature
Second Regular Session




Cloture for the Second Regular Session of the 131st Legislature has been established by the Legislative Council as Friday, September 29, 2023 at 4:00 pm.

Please note that for a Second Regular Session, legislative requests are not drafted until accepted by the Legislative Council for submission to the Second Regular Session.


A bill request must be accompanied by sufficient instructions, information and data required for its preparation.

The following questions are guidelines that you should consider as you prepare to submit a bill request.  These questions are very general and may not all apply to your particular proposal.  Reviewing these questions prior to filling out the form below will help to ensure that your legislation more closely reflects your intent.

  • What is the problem you are seeking to address?
  • What is your proposed solution?
  • Is it essential that this proposal take effect immediately (requiring a 2/3 vote of each House) or can it take effect 90 days after adjournment of the Legislature?  If it is an emergency, why is it an emergency?
  • Who is being directed to implement your proposal?
  • How will it be enforced?  Are there any penalties? 
  • Do you have any background material that would help staff draft your proposal?  If so, please get these materials to the Revisor's Office.
  • Are you aware of any other States that have tried your proposed solution?  If so, which States?
  • Has this solution been proposed to the Maine Legislature in the past?  If so, when?
  • Staff may need to discuss certain elements of your proposal in order to properly draft it.  Is there any person that you would prefer we not contact?  Is there a specific person whom we should contact?
  • The Joint Rules of the 131st Legislature require the Revisor's Office to make public after cloture a brief summary of the proposal, as well as the name of the sponsor, the LR number and subject matter index terms; otherwise, the request is considered confidential at the request of the sponsor.  Would you like to have your request indicated as confidential?


If you need assistance completing the form below, please call the Office of the Revisor of Statutes at 287-1650.

Legislator's name (required)

Legislator's e-mail address

Requestor's name (if different)


Legislator's daytime telephone number (required for verification)


Legislator's District #

Legislator's Seat #


Suggested Title (optional)

Please summarize your proposal (see questions above for assistance):

Do you have a draft you would like to provide?  
Yes, I will e-mail it to revisor.office@legislature.maine.gov.


What agency will this proposal most likely affect?


Is this an emergency? (select one of the following)  
Not an emergency

If it is an emergency, please explain why:

Is there anyone that the staff may NOT contact for assistance in drafting the bill? If so, who?

Is there anyone in particular that staff may contact for assistance in drafting the bill?  If so, what is that person's name and phone number?

Has this been proposed before in the Maine Legislature?  If so, when?

Has this been proposed before somewhere other than in the Maine Legislature?  If so, where and when?

Would you like this bill drafted as a Concept Draft, which means that it will not be fully drafted?
Yes, please draft as a Concept Draft.
No, please fully draft this bill.

Would you like the title and sponsor of this request to remain confidential as permitted by the joint rules? (select one of the following)  
Not Confidential

Reminder:  a bill request must be accompanied by sufficient instructions, information and data required for its preparation.

Any other comments?

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