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State of Maine Legislature

Summary of LD 35

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LD 35 (HP 28)
"An Act Relating to Concealed Firearms Locked in Vehicles"
Sponsored by Representative Richard Cebra

Status Summary
Reference Committee Criminal Justice and Public Safety
Last House Action 6/10/2011 -  PASSED TO BE ENACTED.
(Yeas 73 - Nays 71 - Absent 6 - Excused 0) (Vacancy 1)
Sent for concurrence. ORDERED SENT FORTHWITH.
Last Senate Action 6/10/2011 -  Under suspension of the Rules On motion by Senator SAVIELLO of Franklin Under further suspension of the Rules The Senate RECONSIDERED PASSAGE TO BE ENGROSSED AS AMENDED BY Committee Amendment "A" (H-422) Under further suspension of the Rules on motion by Same Senator The Senate RECONSIDERED ADOPTION of Committee Amendment "A" (H-422) Same Senator moved to ADOPT Senate Amendment "A" (S-298) to Committee Amendment "A" (H-422) Senate Amendment "A" (S-298) read (Remarks Made) On motion by Senator COURTNEY of York Senate Amendment "a" (s-298) INDEFINITELY POSTPONED On motion by Same Senator Roll Call Ordered Roll Call # 231
18 Yeas - 14 Nays- 2 Excused - 1 Absent Committee Amendment "A" (H-422) ADOPTed On motion by Senator ALFOND of Cumberland Roll Call Ordered Roll Call # 232
18 Yeas - 14 Nays- 2 Excused - 1 Absent passed to be ENACTed in concurrence
Last Engrossed by House on 6/8/2011
Last Engrossed by Senate on 6/9/2011
Governor Action Signed by the Governor
Chapter 393 
Final Law Type Public Law
Date 6/21/2011

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