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State of Maine Legislature

Sponsors of LD 1422

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LD 1422 (HP 1010)
"An Act To Establish a Nonpartisan Primary and a Presidential Primary Election System and Instant Run-off Voting for State and Federal Candidates"
Sponsored by Representative Deane Rykerson

Sponsors and Cosponsors
Sponsored By: Representative Deane RYKERSON of Kittery
Cosponsored By: Representative Roberta BEAVERS of South Berwick
Representative Joseph BROOKS of Winterport
Representative Katherine CASSIDY of Lubec
Representative Ralph CHAPMAN of Brooksville
Representative Justin CHENETTE of Saco
Representative Jeffrey EVANGELOS of Friendship
Representative Richard FARNSWORTH of Portland
Representative Paul McGOWAN of York
Representative John SCHNECK of Bangor
Senator Richard WOODBURY of Cumberland

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