124th Legislature

First Regular Session

Chapter 60

S.P. 141 - L.D. 399

Resolve, To Establish a Working Group To Increase Child Support Collections

Sec. 1. Working group to increase child support collections. Resolved: That the Department of Health and Human Services, office of integrated access and support, division of support enforcement and recovery shall convene a working group of interested parties to establish a process to collect child support debts through a gambling payment intercept. The division shall submit a report to the Joint Standing Committee on Judiciary no later than January 15, 2010 containing the recommendations, including proposed legislation, of the working group. The report must include a discussion of the feasibility and cost-effectiveness of the proposed process, the administrative burden that may be placed on gambling licensees and gambling facilities and any other issues. The Joint Standing Committee on Judiciary may submit legislation to the 124th Legislature in 2010 based on the report.

Office of the Revisor of Statutes
State House, Room 108
Augusta, ME 04333