124th Legislature

First Regular Session

Chapter 86

S.P. 265 - L.D. 690

Resolve, To Establish a Working Group Concerning Domestic Violence and Firearms

Sec. 1. Working group concerning domestic violence and firearms. Resolved: That the Commissioner of Public Safety shall convene a working group of interested parties to review and propose amendments to state law regarding the possession of firearms by prohibited persons in order to bring the State into conformity with federal law. The group shall look at incorporating into state law the prohibition of possession of firearms by a person convicted of a misdemeanor crime of domestic violence. Each of the following must be invited to send a representative to participate in the working group: the Office of the Attorney General, the Maine Prosecutors Association, the Maine Coalition to End Domestic Violence, the Maine Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers, Maine Citizens Against Handgun Violence, the Sportsman’s Alliance of Maine, the Maine Chiefs of Police Association, the Maine Sheriffs' Association and up to 3 other entities that the Commissioner of Public Safety determines appropriate. The Commissioner of Public Safety shall report the working group’s recommendations, including proposed legislation, to the Joint Standing Committee on Criminal Justice and Public Safety no later than January 15, 2010. The Joint Standing Committee on Criminal Justice and Public Safety may submit legislation to the 124th Legislature in 2010 based on the report.

Office of the Revisor of Statutes
State House, Room 108
Augusta, ME 04333