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First Regular Session of the 121st

H.P. 764 - L.D. 1047

An Act To Ensure Communication about Public Complaints against State Employees

Be it enacted by the People of the State of Maine as follows:

     Sec. 1. 5 MRSA §7036, sub-§26, as amended by PL 1991, c. 780, Pt. Y, §95, is further amended to read:

     26. Administer employee assistance program for state employees. Oversee and direct an employee assistance program for the purpose of assisting state employees to address and overcome personal difficulties that interfere with performance and productivity; and

     Sec. 2. 5 MRSA §7036, sub-§27, as enacted by PL 1991, c. 780, Pt. Y, §96, is amended to read:

     27. Administer state employee workers' compensation program. Administer the program of workers' compensation for state employees in conjunction with the programs for health and wellness and health insurance.; and

     Sec. 3. 5 MRSA §7036, sub-§28 is enacted to read:

     28. Ensure establishment of policies regarding complaints against state employees. Ensure that each state agency establishes a policy that makes certain that complaints filed by the public against a state employee or group of state employees are addressed by that agency. Each agency policy must ensure that there are written instructions describing the most effective way for the public to file a complaint with the agency, a procedure for the agency to address complaints from the public and a provision that requires the agency to notify a complainant of the outcome of the complaint. This subsection does not authorize the release of confidential information that may not otherwise be released to the public.

Effective September 13, 2003, unless otherwise indicated.

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