Public Laws

124th Legislature

Second Regular Session

Parts: A B C D E

Chapter 511

H.P. 1059 - L.D. 1510


Sec. C-1. 24-A MRSA 1402, sub-1, B, as enacted by PL 1997, c. 457, 23 and affected by 55, is amended to read:

B. Employees Property and casualty insurance adjusters who are employees of insurers;

Sec. C-2. 24-A MRSA 1402, sub-9-A is enacted to read:

9-A. Multiple peril crop insurance adjuster. “Multiple peril crop insurance adjuster” means a person who adjusts crop insurance claims under the federal crop insurance program administered by the United States Department of Agriculture.

Sec. C-3. 24-A MRSA 1402, sub-11-A is enacted to read:

11-A. Property and casualty insurance adjuster. “Property and casualty insurance adjuster” means a person who adjusts property and casualty claims of any kind except for multiple peril crop insurance claims.

Sec. C-4. 24-A MRSA 1410, sub-9 is enacted to read:

9. Multiple peril crop insurance adjuster examination. An individual applying for a resident multiple peril crop insurance adjuster license must either pass a crop adjuster examination administered by the superintendent under this section or provide proof of federal crop insurance certification pursuant to a process that includes passing a crop adjuster proficiency examination.

Sec. C-5. 24-A MRSA 1415, sub-3, as enacted by PL 1997, c. 592, 21, is amended to read:

3.Adjuster authorities. A resident or nonresident adjuster may receive the property and casualty authority following authorities under the license . :
A. Property and casualty insurance adjuster; and
B. Multiple peril crop insurance adjuster.

Sec. C-6. 24-A MRSA 1472, sub-2, C, as amended by PL 2001, c. 259, 44, is further amended to read:

C.Must pass any written examination required for the license under subchapter II 2 or maintain federal crop insurance certification in the case of multiple peril crop insurance adjusters who established license qualification through such certification.

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