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Rollcall Details for House Roll-call #287
LD 874 (SP 288)
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  Date: June 15, 2021
  Number of Yeas Required: 72
  Outcome: FAILS
  Yeas (Y): 62
  Nays (N): 81
  Absent (X): 8
  Excused (E): 0
  Vacant: 0

Member Party Vote
  ALLEY of Beals D N
  ANDREWS of Paris R Y
  ARATA of New Gloucester R X
  ARFORD of Brunswick D N
  AUSTIN of Gray R Y
  BABBIDGE of Kennebunk D N
  BAILEY of Gorham D N
  BELL of Yarmouth D N
  BERNARD of Caribou R Y
  BERRY of Bowdoinham D N
  BICKFORD of Auburn R Y
  BLIER of Buxton R Y
  BLUME of York D N
  BRADSTREET of Vassalboro R X
  BRENNAN of Portland D N
  BROOKS of Lewiston D N
  BRYANT of Windham D N
  CAIAZZO of Scarborough D N
  CARDONE of Bangor D N
  CARLOW of Buxton R Y
  CARMICHAEL of Greenbush R Y
  CEBRA of Naples R Y
  CLOUTIER of Lewiston D N
  COLLAMORE of Pittsfield R Y
  COLLINGS of Portland D N
  CONNOR of Lewiston R Y
  COPELAND of Saco D N
  COREY of Windham R Y
  COSTAIN of Plymouth R Y
  CRAFTS of Newcastle D N
  CRAVEN of Lewiston D N
  CROCKETT of Portland D N
  CUDDY of Winterport D N
  DILLINGHAM of Oxford R Y
  DODGE of Belfast D N
  DOLLOFF of Milton Township R Y
  DOORE of Augusta D N
  DOUDERA of Camden D N
  DOWNES of Bucksport R Y
  DRINKWATER of Milford R Y
  DUCHARME of Madison R Y
  DUNPHY of Old Town D N
  EVANGELOS of Friendship I N
  EVANS of Dover-Foxcroft D N
  FAULKINGHAM of Winter Harbor R Y
  FAY of Raymond D N
  FECTEAU of Augusta R Y
  FECTEAU of Biddeford D N
  FOSTER of Dexter R Y
  GEIGER of Rockland D N
  GERE of Kennebunkport D N
  GIFFORD of Lincoln R Y
  GRAMLICH of Old Orchard Beach D N
  GREENWOOD of Wales R Y
  GRIFFIN of Levant R Y
  GRIGNON of Athens R X
  GROHOSKI of Ellsworth D N
  HAGGAN of Hampden R Y
  HALL of Wilton R Y
  HANLEY of Pittston R Y
  HARNETT of Gardiner D N
  HARRINGTON of Sanford R Y
  HASENFUS of Readfield D N
  HEAD of Bethel R Y
  HEPLER of Woolwich D N
  HUTCHINS of Penobscot R Y
  HYMANSON of York D Y
  JAVNER of Chester R Y
  JOHANSEN of Monticello R Y
  KESSLER of South Portland D N
  KINNEY of Knox R Y
  KRYZAK of Acton R Y
  LANDRY of Farmington D N
  LEMELIN of Chelsea R Y
  LIBBY of Auburn R Y
  LOOKNER of Portland D N
  LYFORD of Eddington R Y
  LYMAN of Livermore Falls R Y
  MADIGAN of Waterville D N
  MARTIN of Eagle Lake D N
  MARTIN of Sinclair D N
  MARTIN of Greene R Y
  MASON of Lisbon R Y
  MATHIESON of Kittery D N
  MATLACK of St. George D N
  McCREA of Fort Fairfield D N
  McCREIGHT of Harpswell D N
  McDONALD of Stonington D N
  MELARAGNO of Auburn D N
  MEYER of Eliot D N
  MILLETT of Waterford R Y
  MILLETT of Cape Elizabeth D N
  MORALES of South Portland D N
  MORIARTY of Cumberland D N
  MORRIS of Turner R Y
  NADEAU of Winslow R Y
  NEWMAN of Belgrade R Y
  O'CONNELL of Brewer D N
  O'CONNOR of Berwick R Y
  O'NEIL of Saco D N
  ORDWAY of Standish R Y
  OSHER of Orono D N
  PARRY of Arundel R Y
  PAULHUS of Bath D N
  PEBWORTH of Blue Hill D N
  PERKINS of Oakland R X
  PERRY of Calais D N
  PERRY of Bangor D N
  PICKETT of Dixfield R Y
  PIERCE of Falmouth D N
  PLUECKER of Warren I N
  POIRIER of Skowhegan R Y
  PRESCOTT of Waterboro R X
  QUINT of Hodgdon R Y
  RECKITT of South Portland D N
  RIELLY of Westbrook D N
  RISEMAN of Harrison I N
  ROBERTS of South Berwick D N
  ROCHE of Wells R X
  ROEDER of Bangor D N
  RUDNICKI of Fairfield R Y
  SACHS of Freeport D N
  SALISBURY of Westbrook D N
  SAMPSON of Alfred R Y
  SHARPE of Durham D X
  SHEEHAN of Biddeford D N
  STANLEY of Medway R Y
  STEARNS of Guilford R Y
  STETKIS of Canaan R Y
  STOVER of Boothbay D N
  SUPICA of Bangor D N
  SYLVESTER of Portland D N
  TALBOT ROSS of Portland D N
  TEPLER of Topsham D N
  TERRY of Gorham D N
  THERIAULT of China R Y
  THORNE of Carmel R Y
  TUCKER of Brunswick D X
  TUELL of East Machias R Y
  TUTTLE of Sanford D N
  UNDERWOOD of Presque Isle R Y
  WADSWORTH of Hiram R Y
  WARREN of Hallowell D N
  WARREN of Scarborough D N
  WHITE of Waterville D N
  WHITE of Mars Hill R Y
  WILLIAMS of Bar Harbor D N
  WOOD of Portland D N
  ZAGER of Portland D N
  ZEIGLER of Montville D N

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