124th Legislature

First Regular Session

Chapter 24

S.P. 48 - L.D. 129

Resolve, Directing the Secretary of State To Conduct a Pilot Program for Early Voting for the November 2009 Election

Sec. 1. Secretary of State to conduct a pilot program for early voting. Resolved: That the Secretary of State shall administer a pilot program that allows selected municipalities to conduct early voting at polling places up to 10 days prior to election day, November 3, 2009. The Secretary of State shall select the municipalities to participate in the program, subject to the consent of the municipal clerks. In administering the early voting program, the Secretary of State shall use findings of the April 1, 2007 report and pilot program for early voting and the February 25, 2008 report on the November 2007 pilot program for early voting from the Office of the Secretary of State and best practices used by other states that have early voting laws; and be it further

Sec. 2. Reporting date established. Resolved: That the Secretary of State shall submit a report by January 15, 2010 to the Joint Standing Committee on Legal and Veterans Affairs detailing the results of the pilot program under section 1. The report may include suggested legislation necessary to implement early voting. The committee may submit legislation regarding early voting to the Legislature during the Second Regular Session of the 124th Legislature.

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State House, Room 108
Augusta, ME 04333